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Thursday, September 29, 2022

EcoFlow Portable Power Station For Home Security

The company that creates innovative power solutions shares how its power stations work and the biggest benefits they offer.

An EcoFlow power station can be an emergency power source (EPS), a source that will function similarly to a UPS for most electronic equipment, for example, the EcoFlow Delta model has a Power Level UPS feature. input, which means they can be used as a backup with a laptop or home computer. If the computer is connected to the delta station while it is connected to mains power, it will automatically switch from transfer mode to battery mode in the event of a mains loss. The transition time is about 50 ms.

But how do EcoFlow portable power stations work?

Portable generators operate from electricity either by solar power or by alternating current. One feature that makes them even more innovative is that they are practical enough to take anywhere.

Generators connected to portable solar panels, wall outlets or car chargers deliver electricity through energy absorption. In the case of solar panels, this electricity generated by the photovoltaic plate is found in the form of direct current, which cannot be used in common household appliances or equipment. The solar generator is responsible for converting this direct current into alternating current, in addition, it is able to store the generated energy if it is not used at the moment, a functionality that allows saving this energy for future use. allows.

Technical advantages of portable power stations

DELTA and RIVER, the exclusive EcoFlow solution, have features that set them apart from other portable solar generators.

  • They allow connection with multiple portable solar panels of different power to accelerate energy absorption.
  • They store energy for future use and augment the storage of portable solar generators with additional batteries.
  • They feature EcoFlow’s patented X-Stream and X-Boost technology for faster charging and expanding power output, respectively, on many of their generators.
  • They allow to control the energy usage of connected devices and the user can be informed about the status of the generator system through their application for iOS and Android.
  • They have multiple AC, DC, USB and USB-C outlets to take advantage of their energy with any type of appliance or appliance, regardless of the type of plug or current it requires to function.

Contribution of EcoFlow Power Backup System

electrified fence

One of the options is to use portable stations for electrified fencing. An electric fence, also called an electrified fence, can be powered by solar panels. The operation of electrified fences is not complicated at all. Well, it is powered by an energizer that supplies a voltage of 220 volts, with a current that is not lethal. When an animal or person contacts the fence, it becomes easier for the circuit to connect to the ground, causing an electrical effect on the person who touches it.

Instead of connecting the Energizer to a traditional outlet, it connects to solar panels and even a portable solar battery. EcoFlow offers several solar panel and battery options that create a more intuitive and user-friendly experience in the world of electric fencing.

In the absence of sunlight for the solar panel to absorb and generate energy, you can rely on a battery like the DELTA Portable Solar Battery that offers the practicality of connecting to another similar battery when you need even more energy. provides.

home without access to the electricity grid

From powering hair dryers to clothes dryers, the applications that backup power systems have are plentiful. Besides the fact that it can power a variety of tools and equipment, it is also worth noting that it operates from renewable energy, is portable and lightweight, and does not generate pollution that would harm nature or the environment. could.

In a home without electricity, portable solar power stations are the most useful and convenient to use, requiring no experts to install or use. They are designed in such a way that one can use it anywhere and anytime.

Since the direct current generated by solar panels is not yet suitable for use, it is necessary to convert it to alternating current. This inverter system is housed within an EcoFlow portable solar generator. Within this generator, the unused energy is stored so that it cannot be wasted and it can be made available for use when desired.

For example, the Delta Mini has the capacity to input up to 300W, can be combined with 3 110W EcoFlow solar panels, where it recharges for 5 to 10 hours with two solar panels and 3.3 to 6.6 hours with three. Is. Ideal for powering a furnace or a table saw. Capable of powering up to 9 devices via AC and DC outlets, USB and USB-C.

EcoFlow has built up an extensive distribution network in more than 80 countries and territories around the world, including 13 countries in Latin America.

To purchase stations with solar panels, the company has authorized distributors throughout the region, from Mexico to Argentina. EcoFlow offers a guarantee for its products between 12 and 36 months, depending on the usage and care given.

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