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For online sales, using only photos is a thing of the past: what is the goal of Mercado Libre or Tiendanube

For online sales, using only photos is a thing of the past: what is the goal of Mercado Libre or Tiendanube

According to data from CACE, sales in units increased by 14% and 9 out of 10 Argentines with access to the Internet made online purchases.

The pandemic ended setting up ecommerce in Argentina. This item manages millionaire sums and continues to grow. According to the Argentine Chamber of Commerce (CACE):

  • Nine out of 10 Argentineans with Internet access shop online
  • Over $1,000 million in online sales in the first half of the year
  • In that period, 135 million products were sold.

in this frame, There’s a trend that’s catching on: the use of videos that can be seen on Tiktok or Reels, Internationally, Sheen, the king of clothing e-commerce in China, made his model based on his use of short films went viral.

To the firm’s founder, Chris Xu, Online sales model is important to change and that’s why it introduced “ultra-fast fashion”, In addition, it invested in workshops making clothes in just 10 days, bridging the gap between the trend seen on the world’s catwalks and the mass arrival of the masses.

with choreography, life hacks and collaborations with influencers and celebrities, Sheen was crowned the favorite of the century. Through these videos, the platform not only gained popularity but also gained a huge database. The Chinese giant on 2021 a . closed with 60% increase in sales And today, according to the Financial Times, Its value is between US$65,000 million and US$85,000 million.

a net local, Mercado Libre launches its new tool called “Video”, it’s about a New channel for sellers to enhance their products in a simple, agile and fun way. It was designed with the logic of the latest trends in content commerce and social networks.

With all this data on the table, it’s easy to understand how Ecommerce is turning to a model offered by social networks with “Stories”,

According To Experts, The Video Format Allows You To Better Shape A Product And Imagine How It Will Be

According to experts, the video format allows you to better shape a product and imagine how it will be

The question is; Is the use of videos just a prevailing trend or do users and traders need their 5 minutes of fame to publish or buy on these platforms?

a growing trend

in dialogue iformPablo Garcia, VP Marketing of Commerce in free marketscore The new tool already has over 9,000 videos and 4 million views.

“Our main focus is to provide users with new experiences through technology. We know that format of short video You breakfast ingredients boomingEspecially with younger audiences who are attracted to this type of content and who rely on influencers and video makers,” Garcia emphasizes.

“User experience has a positive impact on their loyalty and is one aspect of our business model that we focus on increasingly in a promising context for the growth of online sales. In Argentina, it is estimated that the penetration of e-commerce in the total retail sector will reach 23% in more than three years“, says Garcia.

The VP underlined that in 2019 the penetration was just 4% and in 2022 it has increased to over 12%. since Mercado Libre confirms they are aware of progress and trends With an aim to nurture our platform with more and better experiences.

Reviews Always Mercado Libre. been a fundamental part ofAs Garcia explains, expressing trust and transparency when choosing a product: “The video format complements this argument, As it allows more detailed and realistic publication of products in some fundamental aspects such as size, color and functionalities.”

Online Stores That Use Influencers Improve Purchase Conversions, According To Experts

Online stores that use influencers improve sales, according to experts

In line with Garcia, Faisundo Daniel Tula, founder of Diacritica Consultants, an agency specializing in digital strategy, assures that Video as a tool allows a more realistic and detailed view of the product than a simple photo And the overall looks more natural than a sequence of images.

“The pictures are great as to the description, but Watching videos allows people to better shape the product And imagine holding it in your hands. That is why it is gaining more and more ground in the world of digital commerce”, Libra emphasized.

role of tiktok and network

App liked by Shatabdi, Tiktok forays into e-commerce with Tiktok Shop, Shopify. with the support ofIndicates iformXimena Diaz Alarcon, Co-Founder and CEO of Universal.

The executive emphasizes that It has over 1,000 million active users who spend half an hour on average, Thus, it has become one of the most lucrative networks today, and they have a third of users who are between the ages of 16 and 24.

“Due to its young audience and its own very personalized feed design (page for you), Content and advertising are personalized according to each individual’s tastes, preferences and preferences, This strongly enhances the engagement, making it a Very attractive platform for brands and for individual users who want to do business there,” explains Díaz Alarcón,

The executive says that as a general trend, Ecommerce is finding best practices that translate into usability, creating a new “floor” of experience. “As a positive, the user has less friction to access the experience,” he cites.

Camilla Nasser, Executive Officer storecloudIndicates iform That according to data from Newbcommerce, the annual report on electronic commerce conducted by the platform, Using social networks as an ally Doing business on the Internet is yet to come continuous growth,

,These complementary sales channels represent 41% of conversions in Argentina’s cloud stores, That is, 4 out of 10 sales were initiated through a social network,” asserted Nasser.

For Nasser TikTok is one of the most used networks in the world and it Makes it a complementary sales channel that generates traffic to the online storeVery attractive for brands that want to build community through playful and creative content.

“Among its main features, the possibility of Reach new audiences 100% organically, with videos that stand up for their value and that manage to reach the adNasir is an example of this.

Noting the fury that TikTok is causing in Argentina’s electronic commerce, Nasser explains: “At Tiendanub we provide a tool for brands to integrate TikTok And sell your products through the app.

since free marketgarcia says that Short video has a format that we are familiar with precisely because of the use of social networks, New generations in particular have a greater affinity for this type of content, listen carefully to content creators and get recommendations before making your purchase.

use of influencers

In this new branch of e-commerce, Influencers play a fundamental role, For Libra, this represents another step that enhances the experience. ,Influencers react to, try, use, consume the product and communicate much more than just “seeing the product”“From showing how it comes, the packaging, how it is assembled, prepared, used, consumed,” Libra exemplifies.

For Online Sales, Using Only Photos Is A Thing Of The Past: What Is The Goal Of Mercado Libre Or Tiendanube

Also, thinking that influencers develop a trusting relationship with their followers and are expected to Being honest about what they show, highlighting and criticizing the product they show,

“This makes it possible for us to go one step beyond video, have a whole layer of valuable information that is shared and develop a desire for people to consume the product faster,” the analyst emphasizes.

for his part, from storecloudthe executive says Content creators are strategic allies in brand communication add more value Thanks to the generated and ongoing links with their community, which makes them choose other means to obtain information and expand their knowledge.

,Platforms like TikTok offer a variety of toolsallow businesses Create quality videos with low investment, Today it is possible to meet and interact with the owners of brands, who have become the visible face of brands, with great exposure across various social networks”, exemplifies Nasser.

for the executive, in the case of TikTok is an intuitive and flexible platform that prioritizes creativity and valuable content for usersWhether informative, entertaining or a combination of both, that is, it requires less production resources, but more innovation.

Finally, the executive gives an example of this cloud store trend on TikTok in terms of lithium, who created their account in February 2020, just before the great “bounce” of the platform.

“Its founder is a witness to the scope of this social network, in which 200,000 on the first video and thousands or millions of views on the video aftermanage to liquidate the stock of products within hours and sell to other countries”, concluded Nasser.

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