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Friday, December 3, 2021

FBI agents become CIA operatives in secret overseas prisons

GUANTANAMO, Cuba. In the harrowing history of the US government’s black sites, the FBI has long been portrayed as acting with a strong moral compass. His agents, outraged by the violence they witnessed in a secret CIA prison in Thailand, left, which allowed the bureau to later deploy torture-free “clean teams” to interrogate five men accused of conspiracy in the September 11, 2001 attacks. …

But new information emerging this week on the 9/11 case refutes this FBI story. The two intelligence agencies secretly agreed to have nine FBI agents temporarily become CIA operatives in an overseas prison network, where the spy agency used torture to interrogate its prisoners.

Once a secret program was discovered in the pre-trial death penalty. The question is currently being considered whether the defendants in the 9/11 conspiracy have given Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and four of his co-defendants voluntary confessions after years on a black site where detainees were beaten, beaten, deprived of sleep and isolated for training. them to obey the wishes of the kidnappers.

The question is whether the military judge will exclude the testimony of the FBI agents who interrogated the defendants in 2007 at Guantanamo from the final trial, and whether he will ban the use of the reports that the agents wrote about the stories of each person about his role in the plot to hijack the plane.

Guantanamo Prosecutor’s Office veteran Jeffrey D. Groharing called the FBI interrogations “the most important piece of evidence in this case.” Defense lawyers say the interrogations were marred by years of torture by US government agents.

In an open court hearing on Thursday, another prosecutor, Clayton J. Trivett, Jr., confirmed the unusual arrangement whereby nine agents “became CIA members and worked through CIA channels.”

He said the agents were acting as “debriefers,” the CIA’s term for investigators, and interrogated prisoners from black precincts “outside of duress” and after using EITs.

EIT, or Advanced Interrogation Techniques, is a CIA euphemism for a number of abusive tactics the agency used against Mr. Mohammed and other prisoners in 2002 and 2003 – tactics that were then approved but are now illegal. These include flogging with water, painful handcuffs, and isolating a prisoner naked, trembling, and in the dark to break his will to resist interrogation.

Mr. Trivett did not name the exact time period, but did explain that the FBI agents were taken over by the CIA sometime between 2002, when the black sites were created, and September 2006. Upon returning to the FBI, they accepted CIA asset status. – he said, and therefore their identities are classified.

According to Mr. Trivett, five of the nine agents were involved in the interrogation of some of the persons involved in the case, and their names were given to lawyers on the grounds that they were not released.

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The FBI declined to comment on the arrangement, as did the CIA.

Attorney James J. Connell III added more details at the same hearing.

He said the nine agents “stopped being FBI agents and became temporarily CIA agents” in accordance with a memorandum of understanding that established a different arrangement than the more typical appointment of one law enforcement officer to work for another’s organization.

Former CIA historian Nicholas Dujmovich said there was a precedent when “they took employees from another government agency and quickly turned them into CIA employees to perform certain functions.”

In the 1950s, the CIA converted US Air Force pilots into CIA officers during their flight on U-2 reconnaissance aircraft, and then returned them to the Air Force without loss of seniority or benefits. “President Eisenhower considered it important that the U-2s were not operated by American military pilots,” said Dr. Dujmovic. The process was called “dipping the sheep.”

Earlier witness testimony showed that the FBI remotely participated in CIA interrogations through requests sent by telegram to black sites asking for certain information from specific detainees, including Mr. Mohammed after being pumped 183 times on him to force him talk.

The pre-trial hearing is now in its ninth year, and the military judge, Air Force Colonel Matthew N. McCall, is the fourth judge to hear evidence at Guantanamo. While discussing possible evidence in court, the prisoners’ lawyers repeatedly accused prosecutors of editing information necessary for the defense to prepare for the death penalty. In military commissions, prosecutors monitor potential evidence in court and may withhold information they consider irrelevant to the needs of the defense.

In one example, Mr. Connell showed a judge a November 2005 telegram sent by the FBI to the CIA asking three defendants while they were on a black site out of the reach of courts, lawyers and the International Red Cross.

The FBI released a telegram this month in response to President Biden’s order to declassify information about the FBI’s 9/11 investigation.

Mr. Connell had previously received a version of the same cable from prosecutors. But it was so edited that it covered up the fact that the FBI wanted to interrogate Mr. Mohammed and other defendants on black sites.

Mr. Trivett tried to downplay the importance of disclosing FBI-CIA cooperation as a routine matter at a time when the US government was devoting huge resources to investigating the 9/11 attacks. “This is not some big bomb,” he told the judge.

Mr. Mohammed’s lawyer, Denny LeBeuf, called the collaboration part of a conspiracy to portray the FBI’s 2007 interrogation reports at Guantanamo Bay as “clean team statements,” as law enforcement says.

“They were never clean,” said Ms LeBeuf. “The torture is not clean. It’s messy. It has a look, sounds and consequences. Smells. “

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