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Four useful tools to face menopause without fear

In general, menopause is a phase that causes many fear and uncertainty in women, as the concentrations of estrogen, progesterone or testosterone drop significantly, with consequences on the physical, psychological and sexual levels. ,

Among the most common side effects to health are:

– Decreased bone mineral density, which can lead to osteopenia, osteoporosis, and a greater chance of bone fractures.

Metabolic imbalance that leads to loss of muscle mass and accumulation of fat, especially in the abdominal region.

Interference in lipid profile (cholesterol, triglycerides) and glycemic metabolism that may predispose to cardiovascular and neurovascular pathologies.

Changes in the sexual sphere and anorgasmia.

– Exacerbation of fatigue and muscle pain.

– Hot flashes, especially at night.

However, for the doctor Antonio HernandezDoctor at Only + Clinic, specialist in integrative medicine and author of the book Testosterone: Hormone of LifeMenopause is a phase that must be lived “peacefully and as one” natural process Since its effects can be countered with tools, products and professionals who ensure that this infection goes unnoticed as much as possible.

Likewise, experts stress that not everything is negative at this stage because “many women report finding a place and time to dedicate themselves when menopause approaches; they relish hobbies that were parked in the past.” in which their energy was focused on other priorities. There are currently many women who, guided by a professional, can reclaim their energy, health, sports performance or sexual space”.

Specifically, focusing on four fundamental aspects, such as nutrition, sports, sleep and hormone replacement therapy, can promote the transition through this phase. Let’s see how:


According to the doctor, during the first years of menopause, women should be aware of a decrease in their metabolic rate, so that the ability to burn calories at baseline is reduced and this increases the likelihood of metabolic disorders such as insulin resistance or more Is. Type 2 diabetes. This would involve restructuring Diet To distribute calories.

“Beyond becoming gluttonous and consuming low-calorie diets that will only worsen health, it is necessary to reorganize the distribution of calories in favor of reducing carbohydrates, especially those derived from sugars or refined flours. We have a moderate glycemic index. Carbohydrates such as tubers (potatoes, sweet potatoes or yucca), legumes or pseudo-cereals (quinoa, millet, amaranth) should be preferred”, explains Dr. Hernandez.

In addition, experts insist on including adequate amounts of unsaturated fats such as seeds, nuts, oily fish or avocados.

Likewise, because it is important to preserve muscle over the years, you should ensure a significant amount of protein with high biological value such as eggs, meat, fish, or in the case of vegetarian alternatives, legumes, soy, or quinoa. And vegetables and red fruits should not be missing out on a daily basis to ensure intake of micronutrients.

The First Years Of Menstruation Are Characterized By Their Irregularity.


One of the great allies of women in menopause. “Women need to be aware of the need to combine different types of exercise: on the one hand, exercise Heart (athletics, cycling, rowing…), which can provide cardiovascular or pulmonary benefits, but let us not forget about the exercises strength or weight Intended to preserve inclusion and increase muscle mass”.

Doctors also recommend complementing sessions that provide elasticity, for example, practicing yoga or Pilates.


A woman’s sleep is most affected during menopause, partly because of the intensity of hot flashes. Therefore, the specialist recommends integrating tools that help regulation of biorhythms Because “lack of sleep and rest can lead to more hormonal and neurological problems that increase women’s fatigue during the day.”

Some advice would be: have your last meal three or four hours before bedtime, take a hot shower, don’t use electronic devices in the last hours of the day to promote sleep, or take supplements like GABA, magnesium or melatonin.

hormone replacement therapy

Doctors explain that a decrease in blood concentrations of estrogen, progesterone, or testosterone in women can be controlled with several options.

On the one hand, supplements such as soy isoflavones or sage (known as phytoestrogens) may be included, which may mimic the role of estrogen in menopausal women.

Regilab Hydra Contains Aloe Vera And Rosehip Plant To Relieve Vaginal Itching

On the other hand, adaptogenic supplements (products like Maca, Ashwagandha or Eleutherococcus) help to better compensate for inflammation and fatigue.

It is also important that the body has a good ability to detoxify and eliminate the so-called hormone blockerwhich are molecules that can mimic the effects of estrogen in a modified way.

Finally, hormone replacement therapy is becoming more established, with an experienced medical professional able to prescribe and personalize a bioidentical hormone therapy adjusted to the patient’s clinical history and laboratory tests.

According to the expert “hormone replacement therapy includes estrogen, progesterone and testosterone in such a way that the concentration of these hormones is corrected in childbearing age, this will have a positive effect on the quality of bone, hair, skin. Hydration of mucous membranes Improvement in metabolism or sexual sphere or quality of orgasm”. However, they also caution that this medical option is not free from potential side effects “which is why it should not be used or at least should be monitored closely in women with a family history of breast or uterine cancer.” “

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