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Dolphins add another run to the COVID list

As the Miami Dolphins return from farewell this week to prepare for their home game against the New York Jets next Sunday, the team’s hasty attack could face a tailback shortage.

Leading dolphin runner Miles Gaskin was added to the COVID-19 reserve list on Friday after a positive test for the coronavirus. And on Saturday, his college teammate and close friend in Washington, DC, Salwan Ahmad, also passed a positive test and was listed.

As both back players have been vaccinated, they could be removed from the COVID-19 list before their home game against the New York Jets next Sunday.

According to league rules, a vaccinated player must return two negative tests at intervals of more than 24 hours to be reactivated after a positive result. However, at this time, dolphins should be more concerned about the spread of the virus in the dressing room.

Gaskin and Ahmad were the first dolphins to be listed on COVID since Sept. 6, when Adam Shahin and striker Austin Jackson tested positive before the game against the New England Patriots.

Leading the team in a hurry with 154 526 yards, Gaskin scored the most goals in the team with seven (three in a hurry and four receivers). He also has 45 hunts for 217 yards.

Ahmad finished second in the team, scoring 149 yards on hasty attempts (54). He also made 12 passes for 117 yards.

The dolphins, who averaged 3.3 yards per game, have their place after Patrick Laird was placed on the injured bench.

However, Malcolm Brown, who played in the starting lineup earlier this season, could return from a knee injury that forced him to put him on the injured bench in October. With 125 yards and 33 shots on target, Brown has been training with coaches for the past two weeks and seems ready to return to training.

The Dolphins also recently bought former Pro Bowl player Phillip Lindsey, who was stripped of privileges in late November. Lindsey has averaged 2,722 yards in 596 loads and 20 touchdowns in her four NFL seasons. He missed last Sunday’s win over the New York Giants due to an ankle injury.

The Dolphins also include former Hurricane star Duke Johnson and former Cincinnati Bengals star Gerrid Doaks in the training group. One of them can rise and prepare to play against the Jets.

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