The coronation of King Carlos III and Queen Camilla is just around the corner. While waiting for it to arrive, little by little we’re getting more details about everything that’s going to happen next Saturday, May 6th. The United Kingdom will live as a true celebration and for three days various festivities will take place in the country. this weekend, The British Royal Family released the first images of the robes the King of England will wear for a historic ceremony in tribute to the late Queen Elizabeth II,

Carlos III and Camilla will wear tunics that have already been used by other members of the British Royal House at other events. The monarch will wear these garments, known as the Robes of State, after anointing, crowning, and enthronement at the coronation ceremony held at Westminster Abbey. In the case of the King of England, he would wear red, while his wife would wear purple. Rajmata’s tunic is even more special because of the great symbolism behind it. Specifically, The tunic is hand embroidered with gold thread by the Royal School of Needlework, which Camilla is a union of the guardian And with this, they want to represent important symbols of nature. Specifically, flowers that are exclusive to the couple and the royal family.

This embroidery has a special meaning as the tunics are embroidered with lilies of the valley. It is a favorite flower of Queen Elizabeth and was also present in Queen Elizabeth’s bridal bouquet at her wedding to the then Prince of Wales at Windsor in 2005. In addition, there are also myrtle, fern, cornflower, larkspur, and those that form the national emblem: the fasting (expresses promise, hope, and new beginnings), wanderer (a recognizable symbol of Scotland for over 500 years), and clover (to represent Ireland). Camilla’s mantle is also embroidered with bee and beetle embellishments to represent the couple’s commitment to Nature, sustainability, and climate protection,

First images of the coronation robes of carlos iii and camilla

Recycled Clothing in the British Royal Family

In his desire for sustainable fashion, Carlos III will wear the same state gown that his grandfather, King George VI, wore at his coronation in 1975, which features a 4.5-meter train. For Camilla, it will be a gown that was first made for Queen Elizabeth II in 1953 and has been resized for her coronation on Saturday, May 6. Similarly, the velvet of both suits has been restored by the Royal School of Needlework, and the lining and gold lace by Ed & Ravenscroft.

The luxurious mantle also includes the official emblem of the Queen consort and is embroidered in gold. It is a monogram symbol “CR” under a crown whose letters stand for Camilla Regina (Queen in Latin). It is all based on the Tudor Crown, like her husband’s, but more elaborate and stylized.

First images of the coronation robes of carlos iii and camilla