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Friday, January 27, 2023

Christina Kirchner, Sentencing: Traffic Case Verdict & Live Minute-by-Minute

Martin Lausto, a hardliner and former economy minister in the first government of Christina Kirchner, referred to the judgment of the justice that condemned the vice president. He wrote via a post on his official Twitter account:For the first time in our history, a justice has ruled against a vice president who still exercises power. CFKs are subject to the law like all citizens and must be held accountable,

Governor of the Province of Buenos Aires, axel kisiloff He also spoke about Christina Kirchner’s six-year prison sentence and lifetime disqualification from holding public office. In a series of tweets from his personal account, he wrote: “Its purpose is to censure and politically disqualify the Vice President of the Republic through a judicial punishment arising in a process beyond innumerable irregularities and violations of fundamental constitutional principles and guarantees.,

He also described the judicial process as “crude” and the “media”. “During this crude judicial process, relevant documentary and expert evidence was deliberately omitted to be analyzed which demonstrated the complete regularity of the investigative actions,” he explained.

political organization evita movementClose to the government of Alberto Fernández and led by Emilio Persico and “Chino” Navarro, “the strongest denial of the shameful verdict handed down by the Federal Court 2 against the Vice President of the Nation”, expressed on social networks and through a statement.

Within hours of the verdict that sentenced Christina Kirchner to 6 years in prison – and disqualified her from holding public office for life, leader of the Excommunicated Workers’ Movement (MTE) and Frente Patria Grande, Juan Grabois highlighted the “courage” of the Vice President and sent a message to “the men of politics”.

“If men in politics had 10% of the eggs of this woman, how different this country would be”Those were the words of Grabois on Twitter.

Punishment against Christina Kirchner was expected in the government, but this did not stop its effect. Although various terminals of the ruling party had already considered the proceedings against him in the framework of the Highway case to be “legal hogwash”, the reading of the judgment by the Federal Oral Court (TOF) 2 strengthened that charge. ,The verdict is shameful. It is legally unforgivable.”expressed a close aide of President Alberto Fernandez.

Fernandez released it tonight via Twitter, about three hours after sentencing: He pointed to the “innocence” of the Vice President and condemned the “persecution” of justice. From Casa Rosada he indicated that the president had spoken to Christina Kirchner by phone before expressing himself on the social network.

FILE – President Alberto Fernandez attends the swearing-in of his new Economy Minister, Silvina Batakis, at the Government Residence in Buenos Aires, Argentina, July 4, 2022. Fernández confirmed on Monday, September 12, 2022, that Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, the defendant in the attempted attack, had indicated him as her next target, although he did not present evidence for his statements. ( Associated Press Photo/Natacha Pisarenko, File)

“An innocent man has been sentenced. Someone who is tried to be stigmatized through the media and persecuted through smug judges who flaunt private jets and luxury mansions for the weekend.”the president wrote, referring to the scandal over the visit of a group of magistrates, officials and businessmen to the south and the leaking of their alleged messages, to which Fernandez dedicated a national channel yesterday.

“The die was cast from the start and it was all a mock trial initiated by a judge who enjoyed a paid visit by Grupo Clarin”.To meet the president, the president continued: “Today I stand with Christina Kirchner and stand in solidarity, knowing she is the victim of absolutely unjustified persecution. I know her innocence.”

They were passing Christina’s speech through speakers mounted on a truck trailer, but D’Elia said he had to return the vehicle and cut off the speech. Thus ended the active demonstration of Expiquetero by Party Miles, one of the few areas concerned with Kirchnerism that decided to take to the streets to support the Vice President. “Today we should have made a new October 17 to free the Homeland, the people and Cristina, hell,” D’Elia lamented at the end of the march. Beyond the presence of self-organized militants, his party was not at odds with other pillars of Peronism or Kirchnerism.

After being sentenced to six years in prison, Vice President Christina Kirchner made a speech via her social networks, titled “Lawfair? Judicial side? Media and parallel states”.

“As we said on December 2, 2019, exactly three years ago, the sentence was written”The Vice President began his speech, “to point against”unspeakable” judge Julian Ercolini, He said that a magistrate who had declared himself incompetent in a work case referred it to the Santa Cruz courts, and that he later accelerated the file during the Cambimos government. something that was recognized by all the higher judicial authorities. “It is clear that the idea was to slander me”Christina Kirchner said.

