Eric Almonte: "Free agency was a total success for the players"

Eric Almonte: “Free agency was a total success for the players”

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.- Eric Almonte, president of the National Federation of Professional Baseball Players (Fenapepro), reported that approximately 112 players went into free agency after it was implemented at the end of this season in the Dominican baseball league.

Of that group, 90 percent have signed with either their own team or a new team.

“Total success,” Almonte described. “Of these players, 100 percent have received pay increases. About 42 percent received a 60 percent increase, 28 percent received double their earnings,” Almonte said.

“Of these 90 players, 14 percent received triple the earnings of the previous year,” said Almonte during a meeting with the press held at the Fenapepro campus this Wednesday.

Almonte recognized that the Dominican players were a “win-win” opportunity.

Esteban Germán, a member of Fanapepro, explained that the “uncertainty” for the player is already over. Many players have signed for two or three years.

“They don’t have to come in September or August anymore as we used to say with managers to make a fool of themselves, they already know how they’re going to make money in the United States,” the player said. ” Neither he nor Almonte experienced.

It was reported that some 22 or 24 players would have the option of signing with any team in the country or a winter league.

The player can know his fortune from April. “It is no easier to negotiate in October, as the Germans said, than in March.”

Earlier, he informs that the teams were tied till September. “The player no longer has to wait for permission from the manager or his team,” if he hasn’t signed in March or April.

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