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Away from Mexico, Hoy Model Hosts Like a Diva

After a few days of absence, television presenter Galilea Montijo’s official account was reactivated among the most recent photos she shared in the middle of her visit. turkey,

Amidst various rumors and controversies about the alleged departure of “tapia“In broadcast, some of the photos look the most spectacular, with which the famous falls in love on a tour of the popular tourist destination’s sights.

After announcing her absence from the Hoy program, Galilea Montijo bragged about the recent vacations she’s been enjoying from places like Istanbul in Turkey and other wonderful places that have inspired her as well as other famous drivers such as Mohit. have done it. Cynthia Rodriguezamong the most recent.

From this great destination, Galilea Montijo shared some of the best shots in which she wears outfits that seem too expensive at first glance to be captured in some very special photos, of which she shows off her 9.8 million followers , especially like this.

“Thank you #istabul my heart friends @istanbulphotosession @lazgin35 and all the crew !!! In places, the warmest and friendliest people,” reads the message accompanying one of the first publications.

fans of today’s driver And other programs such as “Vida Tv” and “Pecanos Gigantes”, among many others, can see a clip in which she walks in a yellow dress with a large extended tail running down.

This time “you can“One of the great architectural works, considered one of the wonders of the world, the Hagia Sophia appears to run towards the back of the mosque.

Definitely to do this production,”h model male“I would have a great team behind me that would also include a good photographer for a particular commercial product.

The comments and reactions did not wait and their colleagues at Hoy launched the first observations, i.e. Tania Rincon, Andrea Legerta wrote: “fantastic” and “divine”.

So too did @larox07 comment: “Super super wowwwwwww!!! , while stylist @Whaitsman also expressed her surprise: Wow!!, this can be seen among the reactions of the born June 5, 1973.

In addition to other media personalities and some of the 9.8 million loyal fans who were able to dedicate a loving comment”montijo“, 49, in the midst of his limited publications.

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actress ofhidden truth“Three Women”, among other melodramas, by Martha Galilea Montijo Torres, has invoked this measure due to several attacks by opponents of some businessman, who on more than one occasion stoked some of the controversial scandals that revolved around his life. Brought and career.

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