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Saturday, February 4, 2023

Big Brother 2022: Amidst the new plot, these are the four nominees of the house

This Thursday, leaders Nacho and Conjo must agree to save one of the four nominees. They will then host a new party on Friday and prepare for the elimination gala on Sunday, where one contestant will be evicted from the country’s most famous house.

After deducting the votes of the rabbit and coati, On the plate were: Tora, Maria Laura, Alpha and Juliana.

The New Big Brother License Plate Was Like This
The new Big Brother license plate was like thisvideo record

Before defining the final knockout plate, Santiago del Morro revealed that Big Brother considered the agreement between El Conejo and Coty to be a conspiracy. That’s why their votes will be deducted.

,The first two vows are for Maria Laura and the second for Lucilla.”He said and explained that having “an interesting plate” is pure strategy.

“My first two votes go to Juliana because I see behavior in her that I don’t like. And the second one is for Lucilla, because i didn’t like that he acted like he said he wanted to leave agus“, he explained.

,I’m going to give two votes to Marcos, because he’s one of the people I have the least affinity with. And the second is for Walter, because there has been friction between us and there are many things that I do not share,” he said.

“I’m going to play it safe, my first vote is for lucilla and my second vote is for maria laura, Both are because they come with a pledge speech when it’s a game and we all come to play,” he said.

El Conejo designated Coty to step to the plate and that, if she is eventually nominated, she can persuade Nacho – with whom she shares the leadership – to save her. Thus, he would solve the complex task of agreeing with his co-leader which of the nominees should be saved.

Rabbit enrolled his companion Coty inside the house

Rabbit, who has immunity this week, He named his companion in the Coty-house—and Maria Laura, Both vote for the strategy.

Coty And Alexis (The Rabbits) Are One Of The Couples In The House
Coty and Alexis (the rabbits) are one of the couples in the housevideo record

“I want to know Catamarca. Do you want to know Catamarca?”, asked the coati the rabbit, who answered yes. This could be considered a conspiracy against Maria Laura, a native of that province.

“Two votes for Romina, just for the game because she is an outstanding person and I appreciate her very much. Y I’m going to vote for Walter because I want to make sure he’s up to the plate.“, Told.

,Two votes go to Juliana, I don’t have much else to say. But lately I haven’t felt a sense of belonging. Always because of affinity, more than anything else. And the second vote is going to be for Maxi, this plate was too complicated for me. Everything is fine with her, but I don’t feel any belonging,” he explained.

Romina Pointed To A Couple In The House
Romina pointed to a couple in the housevideo record

“The first two were the behavior of Lucila that I didn’t like. And the second one is for Maria Laura for the same reason. I didn’t like her behavior during the week, neither with me nor with the group”, Marcos told Big Brother. explained to

“Today’s nomination was the one that cost me the most in deciding, for the first time I am going to nominate people with whom I have a good relationship. I try to think with a cool head, first two votes are for lucilla more than anything because she had some attitude that doesn’t turn me off And I think sometimes they want to be involved in everything or have the last word,” he said. His third vote was for Maria Laura, as he believed they play well together.

Juliet Nominates Tora And Maria Laura
Juliet nominates Tora and Maria Lauravideo record

“First I’m going to nominate Juliet for strategy. And the second vote will be for Maria Laura, also because of the strategy”, he said.

Maxi Nominates Juliette And Maria Laura
Maxi nominates Juliette and Maria Lauravideo record

“The first two votes will be For Romina because there are some bickering and differences, but I can’t find a solution. The second will be for Juliet, I get along well and it’s more for strategy ”, he justified.

“It’s a matter of playing i felt cheated, May be I am wrong but it occurred to me that these people have voted for me and I want to return it to them. The first two are for Maxi and the third for Juliana”, he shot.

During your passage through confession, Alfa gave two votes to Tora and one to Maria Laura. He said, ‘I don’t like them because of the view I see inside the house. Nothing else,” he explained.

,The first three votes are going to be for the alpha because I don’t agree with their way of thinking, you’re welcome, because they don’t have the codes. He plays with power all the time, he is a bad person and is everything that society should not be. second will be for marcos Because he was a lukewarm person, when Walter’s approval passed, he was the only person who did not jump. I don’t want him to be here at home, I’m not interested in sharing something like that with a person like that,” she said, through tears, moved both by Juan’s elation and by Walter Santiago’s controversial phrase. Was branded as indoor abuse…

La Tora Made Comfortable After Juan'S Elimination
La Tora made comfortable after Juan’s elimination

The contestants will have to go through confessionals to vote for who they want to remain on the elimination plate.

