Carrefour loses its mind and reduces this Xiaomi electric bike to a minimum

Carrefour loses its mind and reduces this Xiaomi electric bike to a minimum

There’s nothing like an electric bicycle or a nice scooter to get around town. The choice between one or the other depends, above all, on your personal taste. Although we recommend that you look into bikes, as they allow you to pedal In case the battery runs out. And it makes them so much more comfortable!

today we have chosen a model which is Lowest Price At Carrefour, to help you save as much as possible. We are talking about the Xiaomi QiCycle model, which has pedal assist And a total of 8 different speeds. It’s one of the best products you’ll find on the market, and it’s cheaper than ever!

This Electric Bike Has It All, And At An Irresistible Price

we have to start by talking about you designSince it is both ergonomic and elegant, This is one minimalist bike that you would want to take with you everywhere. wheels have a Shape 20 inches, and the frame is made of steel aluminum.

To this we must add that there is a led screen With environment sensor, which will allow you to see everything clearly even in full sunlight. This also the saddle is adjustable, and the bike includes a lighting system So you don’t need to take it separately.

now move on to the second Specifications Ahead TECHNIQUES, The motor has a power of 250 W, and is three assist modes Separate. The first of them will increase your pedaling cadence by 25%; second, in a 50%; And the third will reach 75%. of course you can also choose no assist mode, which is as if you have turned off the engine. This is an ideal option if you don’t have much battery left. there is also a sensor that will analyze and adjust your pedaling Automatically To provide you with the help you need.

Furthermore, it should be noted that a autonomy 65 kms. And the battery is lithium! In addition, it has a variator that supports up to 8 speeds, so you can better adapt to the conditions around you.

Three assist modes and 65 km range

there is a lot comfortable Easy to use, since the LED screen that it comes with will show you all the parameters you need to know. the speed you’re going Battery What’s left along with other information.

If you were thinking of getting this impressive electric bike, now is the time to ride it! because at carrefour they dropped their price € 1,399 Now €999, This is an offer that is exclusively available online, but it is free shipping So that you do not have to bear any extra cost. Head over to this link and don’t miss out on this savings opportunity.






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