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Dangerous drug boom for sex parties in Argentina

Dangerous drug boom for sex parties in Argentina

Last week, a man from Buenos Aires aboard flight number UX 041 operated by the company landed in Eziza Air Europa. Customs scanned their bags, a rigorous process. they found him 12 bottles of Popper’s, a liquid zest from the nitrite chemical family Which is usually inhaled for a mighty high during sexual encounters. The substance was seized in the process in charge of the Economic Criminal Court No. 8 of Gustavo Mirovich. The man was not arrested, but was subject to a criminal investigation.

This wasn’t the only discovery so far this month. at the end of August, L., a 63-year-old man, businessmanThe chairman was according to the official gazette of a firm dedicated in the papers for animal husbandry and egg production Also detained by customs in the primary customs area of ​​Iziza airport, after returning from New York on an American Airlines flight. After scanning your checked baggage, They found that there were 40 bottle poppers in his suitcase.,

The substance is part of the historical menu of synthetic drugs in the country, often seen in the first menus of dealers in the area and in polytoxic consumption in the late 90s and early century. Today, it has been adopted by a new generation of consumers in various sectors, with young people accepting of buying it in their early 20s even though This can cause serious harm to their organisms, “They charge you something very expensive or they give it to you for free,” says one frequent consumer: “There’s no middle ground.” If it is achieved, it is because it is brought.

As per the official data received through this medium so far this year, Customs seized 289 bottles. In 2021, another 390 were confiscated, up from around 223 in 2020. The trend is clearly increasing. The popper not only travels hidden in the clothes of passengers’ bags but is also found in parcels sent by door-to-door system.

However, it is different from other generic synthetic drugs entering the country in the same way. To begin with, globally, It’s the easiest to get.

It is sold under the pretense of being a leather cleaner in small bottles of 15 to 24 ml, in almost professional presentations with screw caps and printed logos, with pseudo-brands already established over time and recognized among consumers. go Emil, Jungle Juice Platinum, Rush or Inner Flame, several manufactured by the mysterious locker room firm in Canada, a kind of myth among consumers. It can be bought in sex shops or directly on internet sites like Euro Poppers, Venta Poppers and other names that leave nothing to the imagination. These can cost between $15 or ten euros per jar.

Jungle Juice Platinum Sale Details on Site euro poppers Particularly curious:

“This Popper”, which costs 9.40 euros, “contains” Various fragrances that enhance the effect And thus the feelings of bliss. Manufactured by the world’s most renowned vasodilator brand, Jungle Juice Platinum has long been a benchmark product. This is a guarantee of high quality. buy it at the best prices on the web on our pageIt also offers free shipping on purchases over €39 with one-week guaranteed delivery anywhere in mainland Spain.

For example, poppers are illegal in Spain. However, there is a type of site Disclaimer. “Today, there really is no law that pronounces on this” validity of poppers clearly. It is known that what is condemned and punished is the use of nitrites, which are the composition of poppers, and within which we find amyl butyl nitriteThe propyl nitriteThe pentyl nitrite And this hexyl nitrite, These are nitrite alkyl derivatives and as we saw earlier, they can be used in a variety of ways, ranging from medicine to everyday use.

“Indeed, from what we can conclude, the law has a purpose” use restriction It is given, not the product in that form. That is why, as you have certainly seen, that each Bate the popper indicates a different use: leather cleaner, room perfume, liquid incense, among others; as well as warning don’t breathe, Since its sale and consumption is not restricted in all countries, it is one of the ways to “betray” the law and make them a legal meaning”He continues, with brutal honesty.

place organpills, a landmark Argentine forum where anonymous users of synthetic drugs compare experiences and warn about conditions in the market, has watched with enthusiasm its conversations on the use of poppers in recent months. Some, more experienced, laughed at the substance’s withdrawal, others asked about their first time in the context of a disco party rather than a sex party.

,A deep breath and I’m on Broadway. And not because my head is bursting”In April this year, one said, Natya. “Two in a row, one for each pit and I’m going to Neptune,” said another, celestial. The stories of adverse effects multiply manifold. “My mind was boiling” is a common remark, with possible fainting and extreme unpleasant sensations, well beyond the risk of overdose.

The Spanish Ministry of Health has noted adverse effects such as flushing of the face and neck, headache, nausea, vomiting, increased heart rate and hypotension.

“Poppers create tolerance which, together with their short duration of effect, With a high risk of intoxication in overdose, makes it a dangerous drug”, the official warning continues.

Pooper Smuggling Could Land You in Jail, On February 12, 2021, a 59-year-old lawyer from La Plata was arrested in Eziza for allegedly bringing back his bottles from Spain on a flight to Iberia. He was imprisoned in Marcos Paz Prison. He was kept in prison until November of that year, when a decision of the Economic Criminal Court No. 2 ordered his immediate release.

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