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Dani La Chepee Admits to Having a Weird Phobia: “I Can’t Handle It”

Dani La Chepee Admits to Having a Weird Phobia: "I Can't Handle It"

Dani La Chepé talks about his toilet phobia (Video: “PH, We Can Talk”, Telefe)

Humans can have many types of phobias, but some of them are not at all common. In the latter case, the victim Dani La ChepicWhich surprised me by revealing this Saturday ph, we can talk ,phone,

it all started when Andy Kusnetzoff He carried people with stories in the bathroom to the rendezvous. And the influencer didn’t hesitate to share her experience. “I have a topic…I can’t go to the bathroom and close the door.wherever it may be”, he began, and aroused everyone’s curiosity. Then, he joked: “I can’t explain it, it would be ‘anophobia’.”

,I can not handle it‘I’ll take a shower in two seconds with my eyes open, I’m going to pee with the door open and, if I have another one with me in time, all the better,’ he continued, without believing anyone what he’d do. He has just reported. However he clarified: “But not inside the bathroom. It’s not like I’m asking for your hand. However if it’s my partner, come in.”

Dani La Chepé is shocked to admit her strange phobia (Capture: Telefe)

At the same time, the driver asked him to perform luciano casares, Which added to the fun of the slogan. Already in full role, former host of swan game, he explained, “To deal with the fear of the toilet and the whole situation, I start talking. And he, for example, is watching TV, and I say to him: “Are you coming?”. He has to stand outside the door, lean out and talk to me. That’s why it happens to me.” to distrust piya slapkaLa Chepy said: “I’m not asking you to clean me up, I’m asking you to come with me.”

In this context, Kusnetzoff inquired about the origins of her strange phobias and explained more deeply: “I don’t know what happened as a girl, I have a childhood that I blocked at one point. But I remember, I really like horror movies, that one very old, bloodthirsty 70’s from Luther’s time, where the girl was sitting on the toilet and there was a snake that got into it. Those are things you don’t need to see, so I’m very careful about what my daughter sees. “Not that I think there is a snake, because I already know there isn’t, but something might be there. I never take away the possibility that something might appear”, he laughed. Closed.

In another segment of the program, and in an already more serious tone, the Instagrammer also spoke about how she managed to overcome alcoholism. “before being is one (His daughter) I went into alcohol like crazy, and that was my salvation. I was able to get out by doing therapy with psychiatrists and with medication. I’ve had a terrible time and when I look at myself in the mirror… I’ve come to peel myself what it was Natalie Portman“, revealed.

Dani La Chepi Called Luciano Cáceres.  Demonstrated His Phobia With
Dani La Chepi called Luciano Cáceres. demonstrated his phobia with

In mid-March, Chepy said he had an emergency operation for kidney stones, and weeks later he suffered the death of his father, Alberto, In the midst of the bereavement, she underwent other routine tests and ended up in the operating room again for a breast abnormality. Then, in July, he gave an interview show partnerWhere he explained in detail about his health related problems. “It was a busy year, I started with everything, if I have anything, I have everything together: separation, the imminent and inevitable death of my father, who spent ten years having a bad time, giving him more The whole family, but mainly him,” he said. , referring to the ischemic stroke that left his father stable, and with brakes Javier CordonWho was his partner for two and a half years.

“Then my kidney got stuck, which we thought was intestines, because I have two blockages in the intestines and it’s pain like labor, which is similar to a puncture of the intestines, but it was a stone that was blocking my urethra,” he Explained. And he continued: “They had to put a catheter in me, and there I said: ‘Okay, that’s it’, and I went to have a control mammogram that my gynecologist sent me, all of a sudden they You ask for one more and suddenly a direct operation and you say: ‘Okay, we’re going to calm down'”.

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