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Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Besides keeping the documents at Mar-a-Lago, did Trump flush them down the toilet? this we know

in the sewer. It appears the intended fate of what appears in the presidential documents torn by Trump and the photographs published on August 8 by Intermediate reporter Maggie Haberman. Axis.

Haberman will publish a book on former President Donald Trump in early October. One photo, purportedly of a White House toilet, shows a piece of paper that Haberman says is Trump’s handwriting.

The second picture, of a separate toilet that was allegedly used on a trip abroad, is of several pieces of paper in a similar location, with the name of a Republican congresswoman on one piece.

This may happen first document view of Trump’s alleged habit of flushing documents down the White House toilet. In response, Trump spokesman Taylor Budovich told Axios: “If paper images on toilet bowls are part of your campaign plan, you’re going to have to be very desperate to sell books.”

But even without opening the pipes for the missing documents, national archivists have their hands full on bridging potential gaps in the 45th president’s historical record.

On February 7, 2022, it became known that in Trump’s residence in Mar-a-Lago found 15 boxes of documents and other items Which should have been handed over to the National Archives and Records Administration.

Trump says he was told he had “no obligation” to turn over the documents, but the law suggests he may be wrong.

Specifically, section 2071 of Title 18 of the United States Code provides that any person who “willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates, annihilates, or destroys” any public Records or documents recorded in the office may be fine or imprisonment up to three years,

If the documents are classified, it is considered a more serious offence, and Imprisonment of up to five years.

Responsible in both cases disqualified from holding any office in the United States,

These requirements form a complete picture of events that have lasting consequences. Trump’s tenure in the White House reportedly includes incomplete or missing records phone record From 6 January 2021.

EU government holds presidential documents

In 1957, the National Commission for Historical Publications, part of the National Archives, recommended developing a A uniform system for filing all Presidency materials.

He did this literally to save the presidential record from the flames: President Warren G. Harding’s wife claimed that he had burned all his records, and Robert Todd Lincoln burned all of his father’s war correspondence.

Therefore, the government collects and preserves all presidential communications, including executive orders, announcements, nominations, statements, and speeches, and any oral public communications by presidents, which are also kept as public records. Collection of presidential documents.

they are part of official record of any administrationPublished by the Federal Register Office, National Archives and Records Administration Weekly, by the White House Press Secretary.

In most presidencies, the document or transcript is available within a few days to a few weeks after any event. At the end of an administration, these documents form the basis for the formal collection. President’s Public Records,

As a political scientist, I’m interested in what can be learned about where the president speaks, his preferences based on the location of his choice. What do these patterns tell us about administration?

Barack Obama focused primarily on the large media markets in states that strongly supported him. Trump also visited places of support, including smaller media markets such as Mankato, Minnesota, where the airport was not large enough to fly with Air Force One.

Presidential speeches often give a different perception of the administration. Without all the fanfare, you can quickly get to the point of the journey in the lesson.

During the 2002 midterm election, President George W. In speeches given by Bush, he made the same joke more than 50 times as an icebreaker. He will be apologetic that the public chose him over his wife, Laura, to make the job less enjoyable. His commitment to that joke indicated his willingness to engage with the audience. self-deprecating humor,

I felt somewhat strange when I began removing items from building and organizing my own location database for the Trump administration.

I was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky. I focus on my home state. I knew that on March 20, 2017, Trump held a public rally in Louisville, where in a speech he addressed “illegal immigrants” from Kentucky coal miners to the Supreme Court who said they robbed Americans and their murdered.

But when I searched the compilation online in mid-2017, I couldn’t find the Louisville speech. Never mind, I thought. They’re just falling behind, and will keep it for later.

A year later, the Louisville speech still wasn’t there. Too, Trump’s rallies speeches were missing, according to me, 147 individual transcripts of speaking events are missing (a little over 8 percent) in an online compilation of official records of Trump’s presidential speeches.

What documents does the US keep for presidents?

Presidential Records Actfirst approved in 1978, states that the administration must maintain “any” material documentary related to political activities of the president or members of the President’s staff, but only if such activities are related to or have a direct effect on the performance of the President’s constitutional, statutory, or other official or ceremonial duties.”

An administration can exclude personal records that they are purely Personal hey which has no bearing on the duties of the President,

All public events are included, such as quick remarks on the South Lawn, brief exchanges with journalists, and all public speeches, radio addresses, and even public phone calls to astronauts in space.

But what Trump said at his big public rallies has so far been omitted from public records provided by his administration for the presidential document compilation. And while publicly available videotapes can be obtained by historians and the public, that does not address the need for a full official archive of these statements.

Under federal law, the President “may exclude material directly related to the election of any particular person or persons to federal, state or local office that has no direct bearing on or effect on the performance of the duties of the President.”

The law has been interpreted in the sense that An administration can leave notes, email or other documents What do you deposit for construction?

While many presidents do not provide transcripts of speeches at private party fundraisers, rallies covered by the United States Press Corps likely do not fall under these exclusions.

Why Trump documents matter

loss official document among them are main register Who are we as a person.

These records speak directly to Americans; It is not what others tell us or interpret about our history. The government collects these records and maintains them accurately. The leaders elected by the country. they provide a shared history In its entirety.

Since 1981, the public legally owns all presidential records. As soon as a president leaves office, the National Archives gets legal custody of them all. Presidents generally have the honor of being good stewards of history. There is no real penalty for non-compliance.

But these public documents have always been available to the public until now, and they have become available quickly.

Internal presidential documents, such as memos or emails, have a rigorous archiving process that takes years to access.

I have a record of all presidential speeches from 1945 to 2021 – every president since Bill Clinton has all his public speeches available online. Until Trump, no public speech has disappeared from the permanent archive.

Ali delete these speechesTrump is making a misconception of his presidencyWhich makes her look more serious and traditional.

And by the way: The 2017 Louisville speech still isn’t listed in the 2022 record. I hope it’s in those 15 boxes.

you can find the original note by clicking here.

By Shannon Bo O’Brien, Associate Professor of Instruction at the University of Texas at Austin College of Liberal Arts.

*The Conversation is a free, non-profit source for news, analysis and commentary from academic experts.

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