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Buying an electric car with cash is a great way to waste your money

loss Technological Advancements in the Automotive Industry and especially with regard to electric car battery They have a rhythm that is simply dizzying. The innovations, discoveries, advances, and improvements in the development of energy accumulators are reminiscent of the situation we’ve been in with consumer electronics since the late 20th century. and that, Today, a vehicle can be almost as obsolete or outdated as a mobile phone., This means that if we do not want to waste our money then our way of consuming automobiles has to be changed.

The last and perhaps the best example is found in the new generation of batteries from the Chinese company CATLpioneer in its field, has just presented and that, without a doubt, Leaving today’s outdated, will revolutionize the electric market, In short, they are capable of doubling its energy density with respect to current batteries without the need to resort to the “science” of solid electrolyte Which is advocated by many companies specialized in this field. This translates into less weight and volume at the same cost and storage, which has a positive impact on the final price and the autonomy or dynamic behavior of the product (depending on how you look at it).

As a result of its technical and motivational nature, The development of BEV (electric) is faster than that of ICE (thermal), who already have engines whose thermodynamic efficiency is very difficult to improve. Besides, Manufacturers’ investments in 2023 are mainly focused on improving the first type of vehicles, because this is the path that the region has set or some geopolitical entity has imposed on it. The goal is to gain a competitive advantage during an industrial career.

Whatever the reason, it’s the truth An electric car in addition to being more expensive than a combustion car for the same size, concept and power Despite their current lack of real autonomy, loses its value more easily, In particular, it is estimated Depreciation is almost twice as high And, as if that wasn’t enough, the span of time in which a customer can say they have a “modern” product is rapidly decreasing: Accepted recharging powers and long range capabilities don’t stop increasing, Remote Update (OTA) can do little or nothing here without the right “hardware”.

For example, a button: the Audi e-tron (Now re-released as the Q8 e-tron, with 70% more range per charge) German brand’s first electric car, Its commercialization started in late 2018. Of its various versions, most were called the “Demand” (this was a model with less success in general). 55 Quattrowhose acquisition cost began 89,760 Euros in 2020 (Spanish rate). His combustion equivalent The German range had (and still is) this Q7 55 TFSIe plug-in hybrid priced at its lowest 81.450 Euro When this SUV went on sale in 2020 as well, on the occasion of the update.

end of April 2023Checking is possible on any trading platform second hand How the first SUV is priced between 45,000 and 60,000 euros, while the second maintains prices between 60,000 and 75,000, always depends on the state and use of each unit. In other words, The e-tron lost an average of around 37,500 euros (42% of its value), while the Q7 did so only around 14,000 (down 17%). It wouldn’t be if there weren’t such a significant comparison injury between the new Q8 e-tron and the Audi it replaces.

But do not think that this happens only with firms with four rings or with companies focused on the luxury segment. this is a Comprehensive facts among “BEVs”, We invite you to search the Internet for used units that are three years old, for example, Nissan LEAF, Renault ZOE, BMW i3 or Tesla Model S. you will see that Most of these cars are about 50% cheaper than new cars despite inflation., Incredible! What has happened with the Tesla Model 3 price recently and what is its negative impact on the value of units registered before the drop.

Keeping the above in mind and although the second hand market is on the rise, Our advice is that if you want to buy an electric car, never buy it in cash, In fact, the best option is not to buy it directly but rent it, this can be done using use by subscription or through a lease agreement Which, despite being a monthly payment, which is not exactly cheap, already covers all risk insurance for the vehicle, its periodic maintenance, its registration, its eventual repairs in case of breakdown or accidents, fines for its driver (or drivers) Management is included. ) and even changing tires every few kilometres.

Also, be More protection at resaleThere is a (slightly cheap) resource known as “Multiple choice“, which does not cease to be a square very flexible financing for individuals. Firms, either directly or through their network of dealers, issue a contract by which Guarantee future value to the customer Enjoy more of the product you get. After a few months (usually 36 or 48), it You can choose whether to continue financing procurement integrity, Convert your unit to a more modern unit (renegotiation fee) or get rid of the car For reimbursement of an agreed amount, something that the brand or its point of sale will take care of.

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