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Big Brother 2022, minute by minute inside the house: Alpha is saved by Maxi and weeps bitterly

Big Brother 2022, minute by minute inside the house: Alpha is saved by Maxi and weeps bitterly

“You have to say: ‘Open one’, Alpha tells Thiago to execute the command to open and close the cupboard with just his voice. the young man says the indicated words and He is surprised by the automatic movement of the doors. Repeat the action several times. Meanwhile, the man keeps his laughter knowing that it is his joke, as he has the control with which he makes his partner think what he is doing by speaking. The moment quickly went viral on social media.

Alpha’s prank on Thiago

Users on Twitter are attentive to every move that This happens inside the house of GH. Many of the reproductions are related to game strategies, but there are many others that cause a lot of laughter among spectators. this afternoon, Thiago was the center of attention in social networks That’s when he decided to do his exercise routine after lunch. As he has done since entering the house, he decided to use all available machinery but the treadmill played a trick with him: He almost fell to the floor while he was running. This picture was repeated by the Twitter people, in a joking tone they asked that A co-worker takes care of the teenager.

Thiago'S Accident While Running (Twitter Capture)
Thiago’s accident while running (Twitter capture)

“It’s my grandpa’s birthday, nobody’s going to see it”Martina laments about the Sunday gala where it could have ended. Intending to alert her, Nacho and Juan tell her that perhaps the celebration will take place in the afternoon, at which point the young woman forgot that she was speaking in front of the cameras and ruined the moment her family had planned. “No, because I already know they’re going to throw her a surprise party”revealed and caused great laughter among his teammates, who told that he had ruined the birthday at the time.

Martina ruins a surprise for her grandfather

Juliet became one of the favorite participants in social networks. The 20-year-old knew how to win over the audience with authentic and gentle gestures towards her teammates. Thus, there was a lot of interest in his life and recently a Twitter user came to know about the acting past of GH 2022 Khiladi. “He was in agreement. We make love”There was a comment about her role in the teen strip that aired on Altrace in 2009.

Juliet'S Past As An Actress (Twitter Capture)
Juliet’s past as an actress (Twitter capture)

Juan’s attitude made him the least loved one in the Big Brother house, evidenced in previous nominations. Unlike the Nacho and Martina, demanding to join the group, the taxi driver moves on and on. This Friday starred in a special moment when all They had lunch together and she decided to eat alone, further isolating herself from her peers.

From the beginning of the reality show “The Little Monkey” formed a game block. The three members of the group – who survived – are nominated, so he knew with humor that one of them would be removed. Jokingly, Nacho and Juan join in a request for Martina to leave. ,He took the holder out, added salt to the food, missed the weekly quiz so that he couldn’t save us, and conspired on us.”He listed them as reasons why people should vote against the young woman.

Nacho and Juan Against Martina

“She’s a total genius, she’s Lady Di”, Alpha told about her partner by simulating a phone call. That moment caused Juliet to talk about the nicknames given inside the house. “The one who told me earlier Disney was Tomas and later Dance. for me he told me to bother But it doesn’t bother me”, expressed the young woman attached to this children’s production firm, because of her personality.

Juliet talks about the nickname they gave her inside the house

Martina Stewart, who was nominated for Sunday’s gala after plotting with “Monkeys,” is in the eye of a storm. And it is that, as a result of her appearance on the Telefe reality show, complaints of abuse began to circulate on the network, where she works as a physical education teacher. In view of this, from lam (USA) He sent the historian Alejandro Castello to the educational establishment to obtain the word of the authorities. arriving Not only did he not present to them, but he also called the police.,

LAM went to the school where Big Brother’s Martina works

Thursday night, GH 2022 (Teleph) was left with the first rating spot. in direct competition sing with me now (altrec)Scored 18 points compared to 12 in the eltrece program. while on screen Telefe broadcast the moment in which Maxi The program had to save the partner from nomination Marcelo Tinelli Continuing with its talent competition format.

