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Saturday, April 1, 2023

All Together and Everywhere: Multiverse Theories

After an interdimensional reality ruptures, Evelyn (Michelle Yeoh), a Chinese immigrant to the United States, is stranded in an infinite multiverse of worlds, where she must become a hero to save the world and gain knowledge in the process. it is. which of all

This is the eccentric presentation of “Omne Ubique Omnes simul” (“Omne Ubique Omnes simul”, 2022), a cocktail of genres that was the big winner of the Oscar ceremony 2023, seven of the eleven sets to which it arrived. eurn, among the best films, scripts, directors and three interpretations.

But to what extent is the idea of ​​the multiverse that appears in these and other film proposals, such as “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” (2022), really plausible?

The different views of the multiverse

The term “multiverse” was coined in 1895 by psychologist William James. Since then, the idea has evolved into a fruitful scientific hypothesis that suggests the existence of multiple worlds, each with its own laws and independent physical properties.

However, despite its popularity, all theories about the multiverse have not yet been tested experimentally and are subject to scientific research and debate.

One of the most famous is the many worlds theory, proposed by physicist Hugh Everett in the 1950s, which suggests that whenever a quantum measurement is made, the universe splits into two parallel ones. For the measurement is in one, and it is in the other.

Although the theory has not been tested experimentally, it has been used to explain some strange aspects of physical quantity, such as intractability and bias.

The theory of eternal growth proposes that the universe experienced a brief period of exponential expansion, known as inflation, after the Big Bang.

According to this method, the expansion of the universe would have created multiple bubbles of matter, each of which also has physical laws and properties.

Defended by scientists such as Stephen Hawking, the theory of eternal growth predicts that our universe on a global scale is like an infinite fractal, a mosaic of different pocket universes, separated by an inflationary ocean.

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Meanwhile, string theory proposes that subatomic particles, such as electrons and quarks, are not quantum particles, but actually very tiny vibrating strings, much smaller than any yet measured.

String theory also proposes the existence of additional dimensions beyond the three spatial dimensions and the time dimension that we observe in everyday experience. These dimensions could be extra folded or connected in very small scales, meaning we can’t see them directly, but they have an effect on the properties and powers of the particle.

In particular, the theory posits the existence of 11 dimensions, where supergravity between membranes ranges from 2 to 5 dimensions.

Hence the existence of infinite parallel numbers, some of which may be similar to us with greater or lesser differences, while others may have 4 or 5 dimensions.

These parallel universes are known as “branes” or “membranes”, and they also explain why gravity is a relatively weak force, since the graviton, the particle that transmits the force of gravity, would be the only particle that could travel between them all. membranes, but that with diminished strength.

Black holes are the entrance to other worlds

Other speculators have proposed that a black hole is not only an object that traps all entrants, but is also a gateway to another universe or dimension.

The thing is, when matter approaches the event horizon of a black hole, it splits into two parts: one that falls into the black hole and the other that remains.

Matter that falls into a black hole is absorbed and can never be observed again, but matter that leaves remains trapped in the event horizon and, according to this hypothesis, can be transferred to another universe or dimension.

All of these ideas are highly speculative and difficult to prove experimentally, but they serve to establish possible lines of inquiry. Arrows, too, and wonderful films, all at once everywhere.

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