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Saturday, January 28, 2023

A democratic amnesty for 8 million unincorporated persons in the budget is an “unprecedented danger”: fairness

Senate Democrats are trying to persuade members of the Senate — a nonpartisan who is responsible for arbitrating differences in Senate rules — to allow them to include approximately 8 million green cards in a $3.5 trillion budget resolution.

The blessings of incumbent Elizabeth MacDonough (Elizabeth MacDonough) will be necessary because of the special trajectory adopted by the Democratic Party through the budget.

Specifically, they are using the settlement process, a parliamentary process that joined the Senate rules in the early 1970s. This process allows certain types of budget bills to pass the upper house with a simple majority, completely bypassing the obstruction of the opponents. Ultimately, what is allowed in the process depends on MacDonough, whose job is to protect the rights of both parties.

in a Press conference On Wednesday, Senator Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) explained that the Senate Judiciary Committee “believes[s] Immigration is a key factor in reconciliation. “

“How many years have we complained that the U.S. immigration system is broken and needs to be repaired?” He asked, adding that the last comprehensive immigration reform in Congress was passed 35 years ago and was governed by President Ronald Reagan. sign.

Durbin then predicted the challenge that the Democratic Party will face in persuading congressmen. He said, “This immigration program does have costs associated with it.”

According to the conventional rules of the settlement process, the provisions of the settlement bill must have an impact on the federal government’s expenditures and revenues, not just “incidental”. Durbin also pointed out that the staff of the relevant committees have already met with MPs, hoping to convince MacDonald that according to the rules of the settlement procedure, the immigration clause is legally permitted.

“If more and more people become legal permanent residents, they will be eligible to participate in some government programs,” Durbin admitted. “But,” he argued, “economists agree that for every dollar paid to legal permanent residents through government programs, ten dollars will be returned to the economy.”

As for whether McDonough will support this measure, Durbin admitted that he was not sure, and pointed out that this decision is “completely in her hands.”

The Democrats must get the full support of members, who can unilaterally veto this measure in their own right.

Parliamentarians have a strict track record in budget reconciliation

In this capacity, McDonough is not ashamed to cancel the priorities of the parties that she believes are beyond the scope of the settlement.

For example, in 2017, Republicans tried to add a clause to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that passed the settlement process that would abolish restrictions on churches, charitable foundations, and universities that prohibit such non-profit organizations from participating Political activities or support candidates.

After the Democrats regained their majority, McDonough also imposed restrictions on what they were allowed to do. In February, members of Congress ruled against including the $15 minimum wage in the CCP virus (Chinese Communist Party virus) rescue plan proposed by President Joe Biden.

In both cases, the majority party tried to persuade MacDonald that these regulations were related to the budget, but with little effect. Now, the Democratic Party is trying to obtain the blessings of lawmakers through a similar broad clause: This clause will allow up to 8 million illegal foreigners to obtain green cards, enabling them to embark on the path of citizenship.

The clause includes so-called dreamers – a group of people who entered the United States illegally as a child and received amnesty under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) – a controversial executive order signed by President Barack Obama – agriculture Labor, and other basic workers, etc.

This goal of obtaining citizenship by 8 million illegal foreigners did not meet the president’s more ambitious goal during the campaign.

During the presidential debate in October, then candidate Biden was asked about the history of the Obama administration. In the 2008 and 2012 campaigns, comprehensive immigration reform was a key priority for Obama-Biden, but the government failed to deliver on these promised changes.

Biden explained that he and former President Obama “made a mistake…it took us too long to fix it.”

Biden subsequently made an ambitious promise, stating that within the first 100 days of his taking office, he would “send to the U.S. Congress a way for more than 11 million undocumented persons to obtain citizenship.” He continued: “Those so-called dreamers… [are] Will be certified again immediately so that they can stay in this country and embark on the path to citizenship. “

Although one of Biden’s main priorities in the campaign-providing citizenship and continuous protection for dreamers-will be included in the clause if accepted by parliamentarians, it is still far from reaching the 11 million amnesty goal. .

Amnesty efforts “unprecedented and dangerous”: fair

Preston Huennekens, government relations manager for the Federation for Immigration Reform of the United States (FAIR), criticized the recent amnesty.

FAIR is a non-partisan organization that describes its mission as “seeking solutions to help reduce the negative impact of uncontrolled immigration on national security, the economy, labor, education, healthcare, and the environment.”

Huennekens began to say: “The efforts of House and Senate Democrats to use the budget reconciliation process to amnesty millions of illegal foreigners are unprecedented and dangerous.”

Then, he listed his and his organization’s concerns about the move. First, he said, “Pardon millions of illegal foreigners will exacerbate our raging border crisis and cause serious harm to our country for decades.”

Currently, the southern border is experiencing an unprecedented wave of immigration. Republicans blamed this on Biden’s relaxed attitude towards the border.In a letter (pdf) to Alejandro Mayorkas, Secretary of Homeland Security, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis accused the Biden administration of “refusing[ing] Fulfill their responsibilities for implementing immigration laws enacted by Congress. “

Huennekens also warned that the provisions in the Allowing Settlement Act “will set a terrible precedent for the ruling party and have the opportunity to bypass traditional legislative procedures and set unpopular special interest priorities that are not related to expenditure or income.”

“This move,” he said, “is clearly an’incidental’ to the goals of the $3.5 trillion infrastructure package,” and therefore is not within the scope of the reconciliation process. On the contrary, “the sole goal of drafting it is to amnesty illegal aliens.”

Huennekens concluded: “This has nothing to do with spending or the federal budget. The Democrats are starkly trying to pass legislation that is politically and practically impossible outside of the budget reconciliation process.”

Joseph Lord is a congressional reporter for The Epoch Times, focusing on the Democratic Party. He received a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from Clemson University and is a scholar of the Lyceum project.


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