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Brazil: Followers of Bolsonaro call for coup with Nazi salute They ignore Lula’s victory and demand the intervention of the military.

Brazil: Followers of Bolsonaro call for coup with Nazi salute  They ignore Lula's victory and demand the intervention of the military.

from Sao Paulo

On All Souls Day, tropical Nazism resurfaced from the sewers of Brazil St. Katrina. In San Miguel del Oste, a city in that state very close to the border with Misiones, several hundred coup d’états saluted Hitler while singing the anthem. They chose to assemble in front of the headquarters of the 14th Mechanized Cavalry Regiment. At its gates and in front of an unused tank, they were filmed celebrating the criminal event. They went to demand the participation of the army in the destabilizing movement Which does not recognize Lula’s election victory. The fact, which because of its seriousness prompted the intervention of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, coincided with the protests and mobilization by supporters of President Jair Bolsonaro on the third day of the movement.

yes ok Decrease the number of pickets Produced mostly by truck drivers, according to san pablo leaf They continued in fifteen states. The delay and almost condescending presence of the Federal Highway Police (PRF)—colonised by the ruling party—was refuted in some cases and repressed in others by Bolsonarists who called for a coup when ordered by the Federal Supreme Court (TSF). ,

Who is Sylvini Vascus?

your boss, sylvanie vascus, one of the president’s sons, was suggested for the position by Flavio. Your service record is very dirty. Justice investigated him for bribe-taking, death threats and other prescribed offences. There are so many misdemeanors and crimes in his police file that the government decided to “privacy” his career as an officer for a hundred years when the digital media Metropol requested information about him.

In April 2021 Vasque came under the leadership of the PRF and was granted greater financing power for the secret orçamentos (budgets). It was not surprising that he called on his social network to vote for Bolsonaro and mounted Campaign in the country’s northeast to prevent Lula supporters from participating in elections, Now they have to answer to the Federal Ministry of Public Affairs (MPF) for crimes and corruption against the democratic state.

The protest, which began on Sunday night, the 30th, was not a spontaneous one to reject the poll result. They were founded at least two weeks ago by Telegram and WhatsApp, and were also broadcast on YouTube by characters such as retired soldier Durval Ferreira or some places of extreme authority with thousands of followers on the network: Confederation of Brazilian Rights, Conservatives, Group Renato Barros and Civil Society OCS, others.

On the outskirts of this city, the main road occurred between the night of the 30th and the morning of the 31st, when traffic on the highway leading to Guarulhos Airport was disrupted. Dozens of flights were delayed or cancelled. Around noon on Monday, the coup conspirators fled to the side of the highway and stood there wearing their Brazilian team jersey and green and yellow flags.

Truckers blocking roads were fined in several cases, others brought in by military police – as seen in San Pablo when four uniformed men saluted the coup d’état – and in the past 24 hours it was noted that the cuts were beginning to dwindle. In Minas Gerais they went from 12 to 8, in Rio Grande do Sul police reported that no one was left, but there was one exception: Santa Catarina. The state whose beaches are chosen by thousands of Argentines every summer from Florianópolis to Camborique.

Bolsonaro got 69 percent of the vote in Santa Catarina. The Itajai Valley is the Lebensraum or German important place, a statement that stems from Hitler’s colonization doctrine of the 30s and 40s in Brazil. In that southern region stands the mountain town of Blumenau, famous for its beer festival.

In 2018, Jair Bolsonaro received 83.95 percent of the vote in the second round, taking him to the presidency versus 16.05 for PT’s Fernando Haddad. It was no coincidence that he won by that margin four years ago and is now again imposing himself widely. The first Nazi cell in the country was established in 1928. As seen this Wednesday in San Miguel del Oeste, the Fuhrer’s ideology sprouted the seeds that his ancestors planted in the region.

When the group of women and men settled on the BR-163 in front of the mechanized cavalry barracks, they began to sing the Brazilian anthem while simultaneously raising their right hand, symbolizing the Nazi salute. There are not some who see themselves doing this. Images can be taken from the top of a vehicle. Cell phone carrier pans the camera that now portrays the situation in the hands of justice, The state prosecutor’s office launched an investigation to identify the coup conspirators who were sympathetic to Nazism.

At the last minute, President Bolsonaro addressed the road blockers. “I want to ask you to unblock the routes, it is not legal to close the highways…” he suggested in the 2-minute video where he also explained the legality of the protest. He said goodbye to the four years of his government with a remark about the spirit of patriotism, the green and yellow colors of the flag and protecting family and freedom. Almost a preview of his departure. A balance that would not end as they wanted, but their silence of almost two days aroused the worst anti-democratic sentiments.

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