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Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Cannabis close to being a green “medicine”

stone pelters. Addicted to stone pelting drugs. Left. alienated. These are some of the adjectives that society associates with cannabis and its uses, which is still under a cloud of stigma and prejudice. With a name: medicine. the truth is that Marijuana has other uses Beyond combined smoking for leisure (called recreational consumption) is what the reader probably imagines when reading the word “cannabis.”

between uses medicinal and therapeutic To soothe the pain of certain deformities through cream, oil, vaporization or alteration of the active principles of the flower, which is now The Congressional Health Commission has begun regulating with a report approved on June 27.,

previously approved Two drugs with cannabis extractNow its use will expand (and focus) Treat spasticity in patients with multiple sclerosissome form of epilepsyresulting in nausea and vomiting chemotherapy, endometriosis, cancer pain and pain long term Non-cancerous (including pain) neuropathic), “can be extended to other therapeutic indications when studies provide consistent indications”. In addition, for the report released by the government Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS)A body that will have to fit the recommendations into the rules in the future six monthsopen the door for distribution of extracts or cannabis based preparations pharmacy (creams, sprays, oils or other derivatives).

An “inadequate” advance for workers

To consider a drug, treatment or cure for cannabis and a move to break out of the social stigma for users of medical and medical marijuana. Even then, Totally “inadequate” advances for unions and activists Those who were waiting for some guidelines for regularization of the plant allow self-cultivation and present the various uses of the cannabis plant as medicine in its entirety.

About two out of ten people in the Valencian community suffer from chronic pain.

Nearly two out of ten people suffer from chronic pain In the Valencian community, it is, 18% of the Valencian population, Xavier Miravete is one of them. he is the president of the union Therapeutic Herbs Castello and is severe type A hemophilia Ever since he was born. Since he was a child, he has seen how a simple blow becomes a problem in his muscles and joints and he has gone through phases in his life in which he is in pain in bed, in a wheelchair. atrophied joint and with an orthopedic boot, which cost him childhood between hospitals and was marked by Naughty, I was taking several pills a day. One for everything. and stronger. Among them morphine, which caused a . became part of depression To see that it hasn’t improved, but vice versa, a . In Opium and benzodiazepine addiction That, far from helping him achieve a better quality of life, neutralized him as a person. “I couldn’t even speak, I lost everything and couldn’t find my way.”

For this report Javier Miravete breaking a cannabis bud. Andreu Esteban

It is difficult for him to remember the difficult phases, but he remembers what happened with optimism. ,I discovered cannabis amusingly, One day a friend came and told me he had hashish, that you smoked it and laughed, I took three puffs and I socialized for the first time in a long time», explains Miravet. “It was not only a relaxation of my social tension, but Controlled my physical pain, distracted it and had no addictive effect“, Bill. Since then, cannabis has been with him for the rest of his life. And it has served as a cure for various ailments.

He talks about THC and CBD, two components of cannabis. Modifying them and finding the right proportions for diseases is “an effective medicine”. “We are not looking to get high with psychotropic drugs, but rather a solution to discomfort, a better quality of life”, Unlike morphine, which reduces pain, cannabis, Miravet description, “doesn’t make it go away but it allows you to do things and make you want to do them.” He began using it after coming out of his opium addiction to ease ankle and knee pain that had developed from walking.

“We are not looking to get high with psychotropic drugs, but rather a solution to discomfort, a better quality of life”

He replaced painkillers like morphine with cannabis, became affiliated, and his life began to come back. organization promoted Therapeutic Herbs Castello and trained as an expert technician in medicinal plants and nutrition. From now on group of medical users of the unit, supported by a doctor, a neuropsychologist and scientistsAdvise patients about the dosage, form and properties of the plant appropriate for each disease and treatment.

“We take the cannabis flowers that we use to do the analysis, we have traceability because the plant is cultivated by people hired by the association. They use the fertilizers, the land and the varieties we give them. The final product is analyzed to look for the concentration of cannabinoids, fungi and microorganisms.

