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Canada publishes its list for 2023 Women’s World Cup with key absences

Janine Beckie suffered a torn ACL in her right leg and is not on Canada’s shortlist.

Many teams have published their list for Australia-New Zealand 2023 World Cup. England, Portugal, Germany and the Netherlands did it a few days back and now Canada has joined in. Reds coach Bev Priestman made it official during the day last Thursday.

The roster is made up of 25 players and on July 9 it will be at 23. Leading the way is veteran 39-year-old captain Christine Sinclair, who plays for the Portland Thorns of the American League. Likewise, other indispensable players are Sophie Schmidt, Julia Grosso and Jordan Huitema.

While listing, Priestman pointed out that its assembly was complicated. “The making of this list took some incredibly difficult decisions and conversations. I think that says a lot about how competitive and exciting the group is.”They said.

And yes, it was. Out of the call was one of the figures on the Canadian team, jane becky, A forward for the Portland Thorns, a team playing in the United States Women’s National Soccer League, she ruptured the anterior cruciate ligament in her right knee. Due to this severe injury, she underwent surgery and would not play for the rest of the season.

potential delisting

However, Becky can add two more. On November 15, 2022, nickel prince He tore his Achilles tendon in a friendly match against Brazil. for his part, Desiree Scott He suffered an injury late in the 2022 season and also had surgery. However, if they do not recover within the stipulated time frame, they will be the two names that will miss out on the planetary placement.

Canada has complex and extremely physical opponents in Group B of the World Cup. he shares it Australia conducting selection, Nigerianoh Ireland, The competition will begin on 20 July and end with the Grand Finale on 20 August.

Canada payroll


  • Callen Sheridan – San Diego Wave
  • Lysianne Proulx – SCU Torreense
  • Sabrina D’Angelo – Arsenal


  • Alyssa Chapman – Houston Dash
  • Jayde Riviere – Manchester United
  • Ashley Lawrence – Paris St. Germain
  • Kadisha Buchanan – Chelsea
  • Vanessa Giles – Lyon Olympique
  • Shelina Zadorsky – Tottenham
  • Jade Rose-Harvard University


  • Marie-Yasmine Alidou d’Anjou – Famalicao
  • quinn-ol rule
  • Desiree Scott – Kansas City Current
  • Sophie Schmidt – Houston Dash
  • Julia Grosso – Juventus
  • Jesse Fleming – Chelsea
  • Simi Awujo-USC


  • Christine Sinclair-Portland Thorns
  • Clarissa Larisse – BK Hacken
  • Chloe Lacasse – Benfica
  • Jordan Huitema – Official Language Governance
  • Evelyn Wiens – Kristianstad
  • Dean Rose-Reading
  • Nichelle Prince – Houston Dash
  • Adriana Leon-Portland Thorns






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