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 9 Tips For Safe And Secure Firearm Storage  

Owning a gun provides a sense of security. However, firearms can be dangerous if not handled and stored appropriately. It’s essential to take precautions to keep firearms safe and secure at all times.  

Proper firearm storage is crucial not only for the well-being of gun owners but also for the safety of other individuals. With responsible firearm management, you can prevent weapons from falling into the wrong hands. 

Staying informed on proper gun handling can keep you and your family safe. Here are nine useful tips for responsible firearm storage: 

  1. Invest In A Gun Cabinet  

A gun cabinet is a suitable option for storing guns. Some cabinets are made explicitly for firearms and have mounts. Hence, it’s best to consider investing in a well-equipped gun cabinet with proper support, like an AR 15 mount, to store a firearm safely. The cabinet should have locks and be located in an appropriate place that can’t make the gun rusty. 

  1. Opt For A Gun Safe  

Considering a gun safe is a meaningful way to store firearms. When it comes to selecting a gun safe, you should carefully consider the type of gun safe container with strong locks, thick walls, and large enough to accommodate firearms. A quality gun safe will help protect your firearm from moisture, fire, and theft. You should consider keeping the gun safe in an appropriate location. Consider a place that can be hard for unauthorized individuals to reach. The best option is to always bolt the safe on the wall or floor.  

  1. Utilize Trigger Locks  

These are devices that are used to prevent the accidental firing of a firearm by locking the gun’s trigger. It’s a safety mechanism that gun users can use. And therefore, the trigger-blocking devices are designed to block the trigger itself, making it impossible to fire. It is also essential to ensure that the trigger lock you are using is compatible with the specific firearm, and it’s critical to consider following the manufacturer’s instructions.  

  1. Store Firearms Unloaded  

Before you consider storing a gun, you must first unload it. The firearms should only be loaded when in the field or ready to shoot. It’s, therefore, essential to store the ammunition and firearms separately. Keeping firearms unloaded is the safest way to store them.   

  1. Lock Ammunition In A Container  

Regarding gun storage safety, taking many precautions in handling ammunition is essential. Hence, it’s best to consider storing ammunition in a locked container. A sealed container will help prevent unauthorized users from accessing the ammunition. This will be significant in avoiding accidents and suicides that unauthorized users may consider.  

  1. Educate Family Members 

Educating your family members about gun handling and storage is necessary. Incidents may occur, which may require them to use a gun. Hence, they should be aware of how best it should be handled. When it comes to children, as young as they are, it’s best to make them aware of gun safety. They should be aware that guns are not meant to be played with as they may cause accidents, thus creating a safe environment. 

  1. Avoid Storing Guns In Cars  

Some people may be tempted to store their guns in their cars for security. This may not be a good idea since vehicles are not secure; hence the weapon can be stolen easily. When you need to transport firearms, they should be locked in a container that no one can easily access.   

  1. Clean And Dry Guns Before Storage  

It’s essential to thoroughly clean the gun before storing it. Depending on the material the gun is made of, ensure it’s well-cleaned. For instance, lead and copper may attract moisture; it’s best to clean and store them dry. And while storing them, ensure they are not overcrowded to prevent dents.

  1. Keep Firearms Out Of Sight  

Gun owners must ensure that the guns are kept out of sight of children and other unauthorized users. Taking extra precautions is essential when you are a gun owner and have children. Keeping firearms out of sight is necessary to prevent accidents or theft. Therefore, it’s best to ensure you don’t leave guns in plain sight for unauthorized users to access quickly.  


Safe and secure firearm storage is essential for any gun owner. By considering gun safes, storing firearms in cabinets, cleaning and storing guns dry, investing in trigger locks, not storing guns in cars, and storing the ammunition in a locked container, you’re sure that the firearms are protected from theft, accidents, and damage.  

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