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Alyssa Carrio talks about Christina Kirchner and the day after the World Cup: “Countries collide”

Alyssa Carrio talks about Christina Kirchner and the day after the World Cup: "Countries collide"

Alyssa Carrion spoke in a television interview tonight and said that Vice President Christina Kirchner and the defendant causal road He will be condemned and heSurely he will be put under house arrest for 10 yearsHe speculated that he would be convicted, although there is a long way to go, as the Court and Cassation are yet to decide. He added: “Maduro and Christina are alike, but Lula is not.,

consulted in Tamil Nadu On whether he believed that Christina Kirchner would be sentenced for the Vialidad case, Carrio conceded that, beyond judicial sentencing, the head of the Senate has been “imprisoned” for a long period of time because “She can’t leave her house, can’t go for a walk to the places she used to go alone, because there are always Argentines”, so that they may reject it.

The former deputy warned that after the World Cup “We will realize that the country is colliding“She also explained that the vice president has stopped rate splits for this reason. He also mentioned the interns of Together for Change.”If I have to use power to maintain unity, I will.“, He said.

He described as “obvious“why”UnculturedThe amount of evidence to convict Christina Kirchner. “She is clearly going to be convicted with the court’s decision, that is, there is still a long time, the cassation is missing, and she will certainly be under house arrest for 10 years, but she will be 72 years old at that time.” is out of date, because those over 70 meet the condemnation at home”.

comparison of Hugo Chavez You Nicolas MaduroBut not with the Brazilian presidential candidate lula da silva: “Maduro and Christina are similar, but Lula is not. he surrendered and faced, There was a lot of corruption in the PT government, but he is an important leader.”

He then gave his opinion on the results of Brazil’s elections on Sunday: “This tie puts Brazil in a difficult position, which is where we export the most. Establishment So Paulo’s Joe played with Lula through Fernando Henrique, but Society was divided, and this division of society worries me, because it leads to unstable governments,

He also added that “Bolsonaro was the person who won the most in terms of critical governance”, but it was an “almost impossible vote”. He said: “If there was a Brazilian citizen, and I have to vote between someone who has governed one of the most corrupt governments, and between a military man who wants to arm the people and who Trump Like or worse, it’s impossible to vote. It occurred to me in 2003 that I had to choose one of these [Carlos] were menam [Néstor] kirchener,

On the other hand, he talked about what Argentina will face in the coming months and said that after the World Cup there will be a “shock” because for now it is just entertainment and he reflected on the 2023 budget: ” First we have budget liars, everything sounds great, but this is false budget. We are going to harvest less in dollars too. What will happen when the World Cup is over that people will realize that the country has collided,

“I personally and my force is prepared for the shock given the social factors. The state is desperate and there is a shortage of food. They don’t give you numbers, and in fact Christina is withholding rates, and even then budgeting is impossible. This is an election year budget. They cannot retain power. it’s going to be a tough time“, he explained.

She was later consulted as an intern for Together for Change, and exchanged words between Facundo Manes, Mauricio Macri and Gerardo Morales: “I come from a fanaticism and was part of a family with a radical spirit, and I say that some cannot be criticized. So much and then enter the committee, I say this for Macri. I have a relationship with everyone in the coalition, but the human aspect is very important.”There’s a lack of clear dialogue between Morales and McCree and I’ve always been working on that”, he sentenced.

In turn, he downplayed the debate’s importance by suspending passo And supposedly “a lot of noise and some are crazy”. ,Those who have no candidates are, When you don’t have a single candidate you should have PASO as they are the most legal and practical mechanism to resolve differences. And he reflected that what matters is the present: “If the president decides to end the steps, no more, It seems to me that there is a lot of noise and some crazy. What we are interested in today is what is going to happen in the coming months.”


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