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Thursday, February 2, 2023

From Darwin to Einstein: These Are the 14 “Hidden Habits” of Geniuses

Ludwig Van Beethoven He had trouble with addition and never learned to multiply or divide. Pablo Picasso i didn’t know the alphabet walt disney he already fell asleep in class virgina woolf They didn’t even let him go to school, even though his brothers were sent to Cambridge. a Charles Darwin He was doing so bad in studies that his father even said that it would bring shame to the family and Albert Einstein He graduated fourth in physics out of five in his generation.

Not every one of them will measure up to today’s academic standards, and yet, they all went down in history For his genius in the arts or sciences. Even many of today’s geniuses—such as Bill Gates, Bob Dylan or Oprah Winfrey—dropped their studies and still achieved success and recognition in their respective fields.

Ludwig Van Beethoven
Ludwig Van Beethoven

“IQ and academic grades are more valuable”, he tells her bbc mundo American musicologist Craig Wright, who has spent more than two decades studying the most talented people in history and the present.

Wright has published the book The Hidden Habits of Genius: Beyond Talent, IQ, and Grit—Unlocking the Secrets of Greatness—where Description 14 Traits Geniuses Have in Common.

Walt Disney Visiting Argentina In September 1941
Walt Disney visiting Argentina in September 1941

It turns out that other characteristics usually associated with humanity’s extraordinary achievements, such as immense genius, are not on this list. The definition of genius varies depending on “who you ask and when,” acknowledges Wright. But if you ask him today, this is what he will tell you”A genius is a person with extraordinary mental powers whose origin Jobs or concepts change cultures and societies over time in some significant way, for better or for worse.

he a “Genius Formula”, that is: G = S2D. it means that talented (g) how is equal to important (S) its effect or change is, by multiplying number (n) affected by and of the people Duration (d) on time.

In other words, for Wright the greatest geniuses are those who producen The greatest impact on the greatest number of people and over the longest period of time. In the years when he was teaching the so-called “court on genius” at Yale University, Wright overheard students saying that pop singer Lady Gaga is an example contemporary of genius Or, conversely, that the athlete with the most Olympic medals in history, swimmer Michael Phelps, is not.

Lady Gaga Can Be Considered A Genius
Lady Gaga can be considered a genius afe

He also notices how most of his students raise their hands in the first grade.The question is who would like to be a genius And then, at the end of the course, only a few want it. We talk more about it with Wright in this interview.

The dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy defines the word “genius” as: “extraordinary mental ability to create or invent something new and admirable.” What do you think about it?

I think this is a limited definition. I’ll just say it “potential talent”, because he has the potential to be a genius but he is not yet. The academics who wrote this definition say that you need to be able to use your mind to come up with original ideas. This also includes the creator keeping the idea for himself. This is something we can discuss and for this I would like to invoke the image of a Albert Einstein Alone on an abandoned island.

While there, he could think about E=mc², he could think about the theory of general relativity, etc., but he could not communicate his thoughts to anyone and We’ll never hear about Albert Einstein again. By the Academy’s definition, Einstein would still be a genius. Not by my definition, because it would have no effect on anyone in the world. So it’s something that opens up a kind of philosophical debate.

-What do you think is not the way to define genius?

– As I say in my book, IQ is overrated, Standardized intelligence tests are a way of measuring a particular ability that is largely hereditary. By studying these great men over the centuries, you can see that they were smart, but they didn’t necessarily get a super high score — 140 or 150 — on an IQ test.

In this sense, I usually use Nobel laureates as a reference example.: There have been award winners with certified IQs of 115, 120 or thereabouts. This means that you need an above average IQ to be involved in the game. But then there are many other factors and motivations that really propel someone to greatness in the long run and give them the ability to change the world.

