Australia has seized over 800 kilos of cocaine from an Argentine ship.

Australia: They found more than 800 kg of cocaine on a ship from Argentina

Over 800kg of cocaine seized in Australia – A cargo worth US$212 million – which was hidden in ballast tanks filled with water From a ship in Argentina. This is a cargo ship named Saint Pinot Stopped in the ports of San Lorenzo (Santa Fe) and La Plata.

Australian Federal Police and Border Force officers received an emergency call from a cruise ship off the west coast of Australia and when they found the suspicious vessel 29 packets of cocaine found,

Australia has seized over 800 kilos of cocaine from an Argentine ship.

The investigation began after authorities received intelligence that A freighter was about to drop off illegal cargo at sea for a merchant to pick up. After this, met people looking for medicine.

Local police officers assisted a 10-metre-long boat called No Fixed Address requesting help near Rottnest Island, about 20 kilometers off the coast of Perth city, due to alleged engine problems. So he was He found that the three men in the boat were completely ignorant of the operation of navigation. and that he had bought the ship in cash the day before it went to sea.

He shipped cocaine to Australia by parcel and had four machines to count bills

He then traced the suspicious presence of the merchant ship ST Pinot, of no fixed address. On that freighter they found a suspicious package submerged in a ballast tank filled with water that, based on forensic analysis, It was found that all the packages contained approximately one kilogram of cocaine.

Cargo ship with cocaine departs Argentina

ship It left the port of Santa Fe on 9 April and passed through the port of La Plata eleven days later.As tracked by the Vessel Tracker site.

Australia has seized over 800 kilos of cocaine from an Argentine ship.

As the cargo has only recently been discovered, it is not yet known who is responsible for the crew, but Three men, aged 21, 25 and 29, who were traveling without a fixed address, were detained Because it is believed that they were supposed to be in charge of collecting the packages. They were all charged with drug trafficking, a crime for which they could be sentenced to life imprisonment.

“Unprecedented levels of cocaine consignments are being seized across Australian borders,” Australian Border Force Commander Ranjeev Maharaj, who took part in the operation, said in a statement.

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