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Christina Kirchner’s trap, Mauricio Macri’s anger and a move that could favor Javier Miley

Christina Kirchner's trap, Mauricio Macri's anger and a move that could favor Javier Miley

At 3:20 p.m. on Wednesday, at the request of their boss, the executors of Christina Kirchner’s political plan in Congress decided bury the possibility of a picture With Mauricio Macri as a field of red circle After two weeks of calls and flirtations between the operatives of prominent leaders of Argentine politics. At that time, unexpectedly, the opposition learned that the Front of All was calling a special session for debate in the Upper House, only 24 hours later, neither more nor less than the formation of a new Supreme Court of 25 members. “Always like this with these guys”Macri said in a telephone conversation with the Dominican Republic. “Better that everything dies before it is born,” replied one of the leaders who spoke with the former president. Opposition hawks puffed up and the more moderates went into hiding.

The realization that Kirchnerism hides a trap behind every maneuver ended at exactly 9:28 p.m. Thursday, when the ruling bloc in the Senate, already heavily advanced with session, let its opposition peers via WhatsApp. who entered sudden change In paragraph 21 of the project. So suddenly they didn’t want to waste time reprinting the text before sending it. It was half an hour before polling.

where it was stated that “the Supreme Court of the nation shall be composed of twenty-five (25) judges and judges”, Someone had crossed the number 25 by hand with a cross and wrote in pen on the upper margin, 15, And, in another section of the original version, where it was stated that the Court could be composed of “15 judges of the same sex”, the same thing was done: the 15th was terminated with a cross and was added, again with a pen, number 8.

The amendments were important for Alberto Veretilnec from Rio Negro, Clara Vega from Rioja and Magdalena Solari Quintana, a missionary, to help the ruling party gain half-assertion of the law. The initiative would, except by a miracle, be halted in the Chamber of Deputies, but it would show the extent to which the Vice President’s personal agenda (actual power outside of the ceremonial power believed to be in the hands of Alberto Fernández was once a five-judge court). A staunch defender of the Congress) can become a public agenda, even if one of its blocks in Congress does not have votes.

Christina, despite the fact that it was her responsibility, did not lead the session. She remained active in her Senate office until she was assured that there was a quorum, but she never set foot on the floor. During that long day he set himself apart to dedicate himself rehearsal of the petition that she was due to appear on Friday at trial for allegedly directing public functions in favor of a Santa Cruz businessman and friend of her husband, Lazaro Baez. Yes, not just for preparation: to rehearse.

Anyone who believes in the immediate action of a former president, which extends so many years between himself and others, may be guilty of being nave. Also rehearse silence and alliteration rhetoric. It has always been like this. As the historical PJ operator, Juan Carlos “El Chueco” Mazón, used to explain: “The difference between Nestor and Cristina is that you call Nestor a cow and he tells you ‘bring me a cow’; you call Christina a cow.” and she tells you to ‘bring me ten folders with information about the cow’. In that curiosity, the panic increased today. The lurking prospect of a prison sentence has left the former president immersed in lengthy preparations.

His team of lawyers and communications monitored the expressions. When the idea of ​​staging was thought, it was also agreed to put it a copy of the constitution on the table, even if his fans on the network may not be able to poke fun at McCree, who conditioned his dialogue for that metaphor last week. Everything, in the end, was going to go more or less according to plan, except a husky guppyWhich caused him to go through an uncomfortable route during the 90-minute presentation.

The two steps, the political and the judicial, were synchronized. Continuous fast twenty four hours. The current Supreme Court is dysfunctional and justice, in general, does not function: it is its members, not it, who have to stand in the dock. Under these pillars rests the reform project of the Supreme Court. And that’s defense strategy: They want to convict him without evidence, for acts of government that are not prosecutable, and, basically, for twelve years of administration success with Kirchers’ seal. He thinks, he says, he says that. The operation is so influential that it involves leaders who once linked it to corruption.