I’ve just had a wonderful five days with three teenagers aged 16, 14 and almost 13. They get very good grades and are studying for these exams so that they can be able to get admission in best educational institutes. So I told him that maybe grades weren’t that important, that DThey should go out and explore the world, do different activities, make mistakes, fall and get up.,

Hundreds Of People Can Be Considered Geniuses For Their Work
hundreds of people can be considered geniuses for their work freepick

But his parents – my son and his wife – told me that I was sending them the wrong message, that they were encouraging him to get good grades. So now parents see me as a disruptive influence (laughs). But the truth is that I think there is too much pressure put on today’s youth if some of the yardsticks we use to measure their excellence as people are wrong. So what should people do to raise or become a genius child? I think the most important thing is effort, but what about hard work? because really Effort is not a motor in itself, but an external expression of other internal motivations.

Passion is a motor that manifests as hard work and can range from love to passion for something. So I would say it’s important to incite passion. The other thing that I noticed in many of these great minds is that they are scholars, that they know different fields. In one chapter of my book I talk about the story of the fox and the elephant: the fox knows a lot about different things and the elephant knows a lot about just one thing. So whatWhat type of person are you: someone who spreads a thousand miles or someone who goes a thousand miles deep?

Most of these people, in some form or the other, have lateral thinking. They see different things together because they have had a variety of experiences and as a result, they can connect different elements that others cannot because they are clearly different. So, if someone is raising children, It is important to expose them to different experiences: If they like science, you can encourage them to read novels; If he is interested in politics, perhaps he can learn to paint.

Parents who force their children to focus on one activity in order to become the best Olympic swimmer or the next Nobel Prize in Physics are making a mistake. We won’t know what their passion is until they have had different experiences. And, as they say, if you love what you do, you’ll never have to work a day in your life.

Who are examples of contemporary geniuses according to your definition and which ones surprise your students the most?

There are many, but Elon Musk Symbolizes genius who does seemingly crazy things and in various fields The Boring Company, Hyperloop, SolarCity, Tesla, SpaceX. This is the ultimate example of a scholar making a revolution in a variety of ways. But who are some unexpected talents? If I mention, for example, Kanye West, Lady Gaga or Dolly Parton, someone will shake their head and ask me if I’m kidding.

dolly parton This is a very interesting case as she is a very intelligent person who ironically adopted the image of a “dumb blonde”. It is a Trojan horse of sorts. He has built his empire and continues to do so. She is a role model of how a business woman should act. In the world of entertainment today as well as today, he continues to delight us by writing some kind of songs and bringing the sound of country into mainstream music.

Kanye West Can Be Called A Genius
Kanye West can be called a genius instagram

It is therefore possible to say that Dolly Parton is of immense importance, especially to poor white women in the United States, and that her influence is significant. The number of people listening to his music. It remains to be seen how long this will last.

then there are cases Michael Phelps. I mean, someone in France restarted the Olympic Games from ancient Greece and said what sports it would include, and one of them was swimming. It was therefore established that they would compete in freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly, 100m, 200m and all others.

Michael gets into the pool and it is revealed that he is going much faster than everyone else back and forth in the same lane. but one is going to manage to go faster than that, because the selection of types what the body needs, as nutrition improves and training will probably improve as well, In this the (Spanish) Academy is right: there is no intellectual component here. It’s almost like a hamster in a cage that is moving faster and faster. I like to think that being a genius is much more than being a hamster in a cage or a swimmer in a pool.

– Why do you think that most of your Yale students, after studying these geniuses, no longer want to be like them?

The problem with these great minds is that they are often very destructive to those around them because they are so passionate that they become obsessed. The only thing they can focus on is achieving their mental goal because they believe they are going to change the world. They feel that they have to fix something and only they can do it. They are very ambitious people who put a lot of pressure on themselves and sometimes others. They can be very demanding with others and underestimate them. So it might not be good for them to work.

are there things you can hear about Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk or Bill Gates, For example. So I think most people, when they go through the course of weirdness, ask themselves, “Do I really want to be this? Do I want to change the world for a large number of people, or do I want to make the human environment around me better for everyone? And that’s really the deep theme behind his book. The dirty little secret of my book is that most of us are not going to change the world in any meaningful way. .

However, learning about what these people did makes us think about bigger things we can all work on: how to live our lives in relation to other people, how to be more productive or more creative. Because heGeniuses are already obsessed with their work and will get carried away anyway. Meanwhile, the rest of us have had a chance to think about how we want to live and adjust our lives based on that.

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