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Dwayne Johnson slams Vin Diesel’s offer for ‘Fast & Furious’ final: ‘His manipulation’

Dwayne Johnson has a response to Vin Diesel’s request to appear on screen again for the final “Fast & Furious” film.

In an interview with CNN published on Wednesday, the “Jungle Cruise” star, 49, was asked about an open Instagram letter directed to him from Diesel, in which 54-year-old Kajol Johnson asked to rejoin the franchise for Part 1. asked for The finale is due in 2023.

There was well-documented tension between the two actors when making 2017’s “The Fate of the Furious,” and it deprived fans of Johnson’s Luke Hobbes from the main franchise.

“I was very surprised by Vin’s recent post,” Johnson told CNN. “Last June, when Vin and I weren’t really connected on social media, I told him directly – and in private – that I would not be returning to the franchise. I was firm with my words, yet I said I would always Will be supportive of the cast and always root for the franchise to succeed, but I had no chance of returning.”

Dwayne Johnson Is Responding To 'Vin Diesel' Request That He Be The Last &Quot;Fast & Furious&Quot;  Movies.

Dwayne Johnson is responding to Vin Diesel’s request to appear on screen again for the final “Fast & Furious” film.

But Johnson said Diesel’s November post is “an example of his manipulation.”

“I didn’t like that he brought his kids to the post, plus the death of Paul Walker,” Johnson continued. “Let them be out of it. We talked about this months ago and came to a clear understanding. My goal was to end my amazing journey with this incredible ‘Fast & Furious’ franchise with gratitude and grace.”

Although Johnson said it is “unfortunate that this public discourse has turned the waters,” he is still confident in its ability to deliver consistently in the “Fast’ universe and for audiences.”

“I really wish my former co-stars and crew members all the best and success in the next chapter,” he added.

Johnson joined the “Fast and Furious” franchise as Agent Hobbs in 2011’s “Fast Five”, which was released 10 years after the first installment in the Diesel-led franchise as Dom Toretto.

“As you know, my kids refer to you in my house as Uncle Dwayne,” Diesel wrote in his November social media post. “There is no holiday after which they and you don’t send greetings.”

Diesel also wrote that he planned to fulfill his promise to the late Paul Walker (whom he referred to as “Pablo”) to end the true franchise.

Diesel wrote, “I swore we would get to the finals and fast the best which is 10! I say it with love… but you gotta show.” “Don’t leave the franchise unattended, you have a very important role to play. No one else can play Hobbs. I hope you rise to the occasion and fulfill your destiny.”

‘The time has come’: Vin Diesel asks Dwayne Johnson to join ‘Furious 10’, end franchise feud

Diesel and Johnson’s feud began in the final weeks of the filming of 2017’s “The Fate of the Furious,” when The Rock reprimanded the unnamed male co-stars in a now-deleted post on Facebook. Johnson then wrote, “Some conduct themselves as stand up men and true professionals, while others do not.” “When you look at this movie next April and it’s like I’m not acting in some of these scenes and my blood boils – you’re right.”

At the time, Diesel told fans on Instagram: “I’ll tell you everything, everything.”

But as soon as the action film hit the screens, Diesel tried to defuse the situation.

“I don’t think the world really knows how close we are, in a weird way,” Diesel told USA Today about his relationship with Johnson in 2017. “I think some things may be out of proportion.”

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Nonetheless, Johnson turned to the spin-off franchise “Hobbs & Shaw” with Jason Statham.

In June, the feud resumed when producer Diesel said in an interview with Men’s Health that “tough love” was at the root of his feud with Johnson, suggesting that tensions were heightened to help with his performance. Was.

“We had to go out there and sometimes, at that point, I could give too much love,” Diesel explained. “Not a Felinisque, but I would do anything to get performance in what I’m producing.”

While promoting “Jungle Cruise,” Johnson told USA Today that Diesel’s response was “very Fellini-esque.”

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Contribution: Brian Alexander

This article was originally published in USA Today: Dwayne Johnson denounces Vin Diesel’s invitation to return to ‘Fast and Furious’

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