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Monday, March 27, 2023

Don’t let your bitcoin or cryptocurrency get stolen: 7 important security tips

if you invest Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, apply the following crypto security tips to ensure that you use all the best practices to keep your investments safe.

One of the most important considerations in the security of bitcoin and other cryptocurrency Has good online security in general.

use good password

The first rule of thumb in general Internet security is to have a good password. should be long, complex, and difficult to predict, The more time you spend generating them, the better.

keep a password manager

Most password managers provide an option to generate random passwords that are complete baseless talk, If you have a good password manager and can make sure you remember one password to unlock the manager, you won’t have to worry about what your other passwords are.

If you feel the need to make one remember passwordOptions for long passwords include chained words with connectors in between, for example:

river$plate&you%grateful*[email protected]

Most password managers provide an option to generate random keys that are obscure.

Other options for storing passwords include keeping them in a fire proof safe that only you have access to. This might be a good place to keep your password manager’s password.

Make sure you do not reuse the same password on multiple sites. If someone is compromised and your username is just your email or something generic, like the first letter of your last name, a hacker You can easily review the list and access your information on other websites, including credit cards and physical and virtual personal addresses. This leads to the next point…

we recommend you Do not store your password in the browser, such as allowing Google Chrome to remember your password. If someone gains access to your device, your passwords will be easily accessible. Keeping your passwords in one place (password manager) is more secure.

While this may not make things easier, it is recommended Don’t store your credit card information on websites, If the website is compromised, hackers can gain access. Also, never enter your credit card information on a website that isn’t encrypted, in other words, that doesn’t start with https.

If you want to be very careful with credit cards as well as other highly sensitive information, some will advise you to turn off listening devices, such as Alexa o Echo o Google Home, or if you doubt it, anything that has the Facebook app installed. This will add an extra layer of security.

All things considered, however, there’s one basic consideration that can’t be overlooked: If you choose to use one, make sure you Log out of your Password Manager each time you end up using it.

A Secure Password Protection May Be An Option.

A secure password protection may be an option.

as well lock your computer or mobile phone, especially if you work in the public sector. Security tools only work when they are implemented correctly.

Enable two-factor security (2FA)

Another important consideration is anywhere you can enable two-factor authentication, especially E-mail And anything related to finance. The most secure apps and websites use 2FA to make sure you are who you say you are.

Maintain Internet Network Security

In regards to having a general security mindset, some other important basics include blocking off your home Internet access with a strong password and enabling one. guest wifi separately.

Also, you should be careful while connecting to WiFi. Most security-conscious cryptocurrency enthusiasts use virtual Private Network (VPN, abbreviated in English).

save your opening sentence

One of the most important considerations in managing your investments in cryptos like bitcoin is correctly storing your seed phrase, also known as recovery phrase,

you twelve word phrases Allows you to recover your investment in bitcoins on any other device. Therefore, it is very important that you store your passphrase properly so that no one else can access it.

Two-Factor Authentication Is Recommended To Protect Your Investment.

Two-factor authentication is recommended to protect your investment.

There are many different strategies related to seed phrase storage. One way to retain your original phrase, although it is not easy, is to memorize it. Additional recommendations include split a sentence of twelve words And store it in several different places, such as several fireproof safes.

would recommend something Involve others in helping you remember the phrase: Ask a trusted close person to handle a part of the phrase and divide it among several people, although others recommend not letting anyone else know part or all of your opening phrase.

Another possible option for your seed phrase is to encrypt it and store it in a password managerOr store parts of it in different password managers.

Conclusion is to take good care of your management seed phrase And remember that you should never give your phrase over the phone, by email, or to anyone who requests it.

crypto wallet security best practices

When it comes to cryptographic storage, there are some basic universal law In which most enthusiasts of crypto currency like bitcoin agree.

First, Don’t keep all or most of your crypto on an exchange, If your crypto is left on an exchange, there is a risk of the exchange getting hacked or going bankrupt.

Although The Media Presents It As A Physical Currency, Bitcoin Is A 100% Digital Asset.

Although the media presents it as a physical currency, bitcoin is a 100% digital asset.

safest place to Storing crypto is a non-custodial wallet, With this you have complete control over your private keys. There are many opinions about which wallet is best, the most secure type of crypto wallet (paper wallet, hardware wallet, hot storage).

one thing’s for sure You Shouldn’t Keep All Your Cryptocurrencies in One Place, especially if you have a considerable amount. That way, if any are compromised, all will not be lost or stolen.

It is recommended to implement multi-factor security (“multisig“). This is the same concept as two-factor authentication. One needs to log out of crypto transactions from multiple devices (computer, mobile phone).

This helps reduce the likelihood of a hacker successfully stealing crypto if they are able to get access Somehow.

Another important factor for anyone in the crypto space is to really know and understand how cryptocurrencies like bitcoin get stolen. cryptographic transactions are irreversible,

Therefore, it is necessary to double-check the wallet address and ensure that no one has access to your private keys. Many cryptocurrencies come from theft well targeted scams With refined bait and switch links.

Bitcoin Is The Most Famous Cryptocurrency In The World.

Bitcoin is the most famous cryptocurrency in the world.

keep your personal information private

You should be aware of the information you provide, whether intentionally or not, especially social media, For example, when signing up for social media, if you say you’re at a specific location, you’re also telling someone you’re not home, making them more likely to burglars .

Many social networking games involve answering Safety Questions (“Enter the street where you grew up and build your first car to find out what type you are”), so the best advice here is to avoid getting involved in all this.

When Download new software or appsMake sure you know where they come from. Ideally, go directly to the application store or to the official website of the company.

sometimes in a question Google will take you to a spammy site about the program or app you’re looking for, which may lead to the installation of malicious code on your device.

Plus, when downloading an app, it’s always good to Verify the permissions requested by, If a simple-purpose app, such as Timer, wants all other apps to access Location, Contacts, and Photos, this could indicate a problem. if you can afford it You must have a separate device for your banking and financial operations To reduce the possibility of compromise.

Generally speaking, it’s a good idea to avoid advertising that you own multiple cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. Even if you’re very vigilant, hackers are getting more sophisticated every day, and Publicly claiming you own cryptocurrency makes you an easy target,

Investing In Bitcoin Can Make Huge Profits.

Investing in bitcoin can make huge profits.


In general, when it comes to cyber security and the protection of your investments in cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, the most important thing is always be alert and diligent, Hackers are becoming more and more sophisticated, especially in the crypto space. There’s always a new scam and no one wants to have a patience zero.

use of Secure Shopping and Storage ToolsIn addition to keeping security in mind and following general good security practices across the board, this is essential for cryptocurrency holders.

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