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Gin with Coldplay: ARMY’s Odyssey to see BTS singer in Argentina

Gin with Coldplay: ARMY's Odyssey to see BTS singer in Argentina

The arrival of gin in Argentina was confirmed a week earlier with the phrase “See you in Buenos Aires” In conversation between Chris Martin and BTS artist. Further tickets for the 28 October concert were put up for sale and Live telecast Coldplay’s in cinemas around the world. since, The anger was total.

BTS’s Jin: From South Korea to Argentina

Considering the distance, many ARMYs in Latin America recognize that Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, Wei Y Jungkook They live “on the other side of the world”. This is why BTS’s trip to the continent was – in the short term – unimaginable … until Jin arrived in Eziza.

Jin BTS Argentina Flight

Gin With Coldplay: Army'S Odyssey To See Bts Singer In Argentina

“When I found out that Jin was coming to Argentina, I couldn’t believe it. A friend told me about it, he showed me Jin’s conversation with Chris Martin and I was shocked“, bill Nazarene From Tucuman at “I told my parents how special BTS is to me and since then I have tried my best to listen to them live. It’s a big dream for me.”

At age 13, Nazarena says she’s listened to BTS since she was 8 and since then her admiration for the group was born, highlighting that. His music was with him especially during the Covid-19 pandemichelping her cope, the time she even started listening Distasteful game,

Nazarena is one of the youngest fans to travel by bus from the north of the country, but There is no age to become an army.

liliana passed 64 yearsis also from Tukuman, and together with her granddaughter Maria Jose Will embark on a journey of dreams since I started listening to BTS songs in 2015: “My granddaughter lives in Jujuy and yo from here i sent him the poster and everything i got, bts means happiness to him and me,

army bts collection

Courtesy Army For Minuteone From Tucuman

Courtesy ARMY for MinuteOne from Tucuman

She admits that when she found out about Seokjin’s arrival “we were both screaming”: “I’m going with her so she can go to Buenos Aires and, even if it’s true, listen to her from afar. All sacrifice is for my granddaughter, Even after searching in many ways, the ticket was not found and our financial condition is not good.,

Liliana Jo, although she does not speak English and admits it is difficult to “pronounce the names of the songs” with the help of her granddaughter, says her favorite song is “allowed to dance,

,I’m a big woman, I use a cane because of an accident, but it would be a dream if she could be in the memorial”, Assures the woman and grateful for the opportunity to visit: “sApen that I am everyone’s grandmother”,

Seokjin. 17 hour journey through

Organizing a bus journey was not easy amidst the short time, nerves and emotions. Fans from Salta, Jujuy, Tucumán, Santiago del Estero and Cordoba will travel on the bus:

,We have worked really hard to achieve this. Most of us work and study, we are girls and women aged 13 to 64 ”, he tells john25 years old and a criminal student.

army bts collection

Courtesy Army For Minuteone From Tucuman

Courtesy ARMY for MinuteOne from Tucuman

Within days they got together, formed a group and even held raffles to raise money: “To sell some cooked sweets and amongst all of us we helped those who could not afford, Contributing our grain of sand so that they can join us in this incredible adventure”, he added.

For her part, Nazarena also highlighted the importance of the union: “I found this group of girls who had made it impossible to organize a trip in four days. I am so grateful to have found them, because they care about us.” , Regarding the expenses, they helped us. Being able to listen to Gin and Coldplay is like a dream come true,

whereas, zairaThe 19-year-old, who also lives in Tucumán, highlights that “It is very important for all military that Jin Argentina come and BTS knows that Latin America supports them, We are so grateful that Coldplay invited Seokjin and that he came before he was recruited for military service.

BTS. the stories behind the songs of

probably one of the main cultural barriers South Korea You Latin America Sea Language: Hindi. However, thanks to music, in this case, doors open to a world in which Meaning And this Letter BTS songs become even more relevant.

In 2021, Zaira fell and injured one of her legs. Although at the time he thought it wasn’t serious, as the months went by he didn’t recover: “I still had swelling in my leg. The doctor told me it could be a tumor. At that point I got very sick thinking it could be fatal,” he says.

BTS (Love Yourself Answers) ‘Epiphany’ Comeback Trailer

“I remember listening to a lot of BTS songs during that week and some of them touched my heart, they marked me like Jin’s ‘Epiphany’, which is almost importance of loving yourself”, he highlights.

The studies finally went well and now Zaira says: “After that I started looking at life differently And I knew that maybe small problems, sometimes, are not so important”.

After the experience, he got his leg and arm tattooed.Realization‘why’Beautiful!‘—a Jungkook cover of the hit “Goblin” series soundtrack—:”It’s an honor for me to carry those songs,

army bomb bts

Courtesy Army For Minuteone From Tucuman

Courtesy ARMY for MinuteOne from Tucuman

,BTS is an inspiration in my life, something that made me stronger“, he remarked LucyARMY 23 years old and three years ago: “When I met him was a turning point. Maybe it was destined to happen, but it changed my life, I am a better person, I was able to mature and grow. I admire, value and respect,

Bangtan songs are different ‘spring day’A song “Highly Valued by BTS and ARMY”: “It’s a song that makes you feel comfortable In moments of suffering, hope can be maintained, believing that the best is yet to come, we will always find each other.,

bts() ‘(spring day)’ official mv

,bts is everything that makes me goodIn my sad moments or when I feel that nothing is going well, I listen to his songs and they give me inner peace”, he saves for his part john Adds more: “Album ‘love yourself’ It means so much to my life, in fact, that when I was a fan for a year, I got a tattoo done in honor of how much he helped me grow.

army bts collection

Gin With Coldplay: Army'S Odyssey To See Bts Singer In Argentina

For Mariawho is 20 years old and lives in Jujuy, bts “They are a safe place”: “They helped me a lot in an inexplicable way Song You words, my favorite song is ‘magic shop‘ Well because I can take refuge in them, They taught me what self-love is, I think they let my feelings out and be who I really am,

Johanna resumes: “This is what Bangtan is, it teaches us to be a family, it inspires us to do great things. I have been in this fantasy for 5 years and I think this was the best option, i like bts because every day they help us to improve ourselves to be better,

And he ends: “I hope Jin feels comfortable with us, that he sees the Argentine public and wants to return, and I hope the military will give him the love he deserves.”

(Jin) ‘The Astronaut’ official teaser


Gin With Coldplay: Army'S Odyssey To See Bts Singer In Argentina

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