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Double offense: “They were going around until a Toyota passed them and overtook them”

Double offense: "They were going around until a Toyota passed them and overtook them"

“The white VW Vento he was driving was lost. He made two rounds and as he was coming through Shork before turning into Nicaragua, a Toyota Corolla stopped him. Two men came out and surrounded him. He didn’t give them time for anything. There was also a gray VW goal in play.” A neighbor in the borders of the Laria and Jardin de Fischerton neighborhood put in words how Gaspar Claudio Alejandro Copari, 28, and Juan Pablo Martínez, 40, on Friday from 5:30 p.m. The first was killed in cold blood. Kopari received four impacts in the cervical region and Martinez five, chest, back, arms and forearms. Two arms cases remained at the scene: nine 9-millimeters and four 11.25 (45) Caliber. The victims’ homes lived in the Santa Rita area of ​​Granadero Bagoria.

It was the 14th crime in the Rosario department so far this year with more than one victim and the stamp of the Mafia. Three of them were triple crimes with young children among the victims.

“This neighborhood was quieter for a rest than anywhere in Funes or Roldan. And it’s much closer. But this year we didn’t get out of our amazement. Our triple crime in Colombia was 1300 bis and now it is. But other than that, It’s a very quiet neighborhood. But very quiet,” explained a neighbor with a residence of 18 years, a few meters from the spot where Gaspar Copari and Juan Pablo Martínez were shot at 5:30 p.m. on Friday Went. The neighbor in his mention referred to the triple murder of Marcos Caminos, 28, his son Ciro, 1 and Michaela Bravo, which took place on the night of Saturday, April 23 in Colombia at 1300 bis inside an Audi car Family A4.

Another resident of the area said, “What happens is that keeping quiet with very few people passing by, there are people who want to meet in this area if they want to do some transaction or do some half-ghost transactions.” Edgardo Schork is the name that 1474 carried until December 2005. It is a cut that runs parallel to Schweitzer from 1435 (parallel to the United Provinces) to Nicaragua in the west and the backyard of the La Virginia plant. Although some tend to stick to the neighborhood set in the works—Fisherton East Gardens—the neighborhood falls under the general Laria neighborhood.

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The area is full of working middle class houses with the presence of rest houses. An ideal place to relax. Suitable place for meeting away from prying eyes or trance. A point in an outlying neighborhood where getting lost in a car, little soldiers walking around without much understanding, could end in death.

And a detail that is becoming increasingly common in journalistic coverage of the killings in the city. When the neighbor sees the press or the police or judicial investigators, he avoids them. Or failing that, he states what is appropriate and necessary about what he saw or told. Nobody wants to get in trouble. It’s not for lack of commitment or for “bad vibes.” This is because they are afraid to buy a problem. An omerta—Sicilian law of silence—but Rosario style.

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The Vw Vento, In Which The Victims Were Driving, Received Half A Dozen Impacts.

The VW Vento, in which the victims were driving, received half a dozen impacts.

the victims

Copari and Martinez share the Santa Rita neighborhood. At least they lived about 800 meters away in houses located in Reneper. Although Martínez was also located in the countryside of the city of Córdoba in Ballesteros, which is about 30 kilometers from Villa María or Bel Ville; However some residents of Santa Rita indicated that he lived with his wife and two daughters in the city of San Lorenzo. “The mother has not been informed yet and we are not there to inform,” was the objection raised by some women from the block where one of the victims of the double crime lived.

The story around Kopri’s house was different. The neighborhood was a mix of fear and paranoia with a sense of alertness. “And who are you to ask?”, asked a young neighbor about 80 meters from Kopari’s house. “Journalist. Do you want to see the credentials?” The answer was. The boy took the credential and said: “You’re not like the one in the photo”, a phrase that buried the dialogue. Then, the young neighbor from afar took care to “control” with whom the journalist was talking. Had been.

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Veteran investigators recalled that it was Copari who transferred the seriously injured Faasundo Contreras to the Eva Perón Hospital from the Formosa de Begoria descent on December 27, 2020, on the night of December 26, 2020. Contreras was a nutrition student and was 25 years old. , His death prompted neighborhood mobilization and re-energized neighbors’ grievances due to a recurrence of criminal episodes in the city. Gaston Ezequiel M., nicknamed “Gastoncito” or “Guachin”, was arrested for his crime in late February 2021, and charged on 26 February as the author of a felony murder and illegal carrying of a weapon. went.

Hours later the house of “Guachin” was shot. He left a note: It said: “You wanted to kill me and you couldn’t and you hit my partner. I know you were fat and Leo, now they’re going to pay for it”. Sources investigating the case acknowledged that the attack that killed Contreras, who was unaware of any conflict, had one of the sons of Daniel “Danny” Godoy, a syndicated narco of Cordon Industrial, as its recipient. There, Kopari worked as an electrician.


Any resident of the Larrea neighborhood who spoke with this newspaper said they had previously passed through the neighborhood a white VW Vento, Domaine LCV 223, with Copari and Martinez driving. The car was not registered for any of the victims. He was based in the Buenos Aires city of Campana and had no problem getting around. The car turned a couple of times, as if looking for an address. The last of those turns found him turning from Mexico Street through the Shore Way. And about 30 meters from the crossing with Nicaragua at 1300 bis, his days came to an end.

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Crime Scene From Another Angle.

Crime scene from another angle.

Some neighbors indicated that it was a gray corolla that bit them and at least two shooters came out and killed them. Other residents reassured this mid-Saturday morning that a gray VW round, in addition to the Corolla, took part in the hunt against the white Vento driving the Kopari. The result remained the same. The white Vento was stuck in the middle of Shork Alley, a few meters from Nicaragua. That, or the cars involved in the trap, turned to Sorrento via Nicaragua and got lost. A neighbor indicated that the Gray Corolla is a car often seen in the neighborhood.

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Copari and Martinez had nothing. Death fell on him like a blast of lead. A neighbor indicated that he tried to run upside down, but that maneuver did not work for him. Kopari got four in the cervical region and Martinez five in the chest, back, arms and forearms. Half a dozen collisions remained in the car. Five on the drivers side hood. The rest at the rear passenger window. Nine 9-millimetre and four 11.25 (45) caliber were scattered along the sides of the vehicle, highlighted with improvised circles with fragments of brick.

While bodies remained glued to the seats of the Vento, Santa Fe’s secretary of public security, Claudio Brilloni, was parading through the place, and prosecutor Gisela Paolicelli worked on the scene. The prosecutor hired members of the Criminal Investigation Agency (AIC), who interviewed potential witnesses and surveyed the surrounding public and private cameras. The closest public camera is Juan B. Located on Justo and Circunavalacion, about 800 meters from the scene of the double crime. Both those killed had judicial remarks that have nothing to do with the brutality with which they were murdered.

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