“I have fully proved throughout the trial that, according to the Constitution, I don’t even have management of the budget laws that are approved by the deputies and senators -Because what is strange is also that it says that I committed the crime through the enactment of laws-, neither in the execution nor in the administration of the budget of the nation works in the province of Santa Cruz”, insisted Cristina, distancing herself from executive decisions during her two terms in office.

,The President of the nation is not responsible for the execution of the budget. After the 1994 constitutional reform, the person in charge is the head of the cabinet., Curiously, he only testified as a witness” in the matter, said Christina Kirchner, although she later clarified that she was not casting a cloak of doubt on her cabinet chiefs, among whom is the current president. alberto fernandez and Minister of Economy, sergio massa,

“During the whole test it was also proved that none of the claims are false! [enfatizó]What prosecutors Luciani and Mole said in their landmark plea were true,” the Vice President argued, adding that prosecutors could not repeat the defense’s arguments.

,This sentence is neither a sentence given by the laws of the constitution, nor by the administrative laws, nor by the penal code., It is a sentence that has its origins in a system that I almost naively spoke of as the law or judicial side. But it is neither the law nor the judicial side: it is a parallel state and a mafia, a judicial mafia”, he warned.

Then, the vice president used the system as an example of the leak of a series of alleged private chats between four judges, the head of prosecutors of Buenos Aires and the city’s minister of justice and security, as well as two directors of Grupo Clarin and . A former intelligence officer, that they may have shared a visit to the mansion of British Joe Lewis overlooking Lago Escondido.

“This is the system that is operating under the pompous and false name of the judiciary,” Christina Kirchner said after finding out the political ties, kinship and cronyism between magistrates, officials and businessmen, who intervened, among other judges and Traveled south with prosecutors. .He is facing in corruption cases.

After this decision became known, which was heard from the sound of trucks belonging to Luis D’Elia’s column, insults and beatings were heard at the fence. Some fences fell and the police present inside the court complex reached the area and erected a barricade.,

When the court announced the acquittal of Cristina Kirchner for illicit intercourse, part of the insurgency celebrated and sang “Cristina Presidente”. After the ruling, Cristina’s speech is broadcast from a truck brought in by D’Elia’s group.

After more than three years of oral and public trial, Tribunal Oral Federal n ° 2 In the road case, Vice President Christina Kirchner was sentenced to six years in prison and special disqualification for life, after she was found guilty of the offense of fraudulent administration to the detriment of the public administration by directing road public works contracts to public transport companies. lazarus badge in Santa Cruz. This is the first conviction in history for a sitting Vice President.,

Prosecutor Diego Luciani asked the judges Andrew Basso, George Gorini and Rodrigo Jimenez Uriburu Apply for a sentence of 12 years in prison to the Vice President and his permanent disqualification from holding public office. Apart from Christina Kirchner, the former planning minister will give her verdict today Widow’s July (with a request to sentence the prosecutor to 10 years in prison); Former Secretary of Public Works Department jose lopez (with the request of the prosecutor to impose a prison sentence of 10 years); former head of national highway directorate Nelson Periotti(with a request from the prosecutor for a sentence of 10 years) and lazarus badge(with a request for the prosecutor to impose a prison sentence of 12 years).

Court Lazaro Baez found guilty as a necessary participant in the offense of fraudulent administration to the detriment of public administration and sentenced to 6 years in prison,

Former Secretary of Public Works Department jose lopez He was sentenced to six years in jail and permanent disqualification from holding public office for the offense of fraudulent administration to the detriment of public administration. former head of national highway directorate Nelson Periotti He was sentenced to six years in prison and disqualification for life for the same offence.

mauricio coloradaThe former head of District No. 23 “Santa Cruz” of the National Highway Administration was sentenced to four years in prison and permanent disqualification for the offense of fraudulent administration to the detriment of the public administration. Raul Osvaldo Daruichwho held the same position, was sentenced to three years in prison and disqualification for life for the same offence.

Raul Guilbeto Pavesiformer owner of The General Administration of Roads of the Province of Santa Cruz was sentenced to four years and six months in prison and permanent disqualification for being responsible for the offense of fraudulent administration to the detriment of the public. jose raul santibanezThose who held the same provincial post received a sentence of four years in prison and permanent disqualification. Juan Carlos Villafane He received five years in jail and permanent disqualification.

After ordering the forfeiture of 84,835 million pesos, the judge walked away without saying a word. He was the first to leave the room which was completely quiet at all times, even when the cameras were off and the zoom was disconnected.

By a majority vote, they resolved to acquit the defendants of the offense of illegal association. De Vido, Fatala and René Jesús Garo were acquitted of all charges.


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