Monday, June 5, 2023

Emotional and heartfelt farewell to Carlos Ruiz

“I don’t know if I will be able to live up to so much recognition and kind words.” Of course it was. and has always been like this since late June 2013 when I gave her yes i want CD for Tenerife. They have been ten seasons in a row; 285 official matches; 10th player in #historiacdt With as many matches as the blue and white… but above all is the love and respect he has earned from all of Tenerife.

He has been an impeccable professional; first mate; An enthusiastic and committed athlete. A Bastettano from the cradle, who made his dream of being a professional player come true. and above all to live a career whose epicenter has been CD Tenerife; Are CD Tenerife: “Had the illusion of someone playing professional football and I managed to lengthen it over time”.

Paulino Rivero, Aitor Sanz (excitement and feeling in abundance), Quique Medina, the coaching staff, his teammates… and many blue and whites who have now been close to Carlos Ruiz from a distance. Thank you very much,

raul camera
“I congratulate Carlos Ruiz on his career. I could play infinitely. I feel privileged to share a life, outfit and family with him. He is a companion that I carry with me for the rest of my life.”

saint confession
“This is a more than worthy tribute. Carlos Ruiz is one of those players who arrive without making a splash, but make themselves felt. We’re going to miss her. I thank him for everything he has done for me as captain.”

“He has been an example to all. His sacrifice, humility, good judgment and knowing how to give those words of encouragement or that touch of attention when it is needed”.

“It makes Carlos Ruiz special to give of himself completely in the easy moments and in the most difficult, giving a lesson in how things are done. He is one of those players who can be counted on the palm of one hand.”

“It has been ten years of traveling, playing, good and bad moments. I will always keep them in my heart. It has allowed me to enjoy what life is all about and what it means to be a professional footballer. It’s a friend and a gift.”

quick medina
“When I talk about that time, I remember a conversation with Carlos Ruiz’s agent. He called us and he told me that it had become difficult to close the deal with SD Ponferadina. He is a player full of honour, courage and humility.”

“Time has put him in his place. It is difficult to stay in one place for ten years, especially when you respect everyone. What Carlos Ruiz has achieved, he has achieved as an individual alone. Thanks for all”.

pauline rivero
“This closes a successful phase of delivery for the people of Tenerife. Now, he begins a new critical period. There is no sorrow, but there is joy. There should be pride and satisfaction in the recognition of CD Tenerife as an entity”.

“Ten years of dedication to this club and with wider recognition. It is very difficult to close a ten-year phase of life, in this case football, with the values ​​that he has adopted and that are recognized unanimously. It is love for certain colors, dedication, affection and togetherness. It is difficult for all these factors to come together, and there is no one who thinks differently, and has achieved it ”.

“There is no exit door for Carlos Ruiz. He goes out… and goes in; You don’t even need to go outside to get in. He has been there for ten years and we want him to stay in this unit as long as he wants. He has to decide, although he knows the doors are open.”

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