Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Eric Rubin and Andrea Legaretta may face a million dollar lawsuit

Andrea Legaretta and Eric Rubin recently announced the breakup of their relationship, however, they confirmed will continue to work together on various projects that they have in commonFor example with the musical tour ‘Cumbia Machine’.

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One of the guests in the show was ‘La Sonora Santanera’, However, for years ‘La Unica, Internacional Sonora Santanera’ and ‘La Sonora Santanera con María Fernanda’ were in dispute for the title, but after the resolution was issued those using the name may have problems.

Will Eric Rubin and Andrea Legaretta go on trial?

According to the group’s legal representative, Miguel Merino, he explained that the sanctions range from 500,000 pesos to 4 million pesos, depending on who he spoke to. Eric Rubin may have implications Promoted groups such as ‘La Sonora Santanera’ in their shows.

“It has affected us logically as the gentlemen have done a shoddy job for many years using the brand as they charge us half for their shows, nothing to do with the fact that there is an investment as that each high-level artist requires, the venues they are presenting in have also greatly influenced the brand” Miguel Marino said.

also disclosed Eric Rubin would have tried to establish communication to fix the problem There was a legal precedent, but the group’s team declined.

“This colleague of the media, who is in charge of this project, called me and I told him that the truth is not personal against him, we also told him: why don’t you investigate it thoroughly, you should understand that a The situation is that the gentleman brings in a very irresponsible manner and yet conducts his program and the results are out now” Explained the group’s lawyer.

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