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Britney Spears Conservatory investigation will look into her finances

After insisting for years on the absolute necessity of Britney Spears’ guardianship, her father, James P. Spears, unexpectedly asked the court in early September to terminate legal proceedings.

A new court case on Monday provided a possible explanation for Mr. Spears ‘sudden cancellation: he recently received a request from Ms. Spears’ attorney to officially disclose the case and testify under oath.

The new documentation also provides a first glimpse of where Ms Spears’ attorney, Matthew S. Rosengart, is focusing her investigation on her custody treatment over the past 13 years. The discovery requests required extensive information about the role of the estate’s former commercial director, Tri Star Sports & Entertainment Group, as well as additional information about the complex network of organizations through which the estate operated.

On September 29, Mr. Spears was removed from his position as custodian of the singer’s fortune worth about $ 60 million. At the next hearing, scheduled for November 12, Judge Brenda J. Penny will consider the termination of the guardianship that was previously granted. 2008 amid concerns about Ms Spears’ mental health and possible substance use.

Mr Spears’ lawyer did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Details of the discovery and escrow requests were attached to the document confirming support for Ms Spears to end her guardianship.

Tri Star Sports & Entertainment Group, an accounting and financial services firm for artists and athletes, is operated by Louise M. Taylor. Robin Greenhill, a Tri Star employee, worked closely on Miss Spears’ account.

Mr. Rosengart, a former federal attorney who took over for Ms. Spears in July, requests all documents relating to the relationship between Mr. Spears and Three Star; all documents relating to any agreements between Mr. Spears and Tri Star; all communications regarding payments made by Tri Star from the property; and all payments made by property for legal services provided by Tri Star.

Tri Star resigned last fall around the same time that Samuel D. Ingham III, who was then lawyer for Miss Spears, was challenging the $ 500,000 “floor” Mr. Spears agreed to pay the firm after an indefinite hiatus. in the work of Ms. Spears. in 2019 affected his 5 percent commission, as well as the fact that the estate was allegedly billed for Ms. Taylor’s personal legal services. In court last year, Mr. Spears’ attorney called the $ 500,000 fee reasonable.

Tri Star attorney Charles J. Harder said the legal costs, which Mr Ingham objected to, were upheld by the court.

Mr Rosengart also requested documents and communications regarding Black Box Security’s surveillance of Ms Spears’ phone and the placement of any recording devices in her bedroom. These allegations were first reported by The New York Times in the September documentary, Controlling Britney Spears.

Sean Holly, attorney for Black Box chief executive Edan Yemini, did not respond to detailed questions from The Times about the documentary. But in a statement, Ms Holly said, “Mr. Yemini and Black Box have always acted within a professional, ethical and legal framework, and they are particularly proud of their work to keep Miss Spears safe over the years.”

Mr Rosengart is also trying to swear by Mr Spears how much money he has received from his daughter’s estate since its inception. It is not known when any depositions will be handed over.

On October 19, Mr. Spears hired a new lawyer, Alex M. Weingarten of Willkie Farr & Gallagher. Mr. Weingarten has replaced lawyers from Holland & Knight as well as Freeman, Freeman & Smiley.

A recent legal complaint revealed that Mr Rosengart added Kyle R. Friney, a financial expert and former federal attorney involved in the Mueller case, to Ms Spears’ legal team.

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