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Bay Area Rain Creates Sloppy Game For 49ers, Colts Primetime

The 49ers opened their first drive on Sunday night against the Colts with a short smuggling pass from Jimmy Garoppolo in two gloves to Dibo Samuel in a clear attempt to prove they won’t succumb to the rainy conditions of Santa Clara.

But the careless play and turnaround of both teams showed how difficult attacking football becomes in the pouring rain. Team 49 looked more worried about rain in a 30-18 losing streak.

After that first game, the Nines gave up a little on their debut drive, running six times in the eight, including five rookie jerks, 57 yard backward run Elijah Mitchell and a touchdown.

Kicker Joey Sly missed an extra point just before the Niners scored a field goal on the second hit.

At the start, the temperature was 64 degrees, but it was raining at the Levi stadium, as well as for 24 hours in the bay area thanks to the atmospheric river. The forecast assumed a 100% chance of rain throughout the evening, and the consequences were noticeable as both teams’ jerseys got wet quickly and the outsole looked thin.

Sly made all his attempts before the game, but Colts kicker Michael Badgley missed seven punches before the game, according to NBC Sunday Night Football.

This second San Francisco possession came after just one game after Mitchell’s 14-yard touchdown after Jonathan Taylor groped the Colts’ first game out of scrum. But it doesn’t appear to have been caused by the weather, as Josh Norman knocked the ball out of Taylor’s hands after the sophomore scored two yards.

On a second trip to Indianapolis, Carson Wentz threw a 57-yard bomb to Michael Pittman Jr. on a 57-yard bomb in third and 11th, showing that it was at least possible to strike deep into Santa Clara elements. The Colts rejected the call to intervene, with the first of the four calling the Nines’ minor player.

Towards the end of the first quarter, Sly scored 56 yards from the field, giving the 49ers a 12-7 lead. Long shots like this can become more difficult as it rains more on the surface of the field throughout the game.

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