Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Exclusive Turbo Levo, Technologies That Make It Super Sells

mission control app

Exclusive mastermind TCU, more than a display integrated into the frame

A great performance… and very useful

The Carbon model of the Turbo Levo features the distinctive Mastermind TCU, a display that is integrated into the upper part of the frame and offers a range of functions. Beyond 120 possible configurations when it comes to displaying data, it allows micro-adjustment of the assistance model on the go and without the need for a mobile phone.

A simpler display is used in the aluminum model (and in the cheaper carbon Turbo Levo) with assist mode and battery information. But you can still make the same adjustments to help level out, in this case with the Mission Control mobile app.

Exclusive turbo levo, technologies that make it super sells

specific mastermind tcu

Exclusive turbo levo, technologies that make it super sells

Specialized Turbo Levo


Its low noise level is a reference among powerful engines

Perhaps this is something that is overlooked by many users, but the silence that accompanies the operation of the Turbo Levo’s engine is one of the most attractive points of progress. Among powerful e-bike engines, the Specialized 2.2 stands out as a reference in low noise. It allows you to feel that you are actually cycling when you are alone in the mountains.

Plus, when it’s not assisting, friction is practically nil, allowing us to make the most of our pedaling force.

Exclusive turbo levo, technologies that make it super sells

27.5″ rear

Mullet Wheels on the Turbo Levo

bet on mullet

The Mullet wheel combination has carved its own niche in the world of mid and long travel e-MTBs. Using a 27.5″ rear wheel with wide tires (usually plus size) helps improve traction on the bike where the engine multiplies the force reaching the wheel and gives the bike a point of agility (e-bike but necessary). Meanwhile, the 29″ wheel provides stability and makes it easier to clear obstacles with the wheel with which mistakes are most important.

Exclusive turbo levo, technologies that make it super sells

flip chip

configurable geometry

Flipchip and steering angle change option

While this is a point that goes unnoticed by many users, others consider it to be a significant strong point. The Turbo Levo has a flipchip to change the geometry. From high to low position the bottom bracket shell has a difference of 6 mm in height and 0.5º in direction. Its wheelbase has also been changed by 6mm. And in the steering we have 3 different positions, which can have a steering angle of 64º, 64.5º or 65.5º.

Exclusive turbo levo, technologies that make it super sells

Specialized Turbo Levo

frame with its “sidearm” design and S-sizing system

6 sizes and an unmistakable aesthetic design

It is difficult to tell which brand was the first to implement a certain design, what is clear is that the “sidearm” design that wraps around the shock absorbers became popular for Specialized. And Turbo Levo is one of its main showcases. This design is one of the most representative points of its beauty line.

Another better point is the size system. The current Turbo Levo goes for S-sizing with its 6 available sizes, in addition to the geometry customization options that the frame already has.

With all of those options, and a 150mm travel frame (paired with 160mm travel forks), it has features that are among the most sought after on most e-MTBs today.