Rating Of Gh (Capture @Puroratingok)
Rating of GH (Capture @puroratingok)

“Look why Martina’s Attitude, the women outside must be delivered by H… From the other day I hear her talking violently about people she doesn’t even know. Therefore, I tell you they want to be with Juan because I see him as a poor man they can see him like that”, Maxi analyzed before Alpha, Romina and Juliana, two nominees who agreed with their partner.

Maxi at the next elimination

Juliana came close and decided to change my game strategy Mora to get to know the movements that “Los Monitos” will perform. Thus she finds out that the missionary has a plan to go against Koti and will do so by forming a bond with her lover, Alexis, looking for conflict in the couple. Knowing this, this Friday the model told her friend, the girl from Corrientes, everything she knew so that she was constantly on the alert.

Juliana talks about Moraes with Coty

On screen on Sunday at 9:45 pm Telefe will host the second Elimination Gala. Nacho, Martina and Juano They are nominated by their peers. Now the public should vote who they want to leave the reality show. Via text message – With a cost of $20- With GH sent to 9009, the vote can be accessed. As well as through the QR code that appears on the broadcast channel screen of the program.

Sunday It Will Be Defined Who Is The New One Removed From Gh (Capture Telefe)
Sunday it will be defined who is the new one removed from GH (Capture Telefe)

Juliet He turned out to be the cutest character in GH. In social networks, the most outstanding moments of the young woman are remembered, and it was TIC Toc that it took to recreate a conversation against Martina and quickly went viral. Hundreds of users l. make use ofModel voice to imitate with the creation of imaginary scenarios which he equated with the words spoken against his partner.

juliet viral on tik tok

After the approval of the plot, the participants were alert for their next move. So much so that, when Alfa was trying to tell Romina, Juliana and Maxi in a “Master Move” He did it, they were shocked to hear Big Brother’s voice. They all exchanged eyes believing that they were being warned But, on the contrary, there was a notice to review the exchange box.

players’ fear

The game heats up every day. Each participant begins a plan in search of continuity in the reality show, and Juliana decides to approach the opposing group, starting with Mora. By this strategy, he was able to learn that the missionary wanted to make a bond with alexisto create a conflict Coti your girlfriend. with, “He can’t even see her, he hates her. He does things intentionally to fight her. I told her: ‘Okay Morita is your game, but I don’t share those things. You are harming the girl who is doing nothing,” the player reveals to Romina to expose her partner.

Juliana reveals Mora’s game

“silly and predictable when it comes to play”qualified “Los Monitos” He suspected that he was carrying out the conspiracy sanctioned by Big Brother. At the same time, along with Alexis and Augustine, he theorized that he essentially perfected the strategy. Holder, being terminated.

Through social networks, spectators conduct various analyzes of the game and uncover the aspects that deserve their attention. Now, on Twitter, various users revealed a detail that would not follow the fundamental rule of the game: no information from abroad, In the microwave, the time of day will appear, what will break the separation of participants.

After the elimination of Tomas Holder, Juan becomes the least loved one to coexist. As he suspected, he was nominated and has a high chance of leaving the reality show next Sunday. In this line, the taxi driver becomes very angry about the situation and during his conversation with Big Brother reveals that he has personal problems with a large number of his colleagues., “I don’t like Cordovan (Maximiliano Giudici), Alexis Quiroga, Marcos Ginocchio, Thiago Medina. they have no respect for anything, so i have trouble hearing his voice”, he assured, indicating that he was sure that the male employees voted for him.

the thrill of Maxi. Saving Alpha by This had a profound effect on the house. In time, Coty realized that you were being challenged by the man’s transparent response. In conversation with Alexis, he reflected on his attitude towards his partner. “I’m so evil, Everything he does bothers me ever since I fought him, but when he talks to me I think he is my grandfather. Cause I don’t want to treat her badly”, he expressed.

degree of remorse

Thursday Maxi uses his advantage as leader of the week and saves a mate of enrollment. His choice was overwhelming: he chose Alpha. Seeing this, the beneficiaries of the night wept bitterly and the participants consoled them.

Alpha’s sad cry


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