A lion never leaves another lion alone! Lily Mercado celebrates with Catimediotiempo

 A lion never leaves another lion alone!  Lily Mercado celebrates with Catimediotiempo

A tiger never leaves another tiger alone! That’s Tigres’ slogan for both women and men, and it looks like it applies to Katie Martinez and Liliana Mercado this Monday.

And it is that friendship is not forgotten, Mercado, who is the captain of Tigres Femenil, attended the final between America and Pachuca at the Azteca Stadium.

What did Mercado and Katy do?

After the match ended and America Feminine was crowned at Pachuca, with Katy Killer being the best player in the finals, the Amazonas player appeared on the court to congratulate her former teammate.

They gave each other a big hug which was captured by some of the press, who were watching Katy as she was in contention for the title in Ida y la Vuelta.

Despite Mercado’s presence, Caty didn’t want to know about Tigress, as he asked her if it was hard for Cat to leave the team and she interrupted the question by saying “But champion dad, I don’t care at all.”

Katy Kilar left Felin to become a player for the Eagles since Opening 2022, before that she was always from Tigres, winning the C2018, C2019, Guardian 2020 and Guardian 2021 titles; Now he won the fifth pennant.

katy killer is historical

With the championship, Catty is one of the players with the most title wins in the women’s circuit, along with former Tigres teammates such as Nayeli Rangel, Liliana Mercado, Fernanda Elizondo, Jacqueline Ovalle, Ophelia Solis, Nancy Antonio, Natalia Villarreal and Belén. ‘Polo’. cross.

She reached 17 goals in the final stage matches, equaling Rydas’ Mónica Desiree Monsivas, thus placing herself in the top-3 among top scorers in the MX Women’s League, but far away from Jackie Ovale and Stephanie Meyer, who scored respectively. 24 and recorded 18 goals. ,






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