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Can a black hole have different masses at the same time?

Scientists have made unprecedented calculations about quantum phenomena in black holes.

The work is the work of a team consisting of Joshua Fu and Magdalena Ziech from the University of Queensland in Australia.

Amazing conditions reign in black holes, such as gravity so strong that it does not allow even light to escape from them, or, it seems, time has stopped inside them.

But until now, to the best of our knowledge, it had not been fully investigated whether black holes exhibit some of the strange and fascinating behaviors of quantum physics.

One of these behaviors is quantum superposition, in which quantum-scale particles can exist in multiple states at the same time. The paradox commonly known as Schrödinger’s cat, a theoretical example according to which a cat can be alive and dead simultaneously, is the most common way of describing the phenomenon concisely and forcefully.

Fu and his colleagues set out to find out whether, through this quantum phenomenology, a black hole can have different masses at the same time, and the result of their research is that it can. Is.

Artist’s illustration of the concept of a black hole having many different masses at the same time, created using NightCafe Creator AI. (Image: Nightcafe maker AI. CC BY,

The study results support the pioneering theories of Jacob Bekenstein, an American and Israeli theoretical physicist who made fundamental contributions to the theoretical basis of black hole thermodynamics. He postulated that black holes can only have certain values ​​of mass, that is, they must be within certain bands or ratios. This is somewhat comparable to the way the energy level of an atom works.

The results of the study certainly indicate that these different quantum superimposed masses will have values ​​within certain bands, or ratios, as predicted by Bekenstein.

The study is titled “Quantum Signatures of Black Hole Mass Superposition”. And it has been published in the academic journal Physical Review Letters. (Font: NCYT D Amazing,

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