Unlike previous weeks, this test had two winners of the Leaders Test: Alexis (Rabbit) and Nacho, The two would have immunity during the Elimination Gala and, in turn, would have to agree to decide who they would save from the plaque.

Nacho And Alexis Win The Weekly Leader Test
Nacho and Alexis win the Weekly Leader Testvideo record

As the days go by, participants should seek activities that will keep them busy or at least entertained. This results in creative ideas and in the last few hours, A group of contestants make up an absurd game to play a prank on Juliet and Romina. According to what they were told, they had to guess random concepts or words based on the clues, but the reality was that there were no rules and it was all an invention that they had to try to win in order to see. The activity ended with everyone laughing out loud and several clips made it to social networks, where onlookers celebrated the event.

A fun game invented by participants that caused a stir on the network

A few days earlier, Big Brother decided to sanction the alpha by sending Coty straight to the elimination plate as punishment for making comments about his genitals. After the confession, the sixty-year-old player spoke with the young woman and, according to him, they were on good terms, but at home he was repeatedly called “abuser” and “rapist”. in the last few hours Laura Uffal revealed in gossip (Net TV) that Alfa said that to imitate the rabbit, a couple of corrientes within the program,

Laura Ubphal provided more details about Alpha’s comment that got her approved

Inside the house, there is an area that can only be accessed with authorization: the SUM, where leader tests and parties are held. A Twitter user discovered that there is another room next to the multipurpose room that does not have cameras. “Magically, a new bathroom appears in the house, and on top of that there is a used towel.”, expressed @ElLauchaOkey with a photo. After some questioning and several theories, he comes to the conclusion that it is an installation designed for people who work in the production of the program.

(Twitter Capture)
(Twitter capture)

sol perez She became one of the favorite panelists for Big Brother fans and both her daring appearance and her quotes were well received on social networks. However, there was one detail during Tuesday night that worried more than one: in the middle of the debate, burst into tears, For viewers’ peace of mind, Gaston Trezeguet—who is also part of the panel—shared a video on his Instagram Stories where he explained that It was a simple allergy and her partner was fine.

Reconciled once again, Julie and Maxie begin searching for a “blind spot” to make their relationship work. With this desire in mind, he devised a strategy: Let the hot water run in the bathroom so that the steam fogs up both the glass and the camera lens thus allowing more privacy. However, in the middle of the act he was interrupted by a knock at the door and the man from Córdoba was called to confession. there, Big Brother warns her that she broke the rules While trying to cover cameras, which is prohibited. He also told them not to repeat it or else they can get a sanction.

Maxi And Juliana Can Be Approved (Video Capture)
Maxi and Juliana can be approved (video capture)

Automatic enrollment can be done once a week and is enabled after a participant is eliminated. Only a player can access it and if they do, Gives three votes to one partner and two to the other.

Lucilla performed smoothly as confirmed by Santiago del Morro Through a famous “dialogue” issued by Big Brother. This is the second week in a row that La Torra is ahead of her peers with this play, as she voted against Juliette and Coty a few days ago. However, it was canceled on that occasion as it was thought to be a conspiracy.

La Tora made comfortable last week and pointed against Juliette and Coty

Since the beginning of the reality show, Alfa and Romina take it upon themselves to feed the entire household. With so many products and with a shortage, both are in charge of making sure that not a single dish is missing on the table. With a good weekly shopping, now even sixty years old Salty Homemade Fajitas Cooked With a Rich Sauce, Romina gave her approval by flattering the taste and it was the participants themselves who were pleased with the result and therefore sent a certain amount through the exchange box to those working behind the walls of the house. “I hope they catch them”the man asked.

Alpha Cooked For The Whole House (Capture)
Alpha cooked for the whole house (capture)

Will be celebrated for four weeks like every Wednesday Enrollment Day. The contestants have to choose two companions, whom they will vote for. Gala will be in charge of Santiago del Morro and It will start at 9:45 pm on Telefe screens.

Santiago Del Morro Will Announce The Candidates
Santiago del Morro will announce the candidatesvideo record


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