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Clotilde Vazquez: “Hormonal replacement therapy can reduce menopausal diseases by up to 30%”

Elisa Albacete

  • As Head of Endocrinology at the Jiménez Díaz Foundation in Madrid, Vazquez has treated hundreds of women at this stage

  • “Estrogens are essential for life, for the cardiovascular system and also for the central nervous system”

  • A study has just shown that the risk-benefit of using this type of therapy is favorable for women’s health.

Dr. Clotilde Vazquez is delighted. This was just published in the medical journal the Lancet An important study on the use of hormones In menopause that proves her right once again. takes years Advocating for these replacement therapies to improve women’s health and quality of life And that’s why it celebrates every report that shows that, if there is no evidence to the contrary, The risk-benefit of using them is favorable.

a proof that She checks every day. As head of endocrinology at the Jiménez Diaz Foundation in Madrid, many lost women come to her consultations, referring to the many and varied symptoms caused by menopause. Women who, after testing and checking whether it suits them, Provides them with hormone replacement therapy. But some people get scared thinking that Which can cause breast cancer. Vazquez then has to explain to him that this fear stems from a 2002 US report, the WHI (Women’s Health Initiative) and it has been a long time shown to be biased, that the women in the study had a median age of late (63 years), and that “There is no conclusive evidence that estrogen and progesterone therapy cause cancer. (breasts),” on the contrary. In fact, there is now scientific evidence which displays that with a few exceptions (such as when your uterus has been removed) treat with estrogen prevents its appearance.

considered to be one of The 100 Most Important Doctors in Spain by Specialty According to Forbes magazine, Dr. Vazquez he has already written two books explaining your experiences, studies, and findings about the effects of menopause on women ( climaterio u already obsessed with hormones) It also participates in talks, courses and workshops aimed at demonstrating “Menopause is a risk factor for health” what else can you do must do something to relieve your symptoms.

Q:Menopause is a natural phenomenon that happens to women but despite this it seems we are still not clear what it means.

R. We all have the concept that This is the moment in which a person stops being fertile. So we include everything in which the ovary stops producing oocytes. Toor more, We have not hypothesized that the ovary is a gland that is used for that, and to secrete two hormones (progesterone and, above all, 17 beta estradiol). These are necessary for our body to remain healthy. Now that life expectancy is longer, it is important not to ignore it as it can trick us. We need those hormones to stay healthy.

Question. However, as you say, it is generally not considered the beginning of menopause. Generally, it is not considered as a health problem.

R. When the woman’s life expectancy was over 60, nothing happened Now it isn’t. medicine has to realize that there hHormonal production in a gland has a problem And that it must be restored, because if not, then health problems arise. Some are very intense in the beginning, causing a sudden stop, but others last a lifetime. To ignore it is to condemn a woman Having premature osteoporosis, being able to have a heart attack, having high cholesterol, gaining weight with everything necessary for health, high blood pressure, diabetes.

Q. The truth is that menopause is usually thought of as just hot flashes.

A. Menopause is not hot flashes. This is also very important, because they can be a risk factor if they do not let us sleep, but many gynecologists focus only on treating hot flashes and it is not just that. The hormones produced by the ovaries are not just for reproduction, They are there for the brain to function, for the collagen in the bones to function, for loved ones blood vessels Stay healthy, so that our liver remains healthy and does not start producing cholesterol like crazy. Estrogens are essential for life, For the cardiovascular system and also for the central nervous system.

Q. What other symptoms can a woman have due to the lack of hormones you are talking about?

R. The most common onset is hot flashes and some women have a headache. In addition, insomnia occurs. Some women feel more irritability, others it is depression. We are very dependent on estrogen in the hippocampal region, that is, with everything related to mood. Those are the first symptoms. At the same time, other organs and systems begin to decline. begins to be there joint pain, Because collagen has a lot of estrogen receptor. Many women refer His hand is hurt, Stiffness in the joints, lack of flexibility in the muscles, tendons, some women suffer from fibromyalgia (Dgeneralized odor and profound tiredness). Too hair fall And you may suffer from alopecia due to lack of hormones. Sometimes it is lost and sometimes it falls off, especially in women who have an overproduction in the adrenal glands. If you no longer produce estrogen or progesterone but continue to produce androgens in the adrenals, there is more hair loss in the male areas. Another effect is a lack of libido, a dryness of the vagina which is essential for a woman’s sex life. Afterwards you a. can also make Hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, sugar. These are effects that compromise short-term health. And we can’t forget that heart attacks are the leading cause of death for women after menopause.

Menopause is a health problem and you have to take it seriously

P. But despite so many dangerous symptoms associated with menopause, there are still doctors who do not give them importance, or do not consider them important enough to give them hormonal treatment.

R. Fortunately, there have recently been similar medical publications in The Lancet showing that women You have to restore the hormones that are shutting down. but not disclosed enough, It’s true that there are still gynecologists who don’t treat menopause properly, but they have such a large area to cover that they probably leave this part aside, so I guess it’s okay. should be done from is about hormones, so it’s endocrinological and Those of us who work with hormones must treat it, If we treat transsexuals, why not treat menopausal women?

The study that Dr Vazquez is talking about defends that hormone therapy can be usedTo improve metabolism and heart health. And in young post-menopausal women (under 60), when it is started early, it has been found that Estrogen consistently reduces mortality.

A. The significance of the new study is that it comes back to refute the WHI report. This 2002 report, which has done so much damage, looked at older women. If you go 10-15 years without estrogen, the receptors disappear. Only the breast remains, and if you hormone, all the estrogen goes into the breast. So the cases escalated and yet, The incidence was low. In women aged 50 to 55, not only the incidence andit reduces mortality For other reasons, according to this study, the mortality rate is reduced by 30% and that is a lot. That is hormone replacement therapy Can reduce the presence of diabetes, heart disease and death by up to 30% Between 50-59 years in postmenopausal women.

P. We must lose the fear of taking hormones to deal with the symptoms of menopause.

R. This is a hormonal replacement, which is not the same as taking hormones. There is no medicine that is so useful. If there is no contraindication, then menopause should be treated. If you have hypothyroidism, does anyone wonder if you treat it? Well, same here. With the scientific data we have today, if there are no differences, how emphatically I say this Hormone replacement therapy is effective. The diabetic patient takes insulin, which is also a hormone, and no one questions it. Let’s overcome the fear of hormones

P. Is it necessary to act quickly?

R. ideal work to do in the first five years Because then the receivers are lost and then even if you give it, its effectiveness is not as much as it was in the beginning. It is necessary to take prompt action to prevent disability from reaching, Diabetes appears, that you decalcify, that vertebral fractures occur. Many people over the age of eighty become knee, hip, femoral disabilities, some women lose up to 10 centimeters, others end up in wheelchairs., This should be avoided.

R. It can and should do. The ovary is a gland like the thyroid and functions not only for fertility. It has other functions and we cannot live without it. Now that life expectancy has increasedoh take it seriouslyIf it was only for a few years, that’s fine, but women go down 13 steps in their health and many things are in jeopardy. Menopause is a matter of health and cOmo health should be taken seriously.

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