Cuban mother dies of alleged medical negligence after miscarrying twins

A Cuban mother has condemned the death of her 22-year-old daughter due to alleged medical negligence at a hospital in Holguin province after a miscarriage of twins.

She explains in a Facebook post that young Giddis Maris Castellano Milanes had a miscarriage of twins, but was treated poorly by medical personnel from bleeding and died several days later.

“With bleeding, she reached the doctors at 11 am. They cleaned her at night and discharged her at 8 am on Tuesday with fever and headache. We took her back to Mir Polyclinic on Wednesday, 24th. They checked the hemoglobin analyzed and found her at 7. They took her to Holguin Hospital and sent her to a caesarean ward and she sought help because she had pain and fever,” said the mother.

He confirms that his daughter was so weak that she defecated and despite the fact that she asked for help the doctors ignored him, She was supported only by the other women who were hospitalized in the room.

facebook post

At dawn on 24 May, she contracted a fever and underwent a hysterectomy, but the young woman died the following day.

The woman said, “When my daughter came out of the room on May 25, she was already dead.”

He insists that he only wants justice, and says that he has testimony from the women who were in the room. His daughter left behind two children, a six-year-old and a one-year-old and three-month-old “due to the poor work of the doctors, who take care of only one patient”.with gifts (…) or pay back,” he said.

Recently, the case of a woman was also reported on the network, who was kept inside for six months by the doctors. after cesarean section,

Since she had her son, in October 2021, the young woman started having severe pain, but it wasn’t until six months later that doctors operated on her urgently and found a foreign body. However, his body had deteriorated during that time, and his intestines had been perforated in three areas.

A year and a half after the cesarean section, the woman continues to suffer excruciating pain and the indifference of the Cuban health system, which does nothing more than “play around” with her without medicines or resources, the family confirmed.

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