150 Euro per date and time to request the Spanish DNI

150 Euro per date and time to request the Spanish DNI

flood of demands for Spanish nationality that many are registering Latin American Consulate The enactment of the Democratic Memory Law is producing two unintended effects. First, the downfall of many of them. Second, and derived from the first, the presence of dating traffic.

“The price is 150 euros,” Raiza Gomez, a recruitment manager With the Spanish Consulate in Havana, which works in coordination with a Spanish office. The latter is in charge of offering appointments with the National Police to present immigration papers, while Gómez provides the space for “any process” that needs to be done at the Havana consulate.

“is prohibited”

In addition to those referring to the Memory Law, “visas by invitation letter, family reunion, community family, study and work or first passport”, explains Gómez in an email sent to him. law firm Madrid, which has received many such messages from different senders. “I always tell my colleagues that if they get an offer like this, they should decline it because charging for appointments or traffic with them is forbidden,” he tells this office.

The contact begins with the presentation of the service offered: “Management of appointments for the Consulate of Spain in Havana and any procedures in immigration in Spain.” are summarized below behind this feat “There is a team of managers based in Cuba and Spain, working in a joint and coordinated manner.”

After detailing the procedures to be done, this “management team” promises not to charge “anything in advance, as long as they have Confirmation of Appointments»,

In order to provide more security, these “managers” ensure that in the case of procedures with the Spanish Consulate in Havana they “send the credentials to the user so that at all times his appointment is in control of the Consulate’s website.” “We also have pre-ticket management service, plane tickets and medical insurance,” they offer to complete the package.

This ‘Sales’ and Dating Traffic Is Causing a Deeper Thing civil unrest Cubans who wish to obtain Spanish nationality but are unable to obtain placement without paying. “We want to present our files. The Democratic Memory Law gives us that right, appointments by mail, not sales appointments,” a Cuban citizen unsuccessfully complained on Twitter. “Spanish Consulate in Havana, we are still waiting to get an appointment , our credentials are about to expire, there is no time, please, we need solutions and explanations,” he claimed without receiving a response from Spanish diplomats in Cuba.

Messages similar to those of this citizen are repeated on the same social network. “We ask that they send us by mail an appointment to the Law of Memory so that the sale of appointments ends and we all have rights as descendants,” insisted another citizen. “We need to send you an appointment to the Law of Memory by mail and thus stop the illegalities. We all have the right as descendants, ”says another citizen.

Cuba is the second country that requests more for Spanish nationality They have been recorded in the heat of the new memory law, more than six thousand in just four months.

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