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Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Does drinking water at meals help you lose weight? This is what science says

Water plays a fundamental role as an essential nutrient in our body. For life is essential. And this is because it can take care of all the cellular chemical reactions, nutrients, cells, hormones, enzymes and proteins, as well as substances from the blood and excreta.

In this sense, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) recommends the amount of water for women in 2 liters of water per day. Although the fact is that in Spain we drink an average of 1.6 liters a day. A big mistake if what we want to achieve is a healthy diet, both at lunch and outside.

But, what if you say that you believe that water is harmful in food, and not drinking in them to lose weight without a diet? We are talking about ‘popular wisdom’ which has resonated in many media in recent years and which is famously referred to Italian myths. We explain everything about this idea and its supposed benefits.

The origins of this theory

The Japanese stand out, apart from their particular behavior and culture, because of their style. But these two things are united by this system. And it happened that in Japan these customs and the organization of life have a great influence in the ways of eating and taking care of oneself.

One of the most noteworthy customs is that, while in the United States and Europe it is customary to serve water at banquets, this is not the custom in Japan. The plan? Japanese culture believes that water prevents their bodies from heating up during meals by extinguishing the digestive fires. Something that, according to his opinion, makes it difficult to digest food, it opposes the pH of the acid of the stomach, and therefore it is more difficult for the body to break down food.

This is one of the main reasons why the Japanese do not usually drink water with their meals, and if they do, it is with hot soup or tea after dinner.

A theory that is also often associated with weight loss. And this is especially true in reduced diets, it is suggested to drink water before meals to increase satiety, and to better control intake during meals. But is this all true?

Is drinking water during recovery harmful?

The fact is that many of these things and opinions fall on their own merits. Evidence of this fact is the research that the dietitian Tamara Duker carried out a few years ago and she explained in The Washington Post. An expert should know that drinking water at parties is not harmful; but the quantity and speed with which it is drunk may be great.

Duker tells the American media about the digestive process and how the food in the mouth is broken down and softened by the enzymes of the saliva. These foods then pass through the esophagus into the stomach.

There, the gastric juice is responsible for breaking down the food and passing this mixture to the small intestine with bile acids and enzymes. The stage in which 75% of nutrient absorption takes place, and unabsorbed material is excreted into the large intestine.

In this process, the expert emphasizes that gastric juice cannot be diluted, since it is absorbed very quickly in the stomach. That is, any temporal dilution would be possible. Also, the work of the enzyme is not hindered by water: they stick to the food regardless of the presence of water.

Burp, that doesn’t even change. And it is that, although some food or drink slightly reduces the acid environment of the stomach, this organ responds by producing as much acid as is necessary for proper digestion.

Does drinking water during meals help you lose weight?

Therefore, scientific evidence disproves the idea that drinking water at parties is harmful. Taking it before, during or after a meal can also facilitate digestion. Especially when food is taken, water helps soften it, making it easier to suppress the appetite. But not only that: it also helps the excretion of insatiable food, avoiding constipation.

If it does not help to lose weight or not, we can consider that water consumed before a meal can bring about the effect of temporary satiety, which is useful to avoid napping between meals or eating more than necessary and thus facilitates health. attraction

But we must not forget that this effect is only momentary and must always be combined with a complete and healthy diet, daily exercise and an active lifestyle.

But how to consume that water, experts advise to do it calmly and without drinking too quickly. In this way we cannot explain the feeling of stomach discomfort and swelling.

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