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Best ways to heat your home without turning on the heat

winter It is one of those times in which we have to face some bad weather, like rain or of course, low temperatures. To solve the latter we have heating, an essential element in regions where the climate is cold, but also one of the most expensive resources we can resort to.

And, in case you don’t know, turning on the heating can be a Up to 45% increase in your home’s energy consumption. Something that can seriously hit your pocket, especially now with the rise in energy prices that we have experienced in recent months.

But don’t worry, we have the solution for you: 9 tricks that will help heat your home without overheating So that you have to resort to it only in cases of unforeseen event. If you want to know them in detail, keep reading.

Heat your home without heating it with these 9 easy tricks

Living without heating is more common than ever, especially in areas of our country where its use is not so essential because the temperature remains relatively high throughout the year.

However, during the coldest months, such as January or February, there is usually a need to find some Option that allows us to heat our home effectively To combat the cold days. That’s why today we leave you 9 guidelines that you can follow and that will help you make your home temperature more pleasant.

1. Ventilate the house properly

As you are well aware that ventilating the house is an essential task if we want the environment of the house to be in good condition, as it is the only way to ensure that the air we are breathing is safe. It is constantly being renewed, so it is necessary that we plant it. This is in practice even during the winter. However, the problem of the moment is that the fact of opening the windows can cause a sudden drop in the temperature of our house.

So the best recommendation we can give you is that Do this during the hours in which the sun provides more heat, like noon. This way the descent will be less abrupt and you won’t notice the cold as much as if you did it at any other time.

2. Make good use of your home

We use our home usually differently in each case, but almost always, we all have a room in which we spend almost no time. This is not a concern during the summer as it allows us to ventilate it normally, but in the winter things are quite fine as it prevents the heat from concentrating in the areas where we are the most. reside.

So if we want to keep our house warm then it is important that we keep the doors of those rooms closed in which we hardly spend time. thus we will get keep the heat in the house in a much more efficient way.

3. See where the cold filter is

One of the most easily caused problems is heat loss in the home. Doors or windows that do not fit properly. Cold air usually filters through its cracks, reducing its temperature in the long run.

Therefore it is important that you thoroughly examine all the elements of your home. check if this happens And that in case this happens, you resort to the necessary elements to fix it.

4. Take Advantage of the Heat of the Sun

The Sun is one of the best energy resources that is within our reach and has a huge advantage: There is no cost. Therefore, the heat it provides us may be essential to effectively heating our home, as long as we know how to use it properly.

this implies Elevate the blinds during the hours in which our home gets more heat And put them down again at night, so that he doesn’t escape. This way we will ensure that the individual rooms absorb the sun’s rays and maintain a high temperature throughout the day.

5. Use Dark Colors in Clothing

Surely you have heard more than once that dark colors are the ones that best absorb and retain heat, especially black. So why not resort to such colors to decorate your home? For example, you can choose to place a thick and dark curtains To create more heat retention during this time.

In addition, it is such a beautiful color that blends perfectly with other colorsSo it will definitely suit your home decor.

6. Use Rugs and Other Insulating Elements

On a decorative level, rugs are one of the most interesting resources during the cold season because they allow us to protect yourself from freezing temperatures passing through the groundEspecially in cases in which we are faced with tiled floors.

But there are other options that can help you make your home even more isolated, as is the case with those curtains we talked about above or even keeping tapestries and other elements on the walls.

7. Blankets are a Good Choice

Finally, another suggestion that we give you to heat your home without heating it is to use a good blanket or duvet in case of room, or you can even have one for the sofa. . These ingredients are simple, but very effective and will allow you to maintain a very pleasant temperature in bed which will help you to rest properly.

As you can see, these tricks are very simple in practice and can help you Save significantly on your home energy billThat’s why we encourage you to put them into practice during the coming winter.

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