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Saturday, January 28, 2023

A cardio program to lose weight with four intense exercises

Cardio work for weight loss, relatively intense, with jumps, and which we can do at home. That’s what Adolfo Resnik shows in this video he made for Bugle,

“We want to activate more and more muscle groupcoordinate with each other, and perform complex exercises in a way that involves efficiency when it comes to using fat as fuel”, explains prof.

The program consists of four exercises:

1) Half squat with vertical jump

Begin by doing a half squat. You shouldn’t get down too low, as this can make it more difficult to jump.

The jump must be coordinated between the arms and legs in order to see a clean and jerk and more height. The fall should be cushioned to avoid injury to the knees and ankles.

Half squat with vertical jump. Photo Lucia Merle.

2) Jumping vertically, opening and closing legs and arms

In this exercise, in addition to looking for a vertical jump with the explosiveness of the legs, we combine the coordination work of the upper and lower limbs.

While jumping, you have to open your legs and raise your arms. This makes exercise difficult, thereby affecting the metabolism by speeding it up.

Jumping Lunges.  Photo Lucia Merle.

Jumping Lunges. Photo Lucia Merle.

3) Jumping Lunges

This is always done at the same place. From the lunge position – in knee flexion – a vertical jump is sought.

In the air, you must switch legs and then cushion the fall to return to the starting lunge position. This brings energy to the feet.

4) Free facial support to bring knee to elbow

It is performed with free facial support, ie the trunk does not rest on the floor. Keep arms outstretched.

It tries to bring the knees to the chest, alternately leaning on the tips of each foot.

&Quot;Jumping Isn'T Everyone'S Cup Of Tea&Quot;Warns The Teacher.  Photo Lucia Merle.

“Jumping isn’t for everyone,” the teacher warns. Photo Lucia Merle.

how to routine

beginners can 20 seconds of each exercise for 10 rests. Intermediate, blocks of 30 seconds for 10 rests. For advanced, 45 seconds for 15 rests.

All this gives a total of between 3 and 4 minutes. This must be repeated several times until it exceeds 20 minute activity,

“It is not done no manual labor Three minutes to drop fat percentage,” explains Resnick, a national professor of physical education and national coach of high-performance sports with 35 years of experience.

“To achieve the goal of losing weight, the job has to be moving at least 20, 25 or 30 minutesDepends on the performance of the individual,” he continues.

If our physical performance is low then we will be able to a pass three minutes. And we need patience and persistence to make progress.

To whom is the work directed?

What the video shows is a relatively intense exercise program contains many jumpssomething that—according to Resnick—”isn’t for everybody”.

To do this, you need to have a training base and some degree of physical performance. Specifically, the person has to know how to jump and break the fall.

Free Facial Support From Knee To Elbow.  Photo Lucia Merle.

Free facial support from knee to elbow. Photo Lucia Merle.

Too, shouldn’t hurt Pre-existing because jumping requires good quadriceps, which support the knee joint, and good calves, which support the ankles.

If we do not meet these conditions, then we have to suggest more stable jobsSuch as cycling, or aerobic work that has no impact.

Why does it help in losing weight?

Do things we are not used to. That is, for Resnick, the key to training is when we find reduce weight,

“When someone does intense work, for which the cardiorespiratory system is not used, boosts your metabolism“The teacher explains.

“Since it’s something intense, involving large muscles, coordination and explosiveness, it makes the body express itself a lot. It will increase metabolism, so it will cooperate with calorie burning“, keep going.

What we must avoid is always doing the same thing. If we go to the gym every day and do moderate work, there will come a time when we will not lose weight. just keep it,

One Has To Know How To Jump And How To Fall.  Photo Lucia Merle.

One has to know how to jump and how to fall. Photo Lucia Merle.

“the body is One adaptability Wonderful. In the beginning it is difficult for you to cycle for 10 minutes. But in a short time, there comes a time when you get used to it,” says Adolfo.

Another example: If someone plays football for 15 years, he doesn’t have to train like running on a treadmill – because he’s already adapted.

“If you take him swimming, he’ll burn more calories, he’ll lose weight, he’ll learn new motor skills and he’ll also improve his brain response. Because he’s learning something new,” says the professor. .

For Resnick, there are many tools to try on the body and it’s not just lifting more weights or running faster or running longer. They can be linked, for example, to exercise difficulty or reducing rest breaks.


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