To the pre-established arguments, before the Federal Oral Court 2, he added a complaint: he blamed members of the judiciary and the media for the September 1 attack, when Fernando Sabag Montiel tried to blow his head with two . shot..

The dismal dialogue campaign with the opposition, headed by the Minister of the Interior, Eduardo de Pedro, and campaigned in the shadows by many lesser-known Kirchner leaders and even some members of the Catholic Church – who sent him a personal message to Macri sent, as reported last Sunday bugleMay lead to a new move in Congress by the ruling party. There are more and more Kirchnerists who brazenly talk of the possibility of eliminating open simultaneous and compulsory primaries.

Even the president, who refused to repeal it, considered it an “open” debate in the United States, repeating, almost in imitation, the words Axel Kisilof uttered the day before. was. The governor of Buenos Aires shakes hands. In Salta and Jujuy they have already suspended PASO and other provinces will follow the same path. Kissilof could be the main winner. There is no second round in the province and the opposition should solve its problems through some other mechanism. Not only that: Together for Change Xavier could share votes with the candidate chosen by Miley.

The truth is that, after declaring in his last interview that he would “definitely” run for a second term, Alberto Fernández implicitly enabled an electoral circuit that, if successful, would It can marginalize you long before the competition, If there is nothing in Kirchnerism’s head, it is to support his re-election. The remnants of Albertismo have already exacerbated the risks a president has to manage without the prospect of a second half and through an inflationary crisis.

Kirchnerism founded PASO in 2009, following Kirchner’s defeat against Francisco de Narvaez. He always fed them, as long as it suited him, with a discourse of piety, as a way of promoting party democracy. But in 2015, following the defeat of Daniel Scioli, Christina understood that prisoners were a major contributor to the coexistence of the PRO, UCR and the Citizens Coalition, a way in which they were able to resolve and hold on to their differences. Keys to Balcarce 50 Since then, the leader of the ruling coalition has been torn between opportunities to promote or eliminate competition in his force. “We will do what suits us”One of his most trusted leaders.

Today Front of All has no competing candidates. The same thing leads them to think about closing the PASO to go directly to the October generals. These are the two months in which I can buy time and dream of some kind of correction in the inflation data. But, above all, it can deal a strong blow to its competitors, who need primaries to be able to overcome their increasingly infamous differences in the visiting country. In the opposition, there is talk of doing open internship if needed. But there is no shortage of eerie voices that warn of the potential for breaking down if there is no consensus.

The greatest obstacle to Christianity, as with the reform of the Supreme Court, is transit through the deputies. There are already talks going on. The boss of the opposition block can attest. Discussions continued throughout the week in the hall. In the corridors and in some reserved gatherings in which its heroes hide. In the UCR, for example, they say that Sergio Massa is also sponsoring the abolition together with Cristina. Massa is a central hero because the economy depends on him and because he himself proposes to right the ship in order to sign up for Alberto’s succession.

Disgruntled Peronism legislators created a draft for how the lower house would vote. This report corresponds to the work of a hardline legislator. Of course, everything could change if the project was submitted, but, according to these preliminary data, today there will be 126 votes in favor of the suspension of primaries, 128 against and three uncertainties. The balance was compensated when the representative of Córdoba, who responds to Juan Chiaretti, conveys that he will vote with Kirchnerism.

Two of the undefeated are related to Miley’s party, the Avanza Libertad. Those are the deciding votes that can benefit the strategy. The ruling party waives that it will be convenient for the Economist from an electoral point of view because it can fight equally with the candidates of Together for Change and because it will make more noise between the internal one Horacio Rodriguez Laretta, Patricia Bulrich, Facundo Manes and Gerardo Morales.

“If there’s an argument, what are you planning to do, Miley?”

Honestly, I believe that this is an issue that is only in the interest of politics and has nothing to do with the real problems of the society. This almost sounds like an obscene and offensive discussion to me. It is up to you not to discuss it with me, but with the breed. As far as I’m concerned, I play by the rules that have to be followed…

The coin dances in the air.

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