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cause of sneezing in sleep

cause of sneezing in sleep

to all let us sleep, we somehow “disconnect” from our conscious lives. We know that we are asleep in different stages of sleep, but do we know if we perform other actions? maybe people sleepwalker Being able to get up, and even turn around or turn in bed while any of us are asleep, is something we never do and it will surely surprise you. search now Because of which you cannot sneeze in your sleep.

Why can’t I sneeze in my sleep?

sneezing is automatic or mechanical by our bodies when an irritating substance bothers us, be it dust or pollen, for example, or even if we have a cold. something we do without thinking, or even really, controlling it It’s quite impossible to sneeze when we sleep What is the reason?.

Sure Have you ever slept with a cold? And you may have noticed that although you can collect mucus, you never sneeze The reason this happens is because your brain blocks automatic or reflex responses that happen in your body while you sleep, such as sneezing or coughing (something you can do if you’re just starting to sleep but What you won’t do when you’re in a deep sleep).

If you sneeze or cough heavily, your body will wake up, So you must have experienced those chilly nights in which you can’t sleep in the blink of an eye because apart from the restlessness you get, you also wake up every two to three times coughing and sneezing.

How sneezing is “suspended” while sleeping

As explained by Dr. Po-Chang Hsu, a therapist, consultant and content expert on the Sleeping Ocean website who specializes in sleep, Sneezing is suppressed in our body in two ways Varies depending on the stage of sleep we are in.

  • During NREM sleep: The first phase of sleep which is divided into three phases and which makes your sensory and reflex systems less sensitive so that if you sneeze you will not be able to do so if you have something light. If, for example, there was a gust of wind that brought in pollen and made us sneeze, we would have to be awake to do so.
  • During REM sleep: In this phase we enter a state known as motor atonia in which the body becomes paralyzed while dreaming. So since our muscles cannot work in this phase, we will not be able to sneeze in this phase.

reason for sneezing at night

Although in deep sleep we cannot sneeze, it does not mean that we do not, as we said, we will wake up if we have to sneeze, but what makes us sneeze in the middle of the night?

First the fact that we’re lying Which increases blood flow in the nasal passages. This creates more mucus and thus increases the chances of sneezing.

then the fact that Let’s sleep in a “polluted” environment Caused by allergies, such as dust mites, mold or pet hair.

how to stop sneezing at night

If you have trouble falling asleep because of sneezing, try these tips that can help you avoid them.

  • use air purifier And close the windows so pollen doesn’t get in.
  • Make sure the bed is always clean.ia (wash the sheets once a week) and also try to have a suitable mattress cover to avoid allergens and thus you will avoid coming in contact with those in the mattress.
  • prevent your pet from sleeping with you If you are allergic to their hair.
  • Deep clean the bedroom. The use of a vacuum cleaner would be a great way to prevent the accumulation of particles and allergens in the environment.
  • bathe at night to remove pollen and dust off your skin and for you to rest better.
  • clear nostrils before bedtime
  • Check that the bedroom (and home) is free of mold.

If nothing helps you, you can seek medical advice You may be treated by an allergist or immunologist.

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