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Friday, February 3, 2023

Everything in numbers: Milagro Sala’s impeachment, courts, inflation, bonds, what’s to come numbers to read the reals

13 Years in prison imposed on Milagro Sala by the radical judges of Jujuy. The Supreme Court upheld the sentence, rejecting an extraordinary appeal filed by the social leader’s lawyers.

2527 Day hunting accumulates miracles. As soon as former President Mauricio Macri and re-elected Jujuy Governor Gerardo Morales took office in January 2016, they were detained without conviction and without trial. Human rights abuses, a litmus test.

23 The court took months to analyze the case, which it resolved unanimously. I give credit to you for the mandate “slow justice is not justice”. To make matters worse, he simply consumed Beretta, a captive sentence “installed” on generalist Sarsa, without having studied the case., Ignoring the institutional seriousness of the file and its circumstances.

530 Judges and prosecutors attend the judiciary’s lavish weekend dinner to cheer on the body’s president, Horacio Rosatti. Everything indicates that Milagro’s curious pun was just one of the dishes on the menu.

Zero Participants of the bountiful tour of Lago Escondido among diners. Conspicuous absences, they hide even from loved ones. If there is malfeasance with real economic, media and political power, let it be ignored…

Zero Applause to the Supreme Court for rehearsing some of the vague stipulations of conduct that judges should exemplify and inculcate.

2 The relevant organizations are headed by Rosatti, who was voted to exercise both.

Zero The peso was paid as an income tax by the courtiers as they exercised their positions.

Fungots They get a salary of silver. Retirement will not go into saga. Its economic affluence contributes to determining its ideology, competing with other values ​​and political affiliations.

4 It is they, all upper class Machirulo, who sentenced a grassroots leader, a woman, and they went to toast with the (judicial) family.


4,9 The percentage registered by the National Institute of Statistics and Census (INDEC) as an increase in consumer prices in November. One of the lowest percentage of the year 2022, which has an accumulation of 85.3 percent.

90 The percentage, more or less, will be the total for the year. a figure that qualifies cautious official optimism and It figures out how much will have to be spent to reach the 60 percent provided by the national budget or the 70 percent some officials have signed off on. To make the significant reduction that the government needs to recover legitimacy. Which leads to the next question, are signs taking the place of numbers…

, How much should inflation be reduced for the fall to be felt by common people? This is a central question, which is impossible to quantify. This crawler intuition, coinciding with various experts in public opinion, that ordinary people need to be relieved of the daily agony of watching prices rise, running behind the impossible tie to inflation, not knowing that each What is the price of the product. Super. Sustainability may be a social value, recovering a certain peace is just as much more relevant than getting a patch every month…

The official slogan about wages preventing price rise fails doubly. First, because those who go up the stairs get increments later than those who go up the elevator. They start later, they lag behind.

Second and crucial addition: because broad social perceptions are facts. Government’s creative mathematical calculations, cross indices, are dismissed by the collective imagination. They do not give confidence to those who know how they are doing.


24.000 The peso will be received by dependent workers who earn up to $161,000 per month. A one-time booster, a “bonus” in slang. Those who charge a little over $185,000 but less will reach that number. Tantra knows little, it is complicated. Labor Minister Raquel “Kelly” Kismar de Olmos explained that the base figure is equivalent to three significant and mobile minimum wages (SMVM). The calculations are approximate, the context is debatable as SMVM has not lived up to its name and objectives for a very long time.

The state will cooperate with small and medium-sized companies that comply with the bond.

The term “relief” is in vogue, it designates ways to achieve without solving structural problems. It fits well to a phase characterized by uncertainty, an absence of horizon, a life that is engaged only in the present and in the very short term. Any income, then, is brief and unstable. The bonus deepens ephemerality rather than a fixed amount.


13.500 The amount is the “bonus” for workers enrolled in the peso potentiador trabajo program in two installments of $6,750 each. Social organizations question the amount for falling short and make allegations. They confirm that the workers were paid full bonus in the second half of 2021 while the bonus is half bonus which has been divided into instalments.

The claim brings together the social movements that are most closely related to the government, including those that form the official bloc of deputies and hold positions in the national executive. Speeches differ in who emits them, page 12 It describes them in detail.

The unanimity of demands materializes in street protests and is verbalized in strong criticism of Social Development Minister Victoria Tolosa Paz. The official reiterates the classic slogans of the government, the will to “convert plans into action”. Kelly Olmos does the same.

The formation of the working class over a long period of time proves that the description is backward, pointing to a different country and world. The results obtained three years after the inauguration of President Alberto Fernandez confirm that the target is far from over. Whoever is talking to you thinks that this is impossible, that new instruments or institutions are necessary to raise the general conditions of the working class.

Neither the growth of the economy (high this year and doubtful next year) nor the creation of jobs solve new challenges: workers of various circumstances who do not make ends meet, families of dependent workers whose income is below the poverty line. An unattainable social map with tools that decades ago knew to be virtuous.


Zero Stable social institutions or expansion of labor rights is leaving this management as a legacy. High contrast with other jurist governments. Three of President Juan Domingo Peron, of Nestor Kirchner, of Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner.

A historical loan cannot be repaid. Legislative social security with a universal bias, subject to simple requirements that cannot be manipulated by casual political authorities, is beyond combinational measures. More of a protection, it has withstood the brunt of attacks from right-wing governments.


2001 On Monday and Tuesday, twenty-one years are celebrated since the fateful days that forced the late President Fernando de la Rua to resign and flee. Bloodshed throughout the country, including around the Plaza de Mayo. The first neoconservative experiment following democratic reform under the late President Carlos Menem’s two terms began its logical and terrifying end. A Peronist and a right-wing radical, staunch defender of impunity for the oppressors of the military dictatorship. A fitting combo. A legacy that aggregates, adapts and builds together for change.

It is beyond the framework of this column and perhaps the powers of this historian to highlight what the collective exuberance of 2001 is, especially those who were suffering from hunger, constant deprivation, unemployment and took to the streets.


2023 After a year that was more of an equal in so many areas, comes 2023. It will be forty years of democratic reform which deserves to continue to be celebrated in the absence of better alternatives, although this alone is not sufficient. Not even for him to educate, eat and heal himself.

There will be national and provincial elections, with the opposition being the favorite to date. The performance of the ruling party is crucial to this unfortunate situation unimaginable three years ago. The pandemic, the war in Europe, the world turned right-wing, the weighting factors increased.

Cambiamitas’ gluttony leads them to “show the rope to the hanged man”, correctly writes journalist Martín Rodríguez: Adjustment of industries, closure of public companies, reduction of labor rights in Tierra del Fuego Let’s promise. Express fabulous wealth like Macri in Qatar. Premature triumphalism drives them: they eat dinner before lunch, they show their teeth.


2022 Qatar: You know, the final is in the afternoon. The World Cup embodied a mass party, celebrated by millions. Argentines shout, cheer, sing, dedicate themselves to cabals and antics. There identity is there, inside and outside the game box.

The players have left behind indelible memories, they have immense class, grit and conviction. They deserve to be loved, they are a team. It is also a pleasure to watch them and listen to them: they love what they do, they respect each other. They combine passion and professionalism.

Nothing more to say in advance. It is hardly possible that this note has been thought out with antics and small approaches because its destiny is to be read before the game. Or later, who knows what world. Or never, who tells you.

With plenty of authority and reason the attention points elsewhere.

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