“I can’t plant but I can do medicinal remedies”

After the first “real” regulation of the medical and medicinal use of cannabis, Workers miss self-cultivation, At least open the window so that patients can access it legally. “I can’t plant but I can inject intravenous medicinal treatments for my disease,” criticizes Miravete. Noemi Sanchez Nucherodoctor in neuroscienceAssociate Professor A.T. Universitat de Valencia (UV), President of the European Observatory for the Consumption and Cultivation of Cannabispatients of Multiple sclerosis and medical cannabis usersThis first report reviews the positive and negative aspects that shed light on some of the possibilities, they say, the cannabis plant offers.

Naomi Sanchez. Neuropsychologist and President of the European Observatory on Cannabis Use Ferdinand Bustamante

“This is the first debate on cannabis and it’s very Positive So that those who were previously unable to enter They can do this through community pharmacies and follow up with doctors in a regulated manner,” he explains. Even then, There are still many unknowns in the legal equation, «It is not collected what happens they do a drug test and we test positive or if we need to move the flower to another place, What legal protection will we have?», asks Sanchez Nuchar. On the other hand, he states that self study It is abandoned and there is something important in the treatment.

“Self-cultivation empowers the patient, who is autonomous and manages his illness”

“It empowers the patient, who is autonomous and manages his illness, to know well what quantity and what qualities he needs at every moment and will not be regulated. If medicinal self-cultivation is regulated If done, the cannabis prescription you grow can be monitored and analyzed, as is the case in Argentina. It should be the state that analyzes that plant.” For farming users, the question It is: “If they keep doing it, what will happen to them?”.

No legal protection for patients

has been involved in the processes of many Arrests, cannabis seizures and even speedy trials, Javier and Noemi have experienced this situation themselves. “This is our medicine, Is it necessary for a sick person to go through the dungeon? Repression is not for health, but for moral, and Legislator’s morality does not affect our health, “They turn patients into potential criminals and drive us to the illegal market, to buy cannabis that we don’t know what’s in it or where it comes from,” he says.

“By persecuting self-cultivation, they turn patients into potential criminals and drive us to the illegal market”

A simile proposed by the scientist: imagine a reality in which alcohol was illegal. One afternoon he wants to have a beer and goes to a secret bar to drink it. But when they arrive they only have Kazala’s shots. He takes three and returns home folded. You have received alcohol but not the amount or type that you want or need. He comes home drunk and not comfortable. This is something else. According to Noemi Sanchez Nucher, something similar happens with cannabis. «Saying that every worked flower is a medicine is like saying that every white powder is cocaine», clarifies the doctor in neuroscience. Another criticism of activism is that the perversions for which its use is authorized are very limited.

Naomi Sanchez. Neuropsychologist and President of the European Observatory on Cannabis Use. Ferdinand Bustamante

“remain multiple cases, such as fibromyalgia or glaucoma, among others. They say that there is no scientific evidence for this, but it is difficult to find concrete evidence on something that has not been investigated.

Objective: To promote research and expand regulation. Furthermore, Sanchez says, the report’s proposal “does a favor”. oligopoly In some companies and users of the plant a . forces you to sign up for Registration, They control us by assuming that we are Possible culprits when we’re sick people,

According to Sánchez, little scientific evidence makes it necessary, “take into account all observational evidence”, as the report of the government also states. “Cannabis improves health in the broader term of the term, which according to the World Health Organization refers not only to physical health, but also to psychological, social and quality of life.” “Cannabis Improves Patients’ Quality of Life, It Doesn’t Cancele Them”Defend both Javier Miravete and Noemi Sanchez.

On the other hand, they criticize that the plant is being considered a “last-line medicine” (as an alternative if main treatments don’t work) and that the duration is limited. ,Opioids are a treatment of unlimited duration and are highly addictive and on the other hand, cannabis can help you achieve a better quality of life with individual proportions., It is a prevention tool. In your case, Noemi uses cannabis to prevent outbreaks and prevent symptoms of multiple sclerosis, “Bhang helps me tolerate the side effects of treatment and cope with my illness, as well as stop the outbreak Which can have irreparable consequences for my body and my standard of living.”

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