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Argentina pays for the most expensive tires in the region: how much can the same cover be obtained in each country

Argentina pays for the most expensive tires in the region: how much can the same cover be obtained in each country

Measured At The Official Exchange Rate, Argentina Pays Usd 323 For A Cover Model Which Is Available At Usd 68 In Colombia And Usd 89 In Brazil.
Measured at the official exchange rate, Argentina pays USD 323 for a cover model which is available at USD 68 in Colombia and USD 89 in Brazil.

Yesterday’s labor dispute between local tire producers and the sector union added to a new failure in an effort to reach an agreement. Production at Bridgestone, Pirelli and Fate has ceased completely in recent days after several months of disruptions, leading to shortages and significant price increases for consumers who are already facing import barriers. are affected by. , In this context, Argentine motorists seeking to replace tires have to pay the most expensive prices in the region, even measured in dollars.

Buy a cover of a smaller size, one of the most common for personal cars, Argentina spends 220% more than the average for a group of countries in the region, That is, if its value is measured in dollars at the official exchange rate. If the value is calculated in hard currency, on the other hand, on the free dollar, Argentines are paying much more than consumers in other Latin American countries: the price premium in this case is closer to 70%.

To compare prices in different markets in the region, infobae Chose one of the most common car tire sizes. And, in turn, an easy-to-find model that has a presence in as many markets as possible. For this, a Pirelli brand tire was selected, 15 was rolled and a measurement of 185/60 was taken. The model, relatively easy to find in Argentina and other nearby countries, is the Cinturato P1.

Argentina Pays For The Most Expensive Tires In The Region: How Much Can The Same Cover Be Obtained In Each Country

Thus, the lowest price available on Mercado Libre’s active portals in each market was used. And the results were surprising. Dollar depreciation, import barriers and local inflation pay off Argentina Surcharge of up to 368% compared to the country where this model is cheaper the cover.

prices used Chile, Uruguay, Brazil, Mexico, Venezuela and Colombia, For Bolivia and Paraguay, the model was not found and, in general, the presence of electronic commerce platforms in these markets is not important.

Given the characteristics of the Argentine foreign exchange market, with its multiple exchange rates, the value in dollars at the local level was calculated at both the official dollar and the free exchange rate. It can be argued that the second is the more relevant market value without interference, but The official exchange rate is also important in this case because it is the per dollar value that is paid when canceling imports., In the local market, most covers for pickups are produced in the country, while tires for cars in general are imported, as noted in the region.

Buying a smaller cover, which is most common for private cars, costs 220% more in Argentina than the average for a group of countries in the region.

Thus, official exchange rate comparisons are the ones that show the biggest difference. Argentina Pay for a tire not less than Pirelli Cinturato P1 P185/60 R15 $49.441, according to platform data. This, translated into dollars at the official exchange rate, represents the cost of USD 323.14 per cover. Compared to the region average -USD 100.94-, this means a premium of 220 percent.

The most important difference is with Colombia, where the same model can be found at prices starting from 310,000 Colombian Pesos. About US$68.95, that is, Argentine motorists pay 368% more than their Colombian peers.

After Argentina, the country where the same model is more expensive Uruguay, There, the electronic commerce platform shows publications that begin with USD 130,99 per unit. However, clarify cable, the offer is reduced in that country’s portal.

Decrease And Increase In Prices Are Common Currency In Tire Shops And Tire Shops.
Decrease and increase in prices are common currency in tire shops and tire shops.

Meanwhile, neighboring countries have the most convenient Brazil. There, the same Pirelli model starts at 477.48 Brazilian Reiss, approx. USD 88,81 per cover. The surcharge paid by Argentines thus reaches 268 percent compared to Brazilians.

Another boundary line, Chile, a small difference but still convenient compared to local prices. The selected model is offered from 101,300 Chilean Peso, which is, at USD 105,86 per unit. In this case the surcharge paid by Argentina is 205 percent.

The price difference explains why Argentine merchants and consumers, near borders with Chile, Paraguay, Brazil, Bolivia and Uruguay, take the opportunity to shop outside the country. Although, of course, they pay a different dollar: either card dollars or free dollars.

Thus, in terms of free dollars, Argentines pay USD 170,48 For the model in question, 68% more for the same cover than its counterparts in the region. and up to 91% in terms of comparison with Brazil.

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