Wednesday, December 07, 2022

God, country, family. Not for the sexual diversity!

Marcelo Colucci, contributor to Prensa Latina

The last revolution with a socialist air, with the masses taking to the streets and the removal of the ruling class (see that this was not a “negotiation”, a fashionable way today: it involved the revolutionary seizure of power), the final revolution, we said , belonged to Nicaragua in 1979, in which the Sandinists overthrew the Somoza dictatorship.

So the global order, always led by the United States, knew how to rearrange itself well. Through all kinds of mechanisms – systematic ideological-cultural bombardment, bloody military dictatorships with mountains of corpses and rivers of blood, disintegration of popular organization, neoliberal schemes that brutally made working and living conditions more precarious – The idea of ​​a socialist revolution was that of leaving the scene. The ideological progress of the right was terrifying, which is why it also wanted us to believe that the class struggle – a fundamental concept for Marxist thought – had disappeared.

Of course, in no country in the world the capitalist system can solve the historical problems of any unjust class society, even if it shows the grandeur of some cities as a symbol of the glorious “triumphant”. The reality of the world is malnutrition, ignorance, marginalization, housing shortage with resultant overcrowding, invalid prejudices, oppression of the oppressed, environmental disaster, racism and “politically correct” discourses with poorly disguised patriarchy, hordes of irregular immigrants. Those who run desperately fight everywhere.

The feeling of victory of the right wing after the fall of the Berlin Wall was so great that the popular camp and the left were affected.

Today that avalanche of conservative right is not taking its name to stop. Neo-Nazism is established in many places. Although there is endless discussion of human rights, liberties and democracies—all high-sounding blank words in capitalist discourse—the real situation is one of deep subjugation, exploitation, injustice, social backwardness. To which a conservative discourse on a moral level must be combined with the presence of religious elements, which, in contrast to the achievements already achieved by the advancement of the people, shows that regressive thinking is still too much.

rights increase. Unlike previous decades, during the 60s and 70s of the last century, for example, when there was an almost rebellious attitude with anti-authoritarian elements permeating the global society in various regions, today we have a nihilistic, conservative, hopeless idea. are looking. We see this with increasingly obstinate and ultra-conservative positions on the part of the ruling classes in various countries, expressed through their political parties on duty.

This is a trend that can be seen all over the world. In many European countries, the administration is openly prone to the regime of Nazism, with regressive xenophobic and white supremacist positions.

A fascist party in Italy has won elections with similar positions to Benito Mussolini decades ago. In Russia, now engulfed in a horrific war struggle, a trend has been imposed that takes back everything created during the Soviet Union, rewards personal wealth, returns to clerical positions and promotes homophobia . In the United States, everything indicates that a neo-fascist like Donald Trump, who allowed himself to speak of “shitty countries” when referring to the regions of the South, is very likely to return to the presidency.

Although recent presidential elections in many Latin American countries have been won by centre-left candidates, a moderate left (López Obrador in Mexico, Luis Arce in Bolivia, Gustavo Petro in Colombia, Pedro Castillo in Peru, Xiomara Castro in Honduras, Alberto Fernández). ) in Argentina, Gabriel Boric in Chile), the authority in all these contexts does not allow much room for maneuvers. Radical, racist, conservative rights take the floor, in many cases closer to religious beliefs of “God, country, family” and attacking sexual diversity. Rather: they were overwhelmed.

But what can be expected from the rights? While sometimes certain liberties and some other concessions may be allowed (“capitalism with the human face”, for example), conservative thinking is just that: the terror of change. Gatopardismo is a strategy for that. It is worrying that now that conservatism is becoming radicalized and under attack more than ever. This is proof that the whole system can be maintained only by shutting itself down.

If people vote for far-right candidates—Bolsonaro in Brazil or Macri in Argentina, for example, or Vox in Spain, or no vote for constitutional change in Chile—it’s because the media is rife with anti-terrorism. The bombing doesn’t stop. The traditionalist values ​​of a false nationalism, homophobic, clerical, ultra-conservative in economics, xenophobic, are increasingly being imposed.

The only possible solution is not “less perfect” governments: the only solution in sight is to change direction.

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