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Argentina unveils 3 basic tips for getting a United States visa and goes viral

It is likely that a foreigner who wants to apply Visa to visit the United States Involved in a process that raises many doubts and of course there is a fear of being rejected.

A visa is a document that allows you to temporarily enter another country. In the case of the United States, the government Provided for a maximum of 10 years, although the maximum stay per trip can reach up to six months. However, at times that permission can be denied and it is impossible to travel without it.

It is believed that the interview would be too difficult, that North American officials could deny a permit simply for saying the wrong thing, that it would prevent them from traveling to the North Country forever, among other general issues.

In this context of skepticism, here is how an influential person from Argentina revealed 3 tips that are vital to getting a visa from the United States.

3 Key Tips for Being Able to Get a Visa in the USA

YouTuber Worldlando uploaded a video to his channel in which he provides 3 tips to help them get a US visa easily and quickly.

“This video is for people who need to have a visa to the United States, whether it’s for them to do it for the first time or to renew it,” the young man begins, and continues: “I’m going to drop you. 3 tips to save money and time and 3rd, keep this in mind if you need to renew your visa”.

Before giving tips youtuber gives a brief description of the process that must be done to obtain a visa, including forms (for which a lot of information is being requested). Then follow the tips, which are as follows:

1. How to Save Money When Getting a US Visa

,The first tip is related to saving money, When they apply and fill a form, the last step will be to make payment. My advice is to pay with a rapipago, which are places where you can pay the bills, There they will be able to pay the visa value of $160 at the official exchange rate. They will also be able to pay by credit card but, in this case, they will have to pay with taxes. You’ll Save 17,000 Pesos With This Tip, I gave them what Dayton, ”says YouTuber.

2. How to Proceed to a Shift at the Embassy

“The second piece of advice is How to proceed with the embassy, A telegram group was created where they notify when shifts are available to proceed and believe me it works very well. Sometimes the notifications come in and the shift doesn’t happen, or someone has already taken it. But it will end up serving them. Once they are in a Telegram group and see that someone is notified that there is an available shift, they need to quickly enter the page. I had saved the email and password and quickly rescheduled changes. When they go to reschedule, if they can’t reschedule, they don’t lose what they already have. The Telegram group helped me a lot,” he advises.

3. How to Cancel an Appointment for Renewal of Visa

“The third advice is for those who have to renew the visa and not take it the first time, like the previous two. Two shifts may appear, one from the CAS (which they really need) and one from the embassy. But as you already had visa at the embassy, ​​you don’t need to go to that shift. How do you solve it? I’m going to drop you An email to send with an image with your name, surname, process number and previous visa, Then after a few hours they will confirm that they were wrong and will be able to reschedule their shift. CAS only, but that is for next week, two weeks or, at the latest, three weeks,” he concluded.

Business to Live in the United States with an H-2B Visa

Visa H-2B There is an option for foreigners who want immigrate to the United States with a jobVisa for people “with extraordinary abilities” without belonging to or being a professional in any group to benefit from.

This option is valid for up to three years and offers the possibility Access temporary non-farm jobs as a foreigner, With this category, people who have knowledge about trades or who want to apply for jobs related to services or manual work are integrated.

People with experience as a waiter can apply for an H-2B visa to work in the United States

The United States Department of Labor is required to fill these positions with foreign workers.

Therefore, there are certain businesses with which it is easier to apply for an H-2B visa that allows you to immigrate to the north country and work as a foreigner. Next, we explain in detail what they are.

    • landscaping and gardening: $12.81 per hour.
    • forestry and conservation work: $12.1 per hour.
    • Cleaners: $10.71 per hour.
    • Subsidiaries in entertainment and entertainment companies: $8.93 per hour.
    • Meat Slicer and Processor: $8.95 per hour.
    • construction workers: $14.56 per hour.
    • guys: $11.20 per hour.
    • restaurant chefs: $12.31 per hour.
    • staff: $12.30 per hour.
    • non-farm pastoralist: $11.76 per hour.

Requirements for applying for an H-2B visa

People With Experience As A Waiter Can Apply For An H-2B Visa To Work In The United States

People with experience as a restaurant cook can apply for an H-2B visa to work in the United States

to start the process H-2B Visa Application to Live and Work in the United StatesThe following steps should be followed:

1. The employer files an application with the US Department of Labor.

2. After certification is received, Form I-129 is filed.

3. Upon approval, workers submit a petition to the consulate of their country and the relevant fee is paid (if the visa is refused, the fee is not reimbursed).

4. The person should be present at the applicant service centre. There you go for the interview.

It is to be noted that the number of H-2B visas is fixed according to the financial year. In addition, it is necessary to have a valid passport. The cities that request the most H-2B visas are: Austin, Phoenix, Houston, San Antonio, Sitka, Dallas, Mackinac Island, Nantucket, Katy, and Dutch Harbor.

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