Doubt has grown in the US with the electric car


Manufacturers such as General Motors, Tesla or Mercedes have already turned on the alarm light about the slowdown of the electric vehicle market in the United States. Others, GM, will reduce production of this type of car. Others, Tesla, admitted that economic concerns will lead to a decrease in sales. And the latest, Mercedes, will lower the price of zero-emission cars.

Depending on which part of the planet you talk, read or live, you will see that the production and sale of electric cars continues from strength to strength and, to some, it is the Apocalypse. In this second option are the managers of American car companies, who have raised the alarm about the low growth rate of the electrified mobility market.

According to our partners at Business Insider Spain, many company leaders in the United States are skeptical about the viability of these vehicles, which puts their investment in electrification strategies at risk.

From General Motors, its CEO Mary Barra, expressed a few days ago his concern about the sales situation of this type of car. “As we move towards the transition to electric vehicles, the situation becomes more complicated” he declared.

Barra should see it cloudy because this executive is one of the CEOs most supportive of the viability of electric cars. In fact, his company was one of the first in the United States to enter the electric car market. In that country it is marketed the Chevrolet Bolt for seven years.

but General Motors put the handbrake on the conference’s third quarter results. This company reports its quarterly results which It has dropped its goal of producing 100,000 electric vehicles in the second half of this year and another 400,000 in the first half of 2024. The Detroit house no longer puts a date on the numbers.

The change of direction made by GM got the industry on the wrong foot, but the American company is not the only one with a new vision of the future of electric vehicles.

Tesla, leader in the electric vehicle sector, and its owner, Elon Musk, also shouted to the sky after the presentation of the company’s results. The South African tycoon acknowledged that economic concerns will lead to a decline in demand for vehicles.

Mercedes has also expressed its fear of how the zero-emission car industry will work, as shown by the fact that it lowered the price of electric cars to have a positive effect on its customers.

“We are in a brutal scenario,” recognized financial director Harald Wilhelm at a recent conference of analysts. “I find it hard to imagine that the current status quo is completely sustainable for everyone.”


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