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Four cherry preparations to enjoy in season and beyond

From bright red to almost black garnet, with rabies or if it is united two by two or one by one in a basket … cherry season It’s started and many people grab the first bag to eat them as if they were a pipe. A game of getting rid of the bones will entertain many children. Also most cooks are well prepared. They’re already looking to recipe books to surprise families and friends.

But besides its special and delicious taste, cherry is considered one of the most complete fruits What can we find? It is rich in vitamins, minerals, folic acid and antioxidants. They contain melatonin, which regulates both heart rate and sleep cycles. A highly beneficial nutritional pill of purely natural origin.

Cherries wrapped in cloth last longer. freepik

Its texture makes it very pleasant to chew, but it is its taste that makes you fall in love. For this reason, there are many who take advantage of it in various dishes, especially in desserts. It does provide an interesting contrast with savory dishes though. Plus, you can make preserves with them beyond jam to extend the enjoyment a little longer.

two preserves and three recipes

Preserved Cherries in Syrup

To begin with, the best way to prevent them from spoiling prematurely is to eat them in moderation. When going to put them in a fruit bowl or in a basket, it is best, after washing and drying them thoroughly, put a dry and clean cloth inside the container, fill it with cherries and use another cloth. Do cover the bowl. If moisture is avoided, they will stay smooth and crunchy for a long time.

Besides jam, you can also make other simple preserves from them. In this way cherries can be preserved in syrup. Remove the stalks of the fruits and put them in water close to boiling, between 80 to 90º, take them out and put them in cold water so that they become hard, then drain well. In the jar, fill them until about 2 cm is free. For the syrup, dissolve about 150 grams of sugar in one liter of boiling water and let it reduce slightly. When it thickens, fill the dishes with syrup until it just covers the cherries, cover with lids and put them in a water bath for 20-30 minutes.

A Savory Dish: Grilled Tuna with Cherries


  • 600 g tuna,

  • 8 piquillo peppers,

  • 200 gr cherry,

  • 100 grams arugula,

  • 3 tbsp raspberry vinegar,

  • 10 g butter,

  • salt and pepper,

  • onion,

  • Olive Oil


Put the piquillo peppers in a pan with their juices and a drizzle of olive oil. Over low heat, stir until everything is combined. reserve. While you can go on pitting the cherries. In another pan, heat butter and pitted cherries. When they begin to soften, put a pan on the fire with a spoonful of butter and pitted cherries. When they start to soften, add a splash of raspberry vinegar. Cook for a minute more and take out. Season with salt and pepper and brush with oil. Cut the cleaned bonito into more or less equal cubes and place them on a griddle or frying pan over medium-high heat so that it is well cooked on the outside and evenly browned on the inside. Stay pink from , On the plate, each taco is presented with bell peppers, cherries, a touch of arugula, and chopped chives.

A lemon cream dessert with cherries

Ingredients for four servings

  • a bottle of condensed milk

  • 300 g cherries

  • 3 lemons

  • a sheet of neutral gelatin

  • 200 g cookies

  • 100 grams butter

Washing cherries to prepare dessert. freepik


Crush the biscuits thoroughly and mix well with butter at room temperature. Fill a tart mold or four different molds with the resulting paste. Dissolve the gelatin sheet in the juice of three lemons (you can add another sheet if you want a thicker gelatin). Grate the peels of 2 lemons and mix with the gelatin, add to the condensed milk and whisk. Fill the cake mold or individual molds with this mixture. Keep it in the fridge for at least 3 hours. While waiting, you can pit the cherries garnishing the Lemon Cream before serving it to the table.

A refreshing watermelon soup with cherries


  • 2 cantaloupe melons

  • 250 g cherries

  • 2 yogurt

  • 100 ml cream

  • a spoonful of sugar

  • ground cinnamon

  • Peppermint

  • Salt


Cut the melons in half and remove the seeds and take out their pulp. Be very careful not to break the shells, as they are going to be used as containers. Crush the melon with a blender and add curd, sugar, cinnamon and salt. Whisk the mixture and keep it in the fridge to chill. Meanwhile, wash the cherries, cut them in half, remove the stones. Mix with cantaloupe cream and curd, serve in hollowed cantaloupe halves. Garnish with mint leaves.

On the left, some cherries (stemless and dark in color), on the right, another variety of cherry (with a stem). NTM

How to distinguish picota from other varieties

Among the cherry varieties, the picota stands out, especially in the north of Cáceres and ripening in June. Its quality makes its price high. That’s why it is necessary to separate this variety from the rest. The main difference is the presence or absence of a tail. When a stalk has finally matured, it falls from the tree, detaching itself from the peduncle. Keep the rest of the cherry stem. Thus the pillars come into the basket without tails and the cherries without tails. Look into the hollow of the stalk to make sure the tail hasn’t been removed intentionally. If it heals well, closes tightly, it is a pit, if it shows a hole or wound, it has been torn, so it is another variety of cherry. Also the bones are different. The pillar one is slightly larger, which means it has less meat due to being smaller. The color of the column is deep and dark red…almost black. For its part, cherry red tends to be brighter and with a greater variety of shades.

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